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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTS

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Magic, 610:word transient in its cyclic sense; but these effects must in due time cease, and be subordinatedMagic, 619:has been gaining in potency and is producing two effects: it is breaking down the crystallized oldMagic, 624:breaking up emotionally and this produces two effects according to the point of development of theMeditation, 59:eventuating in a downflow from above. All these effects can transpire when the Word is correctlyMeditation, 67:His plan. [67] I have touched here upon certain effects incident upon the chanting of the Word inMeditation, 67:are understood and experimentally applied, these effects will be studied. As the race becomes moreMeditation, 68:color and sound, their individual and group effects, and their interrelation. This is necessarily aMeditation, 69:religious problems as they arise, studying the effects of meditation, color and sound. Still otherMeditation, 70:astral and mental counterparts. Some of the effects, such as the elimination of undesirable matter,Meditation, 81:that in all work that is truly occult expected effects are very slowly achieved. Should a man seemMeditation, 89:in an esoteric publication. The occult effects of the spoken word and of the written word areMeditation, 93:thyself. Proceed slowly and with caution. Study effects. Cultivate the realization that eternity isMeditation, 93:Realize always that the true spiritual effects are to be seen in the esoteric life of service.Meditation, 93:following of meditation. The world will see the effects and be a better [94] judge than the studentMeditation, 100:and its purifying asset coupled to its refining effects, is the aim of the evolution of ourMeditation, 101:interest. Later, when more is comprehended, the effects of such disturbances will be understood andMeditation, 111:attainment will be obviated by the equalizing effects of occult meditation. Meditation as followedMeditation, 155:dimensional order - he may be aware of the effects of his meditation on the emotional and mentalMeditation, 155:aimed at are the part of the wise pupil. The effects then are sure, and carry no karma with them.Meditation, 157:is not prone to violent storms and the agitating effects of uncontrolled emotion. When the idealismMeditation, 160:to the plane on which it originates, and to the effects on the lower bodies or body. InMeditation, 162:As the centers are vitalized certain physical effects will be demonstrable, and in specific formsMeditation, 162:of protective angels; they lead to certain effects, either objective or subjective. These forms orMeditation, 162:the original Sanskrit have unbelievably powerful effects. So powerful are they that they are notMeditation, 163:the most powerful known on our planet and their effects are far-reaching. As you know, each planeMeditation, 165:effort and vitalization during the year, and its effects last throughout the intervening months.Meditation, 172:the Law, not so much upon the Life, as upon the effects of both in manifestation, and upon theMeditation, 187:a member of the Hierarchy) combine all the three effects. They arouse kundalini, they work on theMeditation, 192:sense on the centers of the body. These three effects may be seen in the use of all soundMeditation, 193:means of one or other of the major centers. The effects achieved by a group of persons who have theMeditation, 194:and having studied its destructive and creative effects, - knew just the moment to apply thatMeditation, 194:a meeting ground for the forces of life. These effects upon the different centers will beMeditation, 196:people, which results in certain alignments and effects upon one or other of the bodies or on all.Meditation, 197:readjusted and reblended, resulting in certain effects having probably a physical manifestation.Meditation, 199:will gather together to study the creative effects, or the purificatory efficacy of ordered soundMeditation, 199:and its exhilarating, vivifying and stimulating effects will be closely watched. The centers willMeditation, 203:comments. Colors and the law of correspondences. Effects of colors. Application of colors and theirMeditation, 205:is not so much sound as sound, but the color effects of sound. I seek to emphasize especially theMeditation, 206:as does the Logos and build. Colors have certain effects on the different vehicles, and on theMeditation, 208:Colors and the Law of Correspondences. The effects of colors: On the bodies of the pupil. On groupsMeditation, 230:in the love, or wisdom aspect, which has three effects: The dropping out of colors from the lowerMeditation, 237:Therefore, when I say that color has certain effects when applied I would warn you that it will beMeditation, 242:and will deal with causes and not with effects. The primary aim of the healing group will be toMeditation, 250:employment of united sound. In this way terrific effects will be achieved. Color can destroy justMeditation, 250:of the projectile on the physical plane. These effects are as yet practically unrecognized, and areMeditation, 268:to him the mysteries, to the One Initiator Who effects the final liberation, and to the centerMeditation, 269:man [269] with his divine group. The same law effects his liberation from subtler forms thatMeditation, 276:The application then of the Rod of Initiation effects something that stabilizes vibration, andMeditation, 277:their watching Teacher to bring about certain effects. By the frequency of the student's ability toMeditation, 278:images works with them, and through their