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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Astrologyto consider hypotheses and to make an effort to weigh a theory or suggestion and to test outAstrology, 19:world thinkers, thus stimulating them to earnest effort along ideological lines and, at the sameAstrology, 34:None 12 2 * Unknown IV Aries Unity through effort None 11 3 * Unknown V Taurus Light throughAstrology, 93:battle for the Lord. Arrive at unity through effort. Creation - Being - Activity - Strife -Astrology, 99:fanaticism frequently, struggle, strife, war, effort and evolution. God's idea in Aries becomes theAstrology, 133:the Sun, the experience of the personality and effort, which is the mode of attainment governed byAstrology, 133:and the immediate step, vision, experience and effort which lie ahead. In closing what I have toAstrology, 144:comes. In Aquarius - In this sign, the long effort of the soul is consummated and concludes theAstrology, 158:with much interest by the Hierarchy, for in this effort we see the attempt of humanity to achieveAstrology, 159:the sign in which is inaugurated a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is in connection withAstrology, 159:inaugurated a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is in connection with the individual man orAstrology, 159:with the individual man or with the initiate. Effort, strain, struggle, the fight with the forcesAstrology, 190:developed it becomes, in the early stages, an effort to identify all soul and personality activityAstrology, 250:prior to gathering his forces for a renewed effort in Scorpio or for the "quickening" of theAstrology, 256:advanced expression of the second half. In an effort to grasp the situation, it should beAstrology, 265:choice. It is consciousness of duality and the effort to balance the two. Capricorn - The Crisis ofAstrology, 274:persistence, endurance and continuity of effort and is one of the characteristics imparted orAstrology, 275:the sign of individuality and of self-conscious effort, and is concerned with the slow rhythm ofAstrology, 278:cyclically make their appearance, and special effort will be made, for instance, to gain certainAstrology, 333:undirected experience Directed Personality effort Recognition and work with the Plan InstinctualAstrology, 339:of opposites is that there is one-pointed soul effort, spiritually directed activity and aAstrology, 362:in humanity (the focal point of our planetary effort) the sense of duality which is the basicAstrology, 368:or conditioned into one united and directed effort. The versatile changeable man becomes theAstrology, 368:the self-directed disciple, one-pointed in effort, yet preserving all the versatility earlierAstrology, 371:given to it in The New Testament, was the effort of the human will (hitherto animated by, orAstrology, 390:these abstractions? I would reply, that in your effort to understand and to grasp the truth whichAstrology, 390:effective service during initiation. Such an effort [391] is needed if true understanding is toAstrology, 418:existence; we, however, will see to it that our effort lies along the line of psychological lifeAstrology, 436:way that their future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured. Mercury brings about thoseAstrology, 439:These three energies are sometimes called (in an effort to make understanding more easy and toAstrology, 443:of the causes and conditions by a strenuous effort to be of aid in a practical and a definitelyAstrology, 445:from the Hierarchy itself. Pisces governs this effort of the Hierarchy because the highest aspectAstrology, 446:a germ or seed of future hierarchical effort when that effort is - at some later date -Astrology, 446:or seed of future hierarchical effort when that effort is - at some later date - externalized onAstrology, 472:human crises; it also completes the final united effort of the Triangle: Leo, Virgo, Pisces. It hasAstrology, 473:- will evoke from him the maximum of possible effort, thus enabling him to move forward into a moreAstrology, 475:through much repetition and frequent focused effort are these results attained. A crisis is broughtAstrology, 479:of the Sun is that of interlaced circles. The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetaryAstrology, 488:of that experience in daily life and to the effort to justify knowledge; Aquarius takes thatAstrology, 490:This sign produces the focused one-pointed effort of the world aspirant. Ray VII - Capricorn: ThisAstrology, 492:Aquarius. This is from the angle of hierarchical effort, as I earlier pointed out. Throughout humanAstrology, 522:which is being attempted at great cost and the effort is to express the Law of Synthesis which isAstrology, 523:ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by theAstrology, 523:the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort of all the democratic nations and theAstrology, 529:and the intellectual appeal will be studied, effort will be made to discover the soul quality andAstrology, 540:of relationships, of organizations and of mutual effort and of aspiration (either towards good orAstrology, 543:thought which prompts the Hierarchy to renewed effort. The Forces of Light recognize and work forAstrology, 545:of a better approach to divinity but the effort [546] to evoke the ancient gods, to deify the formsAstrology, 546:But the imposition of the ancient myths in an effort to still the demand for truth and theAstrology, 546:for that which is spiritually alive and in the effort to regain belief in the realities of divineAstrology, 574:this human will into hierarchical