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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTS

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Psychology2, 511:race. That good can come from evil, that the bad effects of man's mental laziness can be transmutedPsychology2, 513:and practical parts of our study upon the effects of the seven rays of energy as they make theirPsychology2, 514:of the throat center, with consequent evil effects upon the thyroid gland - that master gland whichPsychology2, 515:of the old, is apt to produce clearly felt effects upon humanity, as a whole, and upon mystics andPsychology2, 518:of his fellows is the study of the [518] effects of the new incoming forces upon the presentPsychology2, 529:deal here only with the major centers and their effects and interrelations. The subject is abstrusePsychology2, 536:attendant difficulties and its often dangerous effects upon the heart and upon the metabolism ofPsychology2, 536:the metabolism of the body. The psychological effects are well-known and recognized. ThesePsychology2, 546:of conflicting energies with disastrous effects upon the intestinal tract, upon the liver and uponPsychology2, 550:life of humanity produces both good and bad effects, and psychological as well as physiologicalPsychology2, 553:the concentration of energy is producing serious effects upon that master gland, the thyroid gland.Psychology2, 553:upon that master gland, the thyroid gland. These effects disturb the balance of the physical bodyPsychology2, 554:from that center with [554] disastrous effects; the heart center can be swept into undue activityPsychology2, 555:seen in its [555] pronounced psychological effects. With these I shall proceed to deal as wePsychology2, 599:at great length. I want only to touch upon the effects that these experiences have upon the mysticPsychology2, 603:others as real and serious in consequences and effects. Frequently, there is little that can bePsychology2, 615:in many cases, from group stimulation, group effects and group impulses. It is only as they becomePsychology2, 617:under attack may remain immune but the physical effects will be definite and where there is anyPsychology2, 618:It is hard for them to appreciate the dire effects when one person is the target for groupPsychology2, 621:Mistakes in speech, idle talk and gossip, the effects of the leaders' words - all these will have aPsychology2, 621:student and all these work out as physical effects - either good or bad. Owing to the newness ofPsychology2, 625:disastrous the physiological and psychological effects. Humanity as a whole is becoming mystical inPsychology2, 641:The effort has been expended in dealing with effects, and the underlying causes have not beenPsychology2, 659:needed lessons. They seek to point out that the effects of these will be twofold. First, they willPsychology2, 680:propaganda. Such propaganda is separative in its effects, [681] and breeds divisions and hatreds.Psychology2, 688:nor will we look for results or for tangible effects. On the two succeeding days, the focus of ourPsychology2, 706:up in the words "artistic career". These four effects of soul activity, which are in reality onlyPsychology2, 707:thinker and psychologist. These conditioning effects are all of them to be seen among men today. 2.Psychology2, 709:to many questions, and the potency of the effects can be noted. A study of the egoic ray, whenPsychology2, 718:crisis. This precipitation is inevitable and its effects must be foreseen and dealt with in such aPsychology2, 718:That this crisis is imminent and of epoch-making effects for two reasons. The work carried forwardPsychology2, 721:and brain is real and lasting. One of the first effects is the stabilizing of emotional reaction.Psychology2, 742:slower method from your point of view, but the effects will be more lasting and it has in itPsychology2, 743:[743] their directed and needed work, but the effects must be balanced and offset by the work ofRays, 12:is their word symbols and their much deleted effects - if I may use such a phrase to describe theRays, 12:by certain evil members of the human family, are effects of their response to the inflowingRays, 14:seem to you and well-nigh unintelligible) the effects upon the Hierarchy are even more compellingRays, 14:inevitability of the ascending energies, and the effects which they will bring about, that theRays, 28:It is only in consideration of these fundamental effects of standing as a group in "the head'sRays, 30:new culture. The burning, purifying, destructive effects of the monadic will upon its distortedRays, 31:seldom recognized burning ground, has its effects summed up for us in the next phrase or sentenceRays, 32:These intrusive influences and their consequent effects which are produced upon an individual or aRays, 39:revealing light constitutes a major test in its effects. The initiate discovers the depths of evil,Rays, 54:to vibration and to its differing and varied effects. The secret of the Law of Vibration isRays, 88:and the smoke and fire of bombing and the cruel effects on human bodies have faded into the past,Rays, 98:by a radiating stimulating potency; this effects great changes in him, and produces bothRays, 104:to be, the central will which is known by the effects of its radiation or breath. This dispersal,Rays, 131:a major "spiritual excitement." It produces effects and stimulation; it indicates futureRays, 133:like to spend a