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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Autobiography, 293:of truth; if the goal of the spiritual effort is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, then allAutobiography, 296:did not there would be nothing to incite us to effort. It is helpful however to realize that someAutobiography, 299:Secret Doctrine, were a courageous pioneering effort which broke through in the earlier days andAutobiography, 299:of the Hierarchy, as worked out by them in their effort to hasten the reappearance of the Christ.Autobiography, 300:The Arcane School was projected by A.A.B. as an effort to help fulfil certain definite needs in theAutobiography, 301:with this in mind. Among other things this effort is exemplified by her insistence on the achievingBethlehem, 4:the difficulties and problems of daily life. The effort to understand, to experiment, to experienceBethlehem, 16:as ourselves." (St. Matt., XIX, 19). Individual effort, group opportunity, and identification withBethlehem, 18:duality, and thus laying the foundation for his effort to achieve unity or at-one-ment. TheBethlehem, 81:via Nazareth? It entails, in the first place, effort. It means initiative, the expenditure ofBethlehem, 101:whenever a man becomes, through his own self-effort, an initiate. Then having taken "the kingdom ofBethlehem, 104:the consistency of His constantly directed effort, the first of our humanity to emerge into theBethlehem, 110:- physical, emotional and mental - into one last effort to control the Son of God. Evil is thusBethlehem, 119:the devil could take advantage of them in an effort to confound Him. We shall see how in the secondBethlehem, 128:the Galilee [128] experience; then by conscious effort and self-initiated discipline; and finallyBethlehem, 130:into being through personal ambition, personal effort and personal desire. It comes through theBethlehem, 130:We, by continuous though possibly unconscious effort, may maintain the center of separate lifeBethlehem, 147:for use. The Galilee experience, and the daily effort to live and meet the eventualities of humanBethlehem, 197:and normally throughout human history; and the effort to expiate it, in the form of animalBethlehem, 203:is, for the bulk of us, simply and solely an effort to identify ourselves with the form life whenBethlehem, 209:the Mysteries of the kingdom of God. The effort to carry out to perfection the will of God broughtBethlehem, 244:sentient beings, and renders futile all previous effort of thought, development and understanding?Bethlehem, 248:the incentive and impulse upon which we base all effort. Socrates pointed out this basic argumentBethlehem, 250:thought which should be considered is that man's effort, his struggle to achieve, his sense of God,Bethlehem, 250:his sense of God, innate and true, his constant effort to better conditions and to master himselfBethlehem, 270:not easy. It calls for discipline, for ceaseless effort and striving, for that conquest of selfBethlehem, 273:time has come for the making of [273] that extra effort which will precipitate the appearance ofBethlehem, 274:reality of both worlds, and leaves to time and effort the understanding of their union." (Ibid., p.Bethlehem, 278:in our giving ourselves, as human beings, to the effort to attain the perfecting of the human raceBethlehem, 283:goes forth for each [283] to make that extra effort towards unselfishness, and that mental pushDestiny, 7:In the books which are being written today in an effort to solve the problems of the why and theDestiny, 19:Hierarchy. It may prove a premature and abortive effort but the issues are not yet determined andDestiny, 51:of illumination which is the goal of all mental effort. When the intellect of the French is turnedDestiny, 53:of Germany showed for instance in her futile effort to preserve a racial purity now, as then,Destiny, 53:her fourth ray energy was responsible for her effort to standardize and harmonize all the elementsDestiny, 59:again take hold of the Christian Church in an effort to respiritualize it and to reorganize it.Destiny, 64:mixed blood runs in all veins, but the effort to produce this is the keynote of certain of the moreDestiny, 97:is being attempted and at great cost, and the effort is to express the Law of Synthesis which isDestiny, 97:ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by theDestiny, 97:the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort of all the democratic nations, and theDestiny, 103:and the intellectual appeal will be studied, effort will be made to discover the soul quality andDestiny, 111:the world of spiritual values, and hence the effort of the Hierarchy during the past twentyDestiny, 111:of the stage for several thousand years in an effort to make humanity seek one-pointedly for theDestiny, 113:devotion to his own particular ideal, plus the effort, fanatically, to impose his idealistic dreamDestiny, 149:materialistic religion and in the widespread effort to be [150] seen in Europe and elsewhere toDiscipleship1, XI:the first time - consciously and with deliberate effort - to tread the Way to God. All are mystics,Discipleship1, XV:personal instructions at my disposal [XV] in an effort to be of service to the coming generation ofDiscipleship1, XV:The process will follow three lines: Individual effort, made by the individual disciple, using theDiscipleship1, XV:initiation, made possible by the self-initiated effort of individual disciples, following out theDiscipleship1, 6:all chosen to participate in this work an undue effort, but if continuance is found possible andDiscipleship1, 7:elements of danger may enter