means effects certain results. Just as later the Rod ofMeditation, 280:on his bodies, and intelligently follow the effects brought about. Ponder on this. At statedMeditation, 281:of approach to the Masters and the objective effects on the three planes of human evolution. SomeMeditation, 282:service to the world. Methods of Approach and Effects obtained The methods of approach are broadlyMeditation, 287:VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation Five Effects of Meditation in the Three WorldsMeditation, 287:21st, 1920 Today we are to take up the five effects in the three bodies in the lower worlds thatMeditation, 287:he has duly followed the course laid down. These effects are not specifically effects in the lifeMeditation, 287:laid down. These effects are not specifically effects in the life as apparent to the onlookingPatanjali, 32:are the three qualities of matter, the three effects produced when macrocosmic energy, the life ofPatanjali, 39:and the motive power of thought as it produces effects on the physical plane are contacted andPatanjali, 48:into the world of causes. The world of effects is left behind, in so far as the three worlds arePatanjali, 48:in motion conditions which must produce evil effects. He works ever with the law and everyPatanjali, 48:karma is thereby entailed. Average men deal with effects and blindly work their way through them.Patanjali, 48:them. The Master deals with causes, and the effects He [49] produces, through the wielding of thePatanjali, 70:sutra is most interesting as it deals with the effects produced in each of the four bodies [71] ofPatanjali, 71:condition of the lower man; they deal with the effects of wrong centralization or identification.Patanjali, 107:the physical world. He deals, however, with the effects produced by the subjective life, but has noPatanjali, 112:and the same is the cause (of the pain-producing effects) which must be warded off. 18. That whichPatanjali, 122:Patanjali primarily deals with, includes the effects of all the others. It is only possible whenPatanjali, 143:those activities which will produce inevitable effects, and just so long will he be tied to thePatanjali, 143:by divine wisdom, there are fewer and fewer effects to work out on the physical plane, and thePatanjali, 144:set in motion which result in phenomenal effects. He has to study and comprehend practically andPatanjali, 144:Cause and Effect, and he leaves off dealing with effects and centers his attention on theirPatanjali, 144:the three planes. These impulses have produced effects which (being under the law) must work outPatanjali, 144:mental) in nature, for desire is potent in its effects and produces the physical vehicle in its twoPatanjali, 146:he can work off a certain specified series of effects. He can endeavor so to watch his thoughtsPatanjali, 150:set in motion along the line of pain-producing effects. This dual inference will cause in the lifePatanjali, 151:course. Present karma, or that precipitation of effects which the ego plans to disperse in thePatanjali, 151:lower man that the happenings of karma (or the effects as they work out into the physical objectivePatanjali, 151:the same, is the cause (of the pain-producing effects) which must be warded off. This sutra bringsPatanjali, 157:water and earth. These are the directly involved effects of the unspecific or subjective sound orPatanjali, 161:(from his divine standpoint) this world of effects, this great maya of illusion, 2. The presentedPatanjali, 161:causes stands revealed to him, and the world of effects assumes a secondary position. He perceivesPatanjali, 163:to the not-self or the illusory world of effects and instead of studying his own lower nature, hePatanjali, 163:personal self (the reflection in the world of effects of the true man) that which the soul sees andPatanjali, 163:which he looks out (whether upon the world of effects, upon himself, or upon the world of cause)Patanjali, 166:reason for the existence of the great world of effects and to tempt the aspirant to anPatanjali, 175:modifications for it concerns causes more than effects. The man who doubts can be described perhapsPatanjali, 192:plane man. The constant cultivation of this effects an entire transformation in the threefold lowerPatanjali, 223:[223] forms of magical work and also to produce effects on the physical bodies of animals and men.Patanjali, 223:the medium of his own centers and to produce effects which come under the descriptive terms,Patanjali, 226:spiritual man which produces certain definite effects in the three sheaths which constitute thePatanjali, 234:is not based on an object. It is free from the effects of the discriminative nature of the chittaPatanjali, 234:yogi can render himself invisible. 22. Karma (or effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma orPatanjali, 252:and produces in the physical man astounding effects and introduces him to various forms ofPatanjali, 254:sympathy or comprehension. They are but the effects of it. It is the capacity to pierce through allPatanjali, 257:is not based on an object. It is free from the effects of the discriminative nature of the chittaPatanjali, 258:that the eight means of yoga do produce definite effects in the lower nature and that this causesPatanjali, 278:of past experience, and knows too that certain effects are only to be achieved through certainPatanjali, 279:who concerns himself with causes and not with effects. He perceives that which causes the tangiblePatanjali, 284:3 - Union achieved and its Results 22. Karma (or effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or
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