activity in an effort to evoke response from Shamballa. [575] Astrology, 575:second stanza, blending the two approaches in an effort to evoke - via the Hierarchy - theAstrology, 580:at that). Victory for the allies did lie in the effort to produce this focusing with better effectAstrology, 580:of energy and the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victory were only (where the alliesAstrology, 581:for an ending of [581] the trouble. This type of effort is something which the masses can give andAstrology, 581:of the Allies. It came through an unrealized effort to understand and express the quality ofAstrology, 585:around the neck of humanity, crippling true effort, murmuring "Let us love God and each other," butAstrology, 587:Agents of the will energy. There is the effort to be made to comprehend somewhat the nature ofAstrology, 592:of God as Life. This concentrated evolutionary effort, this undeviating purpose has called forthAstrology, 592:will-to-completion which precedes the creative effort. It is the synthesis of creation, orAstrology, 593:Mankind is so preoccupied with the attitude and effort of the Hierarchy as regards human welfareAstrology, 602:energies play upon the human consciousness in an effort to produce and evoke the Will aspect inAstrology, 614:covers familiar ground for all of you but in the effort to achieve a vision of the whole, constantAstrology, 615:only the will-to-good and also that sustained effort which brings fulfilment. I would remind youAstrology, 615:I would remind you here that sustained effort is the seed of synthesis, the cause of achievementAstrology, 615:the standpoint of consciousness). This sustained effort of the Logos is what keeps all forms inAtom, 116:no steps that we take to build better bodies, no effort that we make to gain self-control and toAtom, 116:to a great revelation, and every hourly, daily effort that we make, swells the tide of energy whichAutobiographyHer First Ray personality rose to the final effort in response to the demand of her soul. It was inAutobiography, 55:This time I had memorized my talk and my effort worked well until half way through there came aAutobiography, 92:the silly idiots who spend so much time in an effort to recover their past incarnations wake up toAutobiography, 128:not make enough money at this to warrant my effort. I met with much kindness in this department. IAutobiography, 130:every movement so that there would be no waste effort and in three weeks' time I was the showAutobiography, 165:just over the Tibetan frontier. He made this effort three times in spite of my telling him that heAutobiography, 174:Thus ended our time at Krotona and our very real effort to be of service to the TheosophicalAutobiography, 177:Mrs. Besant and she immediately squashed the effort. It was just a little too raw. This was a mostAutobiography, 213:We kept the work, and still keep it, fluid in an effort to meet the changing needs and we wereAutobiography, 231:of this is that they fail to make any personal effort to free themselves from the possibleAutobiography, 232:delineation which is most helpful and with the effort to discover in what manner the horoscope ofAutobiography, 238:with those who are seeking today. It was in an effort to make the relation between the East and theAutobiography, 239:are technically called Ashrams. Implicit in this effort, therefore, lies the significance of theAutobiography, 240:the activities which the Tibetan initiated in an effort along with other members of the HierarchyAutobiography, 245:and Solar. This was the result of her first effort to do this kind of work. It laid the foundationAutobiography, 250:is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort to teach the students to serve. Autobiography, 250:a symbol of the work of the Hierarchy. It was an effort to band together subjectively and - whereAutobiography, 251:we call the men and women of goodwill. I made an effort to reach these people in 1936 when thereAutobiography, 252:chose and a very large percentage ignored the effort altogether, thus demonstrating the freedomAutobiography, 257:has chosen me," or "the Master stands behind my effort" or "I am the representative of theAutobiography, 259:with are the seed thoughts of the meditative effort. This must have been preceded by the acquiringAutobiography, 264:School in 1923 was a part of this spiritual effort. From these proposed schools will emerge, earlyAutobiography, 264:of Initiation. We have thus one graded, unified effort for which the Masters are responsible. TheAutobiography, 266:ladder of evolution and thus decide where their effort should be placed. Nothing can arrest theAutobiography, 270:familiarize the general public. It is with the effort to meet these seven requirements of allAutobiography, 272:to push his work and attract attention to his effort by loud and noisy claim-making, by pretendingAutobiography, 274:Arcane School is a part of this latter worldwide effort. There are also certain spurious schools,Autobiography, 279:esoteric work are patience, persistent effort, vision and sound discriminative judgment. GivenAutobiography, 280:the rules which govern the transfer of your life effort out of the fourth or human kingdom into theAutobiography, 286:for what they teach; we do however welcome the effort as providing a field of service for theAutobiography, 289:nationality to their own; this is part of the effort to fuse and blend men into a great spiritualAutobiography, 289:In the Arcane School, we make a definite effort to counter the "great heresy of separateness" which
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