in and the present effort come to naught. My anonymity has always beenDiscipleship1, 8:takes time and the success of this new effort on the part of the Hierarchy will depend upon aDiscipleship1, 9:mind. As time goes on, however, and if real effort is made, the welding process will make muchDiscipleship1, 9:much progress. This, therefore, is our first effort, as it is the first effort of the group ofDiscipleship1, 9:is our first effort, as it is the first effort of the group of every Master and the achievement ofDiscipleship1, 9:groups lose sight of their own identities in an effort to make this experiment of the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 9:regarded as of moment which will further group effort and enrich the group consciousness. OnlyDiscipleship1, 10:love. You have no idea of the potency of such an effort or of its power to release each other'sDiscipleship1, 11:consciousness and bear fruit. But in this group effort which we are undertaking, the fact that allDiscipleship1, 12:should not and must not come through personality effort or contact, or through the stating ofDiscipleship1, 17:will give the answer. If there is persistence in effort, if there is the loyal link of love, ifDiscipleship1, 18:This is all being done preparatory to a supreme effort which the Hierarchy of Masters plans toDiscipleship1, 18:the ground in such a manner that the coming effort of the Masters may prove adequate to theDiscipleship1, 20:Disciples must now organize for a steady united effort. This must take the form of a closerDiscipleship1, 21:bearing ever in mind that you are equal to more effort and to greater strain than ever before. Discipleship1, 22:as a result of this experiment, the time and effort are not warranted. You must not imagine thatDiscipleship1, 23:unity of thought, plus diversity of method, of effort and of function and its quality is friendshipDiscipleship1, 25:intuited and at first hand, then constructive effort becomes inevitable and there is no lostDiscipleship1, 25:the ignorant which is responsible for the wasted effort and the foolish impulses which characterizeDiscipleship1, 28:New Group of World Servers is part of my major effort at this time; we can achieve little untilDiscipleship1, 42:synthetically to express ten laws, are an effort to bring in new and different conditions, andDiscipleship1, 42:outer groups are a tentative and experimental effort to see how far humanity is ready for such anDiscipleship1, 43:lose sight of their own identities in an effort to make this hierarchical work possible. In thisDiscipleship1, 43:as of importance which will further group effort and enrich the group consciousness. Discipleship1, 66:psychics with the right impression. Hence our effort to create these groups, and to use people likeDiscipleship1, 71:remembering ever that light is substance; their effort is to create - as individuals and also as aDiscipleship1, 71:momentum set up by all of you is adequate to the effort made and if you can carry on withDiscipleship1, 71:can carry on with persistence and with untiring effort and interest, it may be possible to bringDiscipleship1, 72:grades and with their [72] special groups. This effort can prove successful only in so far as theDiscipleship1, 72:recognition of the monotony of the demanded effort (with frequent staleness and unenterprisingDiscipleship1, 76:this connection be furthered or held back by the effort of the individual group member. A member'sDiscipleship1, 76:illumination, a shared response and a united effort. You will comprehend then that a line ofDiscipleship1, 78:others of you on to renewed and consecrated effort are two of my reasons for relinquishing myDiscipleship1, 82:of energy in service and too intense an effort to be of assistance. The hall mark of the pledgedDiscipleship1, 92:the field of tension or the focus of the effort is to be found in the disciple "standing at theDiscipleship1, 96:apart and thereby complicate his problem and his effort; they might lose a sense of proportion asDiscipleship1, 97:on the reasons given above as alibis for lack of effort. I would remind you that world influenceDiscipleship1, 98:severance and that is deliberate and conscious effort by the disciple, carried over a very longDiscipleship1, 99:to the world situation. This has involved much effort on the part of the Hierarchy to prevent aDiscipleship1, 100:it will, however, require a strenuous effort of your souls if you are to respond adequately; I askDiscipleship1, 104:of a few more years of directed occult effort under my tuition. The time equation has countedDiscipleship1, 113:service which is for you the rightful place of effort, but you have rendered that service in setDiscipleship1, 113:that will take place as you transit out of the effort to unfold and to manifest divinity into thatDiscipleship1, 114:real, though the ajna center has yet resisted effort. The main result has been an intensificationDiscipleship1, 115:be little phenomenal response to your constant effort. You seek to keep your eyes off yourself andDiscipleship1, 115:attention to facts. You have ended one cycle of effort last month at the time of the Full Moon ofDiscipleship1, 118:I am impressed (yes, and somewhat amused) by the effort of some of you - and of you, in particularDiscipleship1, 121:with apparent harshness. This I have done in an effort to galvanize you to a greater orientedDiscipleship1, 125:but as a justified and right reward of patient effort and true occult obedience. Yet, my brother,Discipleship1, 128:signified your willingness to make the needed effort after debating the matter for more than a
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