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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Discipleship1, 591:men and women of goodwill calls for a supreme effort. Discipleship1, 592:Then pass on. Cooperation, movement, dynamic effort and then withdrawing - such is your future taskDiscipleship1, 594:of service, so that what is done is a group effort. It will then prove successful, for it will beDiscipleship1, 596:part. You have three years in which to make the effort by means of which you can become an acceptedDiscipleship1, 597:service. Your sixth ray devotion has turned your effort towards astral recognition more than toDiscipleship1, 601:In all love, I say this to you and in an effort to arouse your attention. As I said to all myDiscipleship1, 602:I speak thus with apparent harshness in an effort to bring to an end your years of personality fogDiscipleship1, 608:and to the response which you have given to the effort of your soul to release your personalityDiscipleship1, 611:I can reach you at this time. I am making the effort but, my brother, it looks to me that this willDiscipleship1, 611:it looks to me that this will constitute my last effort to assist you, for if this instructionDiscipleship1, 617:life and the elimination of all feverish effort along any line of endeavor. A clear, focused mind,Discipleship1, 637:definite intent. You will gain much from the effort. NOTE: The Tibetan stated in January 1938 thatDiscipleship1, 639:wisdom; preserve the group integrity by definite effort. Do the work which I have assigned to you.Discipleship1, 641:to perceive where success has crowned your effort and glorified your way; learn also to look forDiscipleship1, 660:and not so much a painful and oft dramatic effort to measure up to a standard which you think yourDiscipleship1, 665:be rendered with no thought of self but in an effort to meet the need of those within yourDiscipleship1, 666:or Buddha. Then focus your thought, without effort or strength, in this center. Next sound the O.Discipleship1, 685:the disciple is plunged (by right of his own effort and the decision of his Master) gives him [686]Discipleship1, 692:it is needless for me to say, but greater effort on your part to give and serve is possible. TheDiscipleship1, 694:using the word "Ashram" quite definitely in my effort to lead you to discriminate between a groupDiscipleship1, 694:center where the Master's energy, wisdom and effort is more easily available. In order to workDiscipleship1, 695:there was a similar and still greater climaxing effort which culminated in the inclusion ofDiscipleship1, 695:the aspirants and probationary disciples. This effort might be termed an externalization of theDiscipleship1, 695:and if those participating in this new effort manage to work with unity, love and understanding,Discipleship1, 696:law from using any pressure or power in the effort to swing the minds of those whom he isDiscipleship1, 697:of contact, the analogous idealism for the group effort and then to submerge their entireDiscipleship1, 697:lives and activities in the recognized effort. Behind this effort stands the Master - an initiatingDiscipleship1, 697:activities in the recognized effort. Behind this effort stands the Master - an initiating andDiscipleship1, 705:and dynamic) of the group and the conscious effort which the group may make, under united desireDiscipleship1, 706:disciples at this time to make it their major effort to see the vision clear; to recognize, andDiscipleship1, 707:is a focal point of receptivity; it embraces the effort to establish mutual contact through anDiscipleship1, 709:theme militates against true apprehension. The effort to understand has been focused upon theDiscipleship1, 719:that in all our discussions and in all your effort to understand, I am endeavoring to decentralizeDiscipleship1, 720:best it is no spontaneous flow but a laborious effort to be nice, to refrain (through drasticDiscipleship1, 720:fire is always directed at a brother and the effort to refrain from [721] the use of this fireDiscipleship1, 721:no true love in action but only much personality effort to be non-critical. Their concentration isDiscipleship1, 724:new process of externalizing the hierarchical effort of which all outer Ashrams (which are nowDiscipleship1, 724:suggestions. You can see, therefore, how a great effort is being made to bring the two centers -Discipleship1, 725:the more developed? Will they make a supreme effort to measure up to the higher vision and attainDiscipleship1, 727:presents to the Master twice a year, the effort made along these lines is indicated, not theDiscipleship1, 727:these lines is indicated, not the results; it is effort which counts. The results will beDiscipleship1, 727:will be inevitable and commensurate with the effort. When these charts (three in number) areDiscipleship1, 729:vortex of force and dynamically effective. The effort of the Masters who work through the method ofDiscipleship1, 730:early days of the present cycle of hierarchical effort (between 1925 and 1936), the ray at workDiscipleship1, 731:aspect of the Plan) will be the success of the effort in the outer world. Thus again the concept ofDiscipleship1, 735:he knows the difference between theory, plus effort, and a spontaneous demonstration of that whichDiscipleship1, 737:with these reactions, the Master looks for an effort on the part of the disciple to be impersonalDiscipleship1, 737:road to spiritual love and understanding. The effort of most sincere disciples is usuallyDiscipleship1, 737:they put the "cart before the horse." Their effort should be to achieve, first of all,Discipleship1, 737:love