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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFICIENT

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Bethlehem, 88:the inner man, an integrated personality, or an efficient lower self, is the result. To this theDestiny, 4:Indicate, as you have seen, a new and powerfully efficient esoteric psychology, and also Show theDiscipleship1, 100:will enable you to live simultaneously as an efficient human being and a living, loving soul? It isDiscipleship1, 232:the language of surgery, and the soul is a most efficient surgeon) and the disappearance of ancientDiscipleship1, 364:subject) and attention to practical, loving, efficient, regular service. Your progress in the outerDiscipleship1, 364:could leap forward into clearer light and more efficient living. This oft I have told you. YourDiscipleship1, 384:reaction, and not so much the expression of efficient dealing upon the physical plane. TheDiscipleship1, 401:have traveled faster had you been able, more efficient, to separate the essential from theDiscipleship1, 641:also urge you not to become unduly aware of your efficient giving. There is at this time somethingDiscipleship1, 761:world groups and many of them are doing far more efficient work than those gathered together intoDiscipleship2, 66:anxiety, and its demand for a poised and efficient exterior to be presented to the world? Do youDiscipleship2, 560:he receives makes him still more spiritually efficient and "esoterically attractive" in the worldEducation, 28:inner integration which makes man eventually an efficient thinking being. At first, this thread isExternalisation, 193:life, rhythm and machinery, so that it can be an efficient copartner with all other nations. It isExternalisation, 285:now emphasize the reality of the unseen as the efficient cause of the seen; politics andGlamour, 191:by the intuition). He can then become an efficient cooperator with the Plan because the world ofHealing, 6:training individuals in order to make them more efficient healers. It is group healing at which IHealing, 64:for they will make those of you who read more efficient in understanding. You will note also fromHealing, 650:best suited to that ray; then, when adequately efficient and able to use facility and skill, theyIntellect, 126:of living in an exigent world. Man becomes an efficient and useful human being, and takes his placeIntellect, 127:a vast number of human beings at this time - efficient, intellectual, well-informed, responsible,Intellect, 143:focus his mind upon earthly affairs and be an efficient member of society, or upon heavenly thingsMagic, 235:gained, or become true practicing magicians, efficient in white magic, which is [236] based onMagic, 280:of the greater life energies and to serve as an efficient cooperator with a plan of which he canMagic, 583:his entire thought life, and will lead him to efficient expression in his personality task (imposedMeditation, 105:would be seen and the Great Ones would have more efficient helpers in the work of serving theMeditation, 348:themselves. Bad work results when the non-efficient fill a post, but it is equally a loss of timePatanjali, 290:soul, the siddhis, higher and lower, so that an efficient server of the race is produced. WhenPatanjali, 393:and it is these latent seeds which are the efficient cause of the appearance of the form. ThosePsychology2, 323:and the response instrument become increasingly efficient, whilst an inner coordination andSoul, 46:the metabolism of energy. It has been called the efficient lubricator of energy transformation, and
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