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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFICACY

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Bethlehem, 211:to the factor of our belief or non-belief in the efficacy of the Crucifixion upon Calvary to saveDiscipleship1, 138:- so simple that you may be tempted to doubt its efficacy. I can, however, assure you that if youDiscipleship1, 248:first but your ignorance in no way negates the efficacy of that suggested; the inner work ofDiscipleship1, 377:and a decentralized consciousness. The efficacy and the efficiency of all your future serviceDiscipleship2, 200:meditation are primarily creative, and that the efficacy of their work is demonstrated in theDiscipleship2, 215:relation and contact; he, through the proved efficacy of prayer, discovers the subtler powers andDiscipleship2, 687:exercise than a meditation, but its efficacy is dependent upon your ability as a spiritual observerExternalisation, 251:you that the success of invocation and the true efficacy of prayer are dependent upon clearIntellect, 193:in the East. They bear witness to the same efficacy of method and they too use the intellect justMagic, 142:and great religions bear testimony to the efficacy of sound in producing all that is tangible andMagic, 518:of the breath so carefully guarded? Because the efficacy of black magic is found right here. ThereMeditation, 39:to Whom he is consequently linked, though the efficacy of a meditation depends upon the work beingMeditation, 53:Its effect on the bodies and centers, and its efficacy in effecting egoic alignment. Meditation, 199:study the creative effects, or the purificatory efficacy of ordered sound joined to movement andPsychology1, 191:point out with success, I believe, the practical efficacy of a true understanding of these ratherPsychology2, 356:according to his ray type, and to use them with efficacy and power. His meditation has produced thePsychology2, 647:The testimony of the ages is in favor of its efficacy along these lines. 3. To hold beforeRays, 220:was one of complete silence; here is where the efficacy of the fourth quality mentioned by meRays, 567:ray expresses and wherein lies its potency and efficacy, from the angle of the initiation. As we
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