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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTS

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Patanjali, 285:incarnation in a life wherein only a few more effects remain to be worked out, and when all that hePatanjali, 285:must be performed to release the few remaining effects. Through strict attention to the motivePatanjali, 285:present life he obviates the necessity for their effects to tie him in any way to the wheel ofPatanjali, 286:freedom of his [286] aura from "death producing" effects. He knows there is nothing more written,Patanjali, 288:One is full of desire and causes obligation and effects; the other is free from desire, producesPatanjali, 288:"identification with" and has no binding effects in the three worlds. Dispassion has more of aPatanjali, 310:[310] These physical organs are results or effects; the centers are their physical cause and theyPatanjali, 311:not concerned, regarding them as the secondary effects of soul development. He knows them to be thePatanjali, 362:would lead a man out of the world of objective effects into that of subjective causes. It has alsoPatanjali, 369:which are necessary for the fruition of the effects. 9. There is identity of relation betweenPatanjali, 384:that the more drastic methods can produce rapid effects. The methods refer to the eight means ofPatanjali, 388:the conscious one; meditation is a producer of effects and relates to the will or life aspect ofPatanjali, 388:aspect of the spiritual man. Desire produces effects, and the organs of sentient consciousness thenPatanjali, 388:of karma which deals with the producing of effects. Temporarily, he is so abstracted that hisPatanjali, 389:law [389] of karma. He becomes aware then of the effects still remaining to be worked off, andPatanjali, 389:the eight means of yoga and have experienced the effects of meditation, detailed in Book III. ThePatanjali, 390:freed from karma and originates nothing and no effects can serve to attach him to the wheel ofPatanjali, 392:white. No karma of any kind is engendered; no effects are set up through causes initiated by thePatanjali, 393:his karma is nil, and his acts produce no effects upon himself. Patanjali, 393:forms which are necessary for the fruition of effects. In every life, as it comes into physicalPatanjali, 393:skandas which produce those bodies in which the effects are to work themselves out. They are thePatanjali, 394:then initiated must inevitably work out into effects and those effects will appear, working out inPatanjali, 394:must inevitably work out into effects and those effects will appear, working out in some one life.Patanjali, 398:of mind images and the production of their effects come to an end. Form consequently ceases,Patanjali, 399:These are, as we have seen, the result or the effects of his entire past experience carried overPatanjali, 401:is reversed and the man on the physical plane effects his own liberation, it is also by the sameProblems, 41:and Japan will ever completely recover from the effects of war. The early and formative years ofProblems, 58:his character. The continuity of effort, the effects upon civilization of ancient tradition, goodProblems, 81:the pain and agony are forgotten and their effects have passed out of man's consciousness. TheseProblems, 81:reason; it is already more controlling in its effects than is believed. The frankly selfish motiveProblems, 88:of separateness (with its many far-reaching effects) falls into two major categories; these are soProblems, 166:truth that both love [166] and intelligence are effects of what is called the Will of God; andPsychology1, 4:outline and indicate their nature, purpose and effects. The seven rays, being cyclic in appearance,Psychology1, 10:therefore, all your work as group work, causing effects which are inevitable and contributing toPsychology1, 13:deal about it, theoretically, but the practical effects of applied knowledge are not yet theirs.Psychology1, 37:of energies, each energy producing differing effects and appearances. This discovery he makes byPsychology1, 45:are related, being emanatory expressions of ray effects upon differing groupings of materialPsychology1, 49:beauty and works towards the harmonizing of all effects emanating from the world of causes, whichPsychology1, 65:felt in the fourth kingdom in nature. The effects in other kingdoms differ, but we shall confinePsychology1, 103:I refer to a natural process with far-reaching effects. There are certain other fields of activityPsychology1, 202:an artist; he will delight in great orchestral effects and crashing choruses, and if modified byPsychology1, 217:a more detailed analysis of the rays and their effects on a kingdom in nature, we shall see whyPsychology1, 248:interchange of energies, and thus producing new effects, new forms of life, and new wonders in thePsychology1, See pa:into the needed activity. Later, when the ray effects, psychologically speaking, are betterPsychology1, 262:under the ray influences, produces definite effects upon the three subhuman kingdoms. ThroughPsychology1, 263:long periods of time, and produce two effects which must be considered. First, the ray energies,Psychology1, 266:all forms in all kingdoms, producing specific effects, definite and different forms of life,Psychology1, 269:lie two major evils, or rather two major effects of man's actions, mental and physical. These arePsychology1, 303:so evil in their nature nor so lasting in their effects as would be the result of their removal andPsychology1, 340:of illumination. I have sought to express the effects of these two major ray influences