moment studying some of the effects of this steadily growing fund of knowledge. ItRays, 137:and should consequently be automatic in their effects. This should also provide a steady inducementRays, 149:it is a process of getting behind the world of effects into the world of causes, realizing that oneRays, 149:movement of energy can set in motion a myriad of effects. The way of the initiate is not aRays, 164:to resurrection and ascension. That which effects a change is a discharge (to use a totallyRays, 183:of the force needed to produce the desired effects within the veils of maya can flow, and theseRays, 195:of energies; or it can be dominated by the effects of soul energy. These, if evoked, can penetrateRays, 235:significance of inner causes, producing outer effects. Slowly, however, the Hierarchy is beginningRays, 245:emergence of greater beauty, and sees the subtle effects of man's thinking upon the subhumanRays, 256:turn are the result of soul contact. I refer to effects wrought out in the group owing to theRays, 259:two preparatory injunctions simply summarize the effects in the life of the disciple who hasRays, 261:center of light and love. This radiation has two effects: It has made him an essential and vitalRays, 289:to the knowledge of this relationship and of its effects that the first word of Rule XIV refers. ItRays, 289:its laws and their application, its phenomenal effects, the hindrances to be met, the energy (thatRays, 307:humanity. These ideologies produce potent effects in the three worlds. This type of destructionRays, 307:characteristics in time and space, which produce effects in the great world religions, in worldRays, 319:impulses must have lesser microcosmic effects. All these stupendous words with which we have beenRays, 325:initiation. Man has to become aware of the ray effects, of the place the centers play in hisRays, 336:revealed to men. Only a general statement of the effects upon the Hierarchy of certain mysteriousRays, 336:group and center upon our planet, producing effects upon the lowest forms of existence and on andRays, 366:cosmic in their implications, planetary in their effects, and which give to the initiate what hasRays, 373:objectivity on the earth, with no undesirable effects upon humanity. I refer to average andRays, 374:members of an Ashram, has the following three effects upon humanity: On evolved men, aspirants,Rays, 414:subjectively considered is a sacred planet; the effects of this transition from non-sacred toRays, 417:in the last analysis, freedom and liberation are effects of its activity. This unique andRays, 472:individual and of humanity as a whole, and the effects of this alignment can be seen demonstratingRays, 489:the point of tension; it there and then produces effects in mental substance. The tension isRays, 489:stages of his work, what will be the resultant effects of his planned activity, and what are theRays, 491:are expressions of the causal body, are only effects of this monadic radiation. [492] Therefore,Rays, 510:When correctly uttered, this Word produces three effects: It keeps the channel for the descendingRays, 527:of the Lighted Way, its revelations and its effects in consciousness. He enacted for us the supremeRays, 535:areas of attainment. It is demonstrated as effects in his consciousness in the form of anRays, 545:to handle, evoking not only good but also bad effects. The application of this radiant energy is aRays, 555:initiation cannot take place without important effects, both in the Hierarchy and in the humanRays, 562:of the energies of the seven rays and their effects upon the initiatory processes which face theRays, 565:a streaming downward of the energies, producing effects in that which is thus stimulated; in theRays, 583:as a whole. In connection with humanity, the effects of the sixth ray are as follows: TheRays, 585:for the mass of men. We can, however, study the effects of these rays where the individual discipleRays, 585:anent the first three initiations and the ray effects upon the initiate and upon humanity than willRays, 585:higher initiations come under consideration. The effects of ray impacts in the first threeRays, 585:antahkarana. After the fourth initiation, the effects are felt predominantly in the initiate'sRays, 585:being subjected are three in number, and these effects differentiate and condition his groupRays, 586:we must study the initiation, [586] the ray effects, and the results produced within the threeRays, 592:at this time. It also throws light upon the ray effects upon humanity as a whole. This ray energyRays, 601:I am able to give you. Let me now summarize the effects of this fifth ray energy in relation toRays, 605:fourth initiation, that of the Renunciation, the effects of its activity will emerge more clearly.Rays, 611:Invocation with its extraordinary and rapid effects, at present unrealized by you. The gradualRays, 620:(a past which is seldom good), seeing the effects of that past as they work out in the present andRays, 647:the lowest aspect, and definite [647] material effects were produced. The destroyer aspect wasRays, 649:all the above, you will note that some of the effects upon humanity as a whole and the skeletonRays, 662:and closed. I shall not touch upon the ray effects, because we have already considered them, andRays, 688:This inflowing energy produces its major effects upon the mind, or upon manas, the fifth principle;
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