in terms ofPsychology1, 350:guidance) can offset the more obvious major effects. This will give an interesting side light uponPsychology1, 356:to take shape in men's minds. The secondary effects of this development are the power to organize,Psychology1, 358:are functioning simultaneously. As yet their effects are so equally balanced that a situation isPsychology1, 364:in some one or other of the kingdoms of nature effects of a desirable and beneficent aspect. CallPsychology1, 369:will be the recognition, by science, of certain effects and characteristics of the work beingPsychology1, 369:remain to be discovered) will be noted, their effects understood and their potencies grasped. OnePsychology1, 374:agency of the seventh ray. One of its earliest effects will be the increase of the understanding ofPsychology1, 390:are rightly slow in their tempo, or the effects would be too destructive. The effect of thesePsychology1, 401:hundred thousand years, and their work lies with effects of that past and not with originatingPsychology1, 405:kingdom in nature. This will have different effects, according to the ray of the personality orPsychology1, 415:kingdom does, but the 7th ray will have three effects in relation to the two kingdoms and theirPsychology2, 27:cycles demonstrate the definite and specific effects of this developed consciousness, for somePsychology2, 28:with deep meaning) and others in working off the effects of the earlier initiated causes. This is aPsychology2, 53:They do not recognize the cause but only the effects. A similar crisis between the twenty-first andPsychology2, 79:are spoken of esoterically as "having impulsive effects, magnetic appeals, and focused activities."Psychology2, 85:of right action, and therefore given in terms of effects, produced by inner causes which have notPsychology2, 86:express group activity, and the virtues are only effects of group life, rightly handled, which arePsychology2, 88:with its consequent and subsequent results and effects. It was this aspect of sacrifice which ledPsychology2, 132:response to which we earlier referred. These effects are easily shepherded into those activitiesPsychology2, 133:It must be remembered that it is through its effects that the scientist of the future will begin toPsychology2, 133:becomes more regular and less spasmodic and the effects of the new forces flowing into thePsychology2, 136:swinging the server into the psychic illusory effects there to be found. When this happens, he willPsychology2, 144:therefore the more easily produce physical plane effects. Sixth ray people need handling with care,Psychology2, 147:this law has certain characteristics and basic effects which might be briefly enumerated asPsychology2, 159:its implications and to measure its possible effects as it would be for the average working man,Psychology2, 164:works in seven directions; that it produces effects upon seven different types of beings and ofPsychology2, 173:influences which produce more easily recognized effects. By his death and by his victory over thePsychology2, 174:Law of Repulse is beginning to produce its effects that the disciple becomes aware of the AngelPsychology2, 177:Do we understand this importance? Some of the effects earlier mentioned in the initial discussionPsychology2, 198:be of interest, if we here listed the recognized effects of the five laws with which we have beenPsychology2, 247:will, in its turn, bring about two subsequent effects: A close adaptation of the form to thePsychology2, 261:(present since 1525) were to be averted. The bad effects above mentioned are indicative of thePsychology2, 294:energies make their appearance and produce their effects, but at the very heart of each chakra orPsychology2, 294:internal relationship, as well as the external effects, will be better comprehended. SpeakingPsychology2, 301:upon equipment, upon the glands and their effects, upon dreams and their occasional effect, uponPsychology2, 311:all the wrong motives and the terrible and evil effects (speaking again with a widePsychology2, 345:with its physiological and personality effects, producing the problems and psychological dilemmasPsychology2, 389:few thousand years into the creation of those effects of which ideas are the cause, producingPsychology2, 432:The integrations which evolution eventually effects are carried out through the medium of all thesePsychology2, 452:and the whole. This energy has the following effects and I state these effects in various ways inPsychology2, 452:has the following effects and I state these effects in various ways in order to producePsychology2, 453:system of the subject responds and hence the effects are pronouncedly physical. These effects mayPsychology2, 453:the effects are pronouncedly physical. These effects may mean release through the properPsychology2, 453:the inflowing energy and consequently no serious effects, even when there may exist undesirablePsychology2, 461:curable in time and not permanent in its effects, provided some form of creative imaginativePsychology2, 463:The second method may be instantaneous in its effects, as in conversion, or it may be a gradualPsychology2, 471:which are applied to these three phenomenal effects: Illusion, Glamor and Maya. These three phrasesPsychology2, 473:here only to deal with the theme as it produces effects in the life of the man who has evoked aPsychology2, 474:It is, consequently, most deceptive in its effects. Vast cosmic schemes which have emerged from thePsychology2, 511:but it is the working out of the unalterable effects of causes, originated in the past of the Aryan
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