can pour in. The Master also looks for an effort upon the part of his disciples to work on aDiscipleship1, 737:may choose but he most certainly looks for the effort to take place along the lines of the specificDiscipleship1, 737:intention. To achieve this vital and strenuous effort, there must be the ability to focus upon theDiscipleship1, 744:any individual to the group good until after due effort to help that individual understand andDiscipleship1, 746:It does not come about as the result of any effort to fit oneself for this position of power and ofDiscipleship1, 751:within the Ashram, largely because of - the effort they have to make to offset the new chela'sDiscipleship1, 777:and Solar. This was the result of her first effort to do this kind of work; it laid the foundationDiscipleship1, 782:is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort to teach the students to serve. [783] Discipleship1, 783:a symbol of the work of the Hierarchy. It was an effort to band together subjectively and (whereDiscipleship1, 783:we call the men and women of goodwill. I made an effort to reach these people in 1936 when thereDiscipleship1, 784:they chose; a very large percentage ignored the effort altogether, thus demonstrating the freedomDiscipleship1, 789:has chosen me," or "the Master stands behind my effort" or "I am the representative of theDiscipleship2, 9:of the subject and also your response to the effort I am making to instruct you. The best paperDiscipleship2, 10:if any of you really grasp the extent of the effort which I have to make in order to reach yourDiscipleship2, 14:adding to their strain and necessitating an effort upon their part to carry the brother throughDiscipleship2, 16:This, my brother, is to be a group effort, and not an individual one, and it is as a group that IDiscipleship2, 16:them as a part with the whole. Then in united effort attempt the following procedure: Having linkedDiscipleship2, 16:the level of consciousness. Then initiate a new effort. Realize that, on my side, I also standDiscipleship2, 17:work. Regard this always as a united group effort and remember that in doing it you aid each other,Discipleship2, 18:require much deep reflection on your part and an effort to evoke the intuition and thus arrive atDiscipleship2, 21:of externalizing the Ashram. This is an effort which, if successful, will be the prelude to theDiscipleship2, 23:I made in my last instruction. This is my last effort to bring you each in this incarnation up toDiscipleship2, 26:- Group Instruction Make a most definite effort during these two days to step up your consciousnessDiscipleship2, 27:full moon will inaugurate the first real united effort to synthesize subjectively [28] the presentDiscipleship2, 28:existing groups. This synthesis and corporate effort will become an annual endeavor as time goesDiscipleship2, 30:the great chain of Hierarchy. The spiritual effort you are asked to make is that of developingDiscipleship2, 31:Threshold. To share - as a group - in humanity's effort to confront the group Dweller on theDiscipleship2, 32:and also as a coherent unit in the group effort towards initiation. Other goals will emerge as youDiscipleship2, 37:and you enter upon a fresh period of study, of effort, and of training. May I, in order to stir youDiscipleship2, 40:will be a great settling back by mankind in an effort to find security, to obliterate the effectsDiscipleship2, 42:you from participating to date in the all-out effort which characterizes today the activities ofDiscipleship2, 44:quality of your group life would entail undue effort on the part of the other disciples in theDiscipleship2, 44:brought into being, and a cycle wherein the effort of all members of the New Group of World ServersDiscipleship2, 49:If this leading word is recorded by you, the effort can be regarded as successful. I suggest thatDiscipleship2, 49:done? There has been a purpose behind all this effort which I have made, and an experiment ofDiscipleship2, 51:the realization of the above objectives, to an effort to see me (as I symbolize for you theDiscipleship2, 58:of the new world religion, and hence our effort (not particularly successful hitherto) to doDiscipleship2, 59:the Science of Meditation, because it is the effort and the strenuous activity of the servingDiscipleship2, 60:or rewards; it is not the negation of all effort as the result of decisive moves, nor will itDiscipleship2, 62:of work than many of the Western peoples. An effort should therefore be made to reach the JapaneseDiscipleship2, 72:value is group determined. Placement determines effort (I suggest that you analyze this statement).Discipleship2, 72:may travel. You have preserved your interest and effort for many years now. Can you continue withDiscipleship2, 80:this book is primarily your contribution to the effort which the Hierarchy is making to reach andDiscipleship2, 94:experience, and to express divinity. Separative effort, separate emotional reactions and separativeDiscipleship2, 94:essentials which must perforce precede group effort and conscious group [95] relations. The factorDiscipleship2, 101:is necessary for you to remember that this group effort which I initiated with the assistance ofDiscipleship2, 116:called "intentional living." It connotes the effort to live consciously at the center and then toDiscipleship2, 126:I would remind you that this is my last effort with you in this incarnation and on the physicalDiscipleship2, 129:I assure you that it will reward any constant effort. It had been my intention to give anotherDiscipleship2, 134:should provide you with ample opportunity for effort during the coming year's work. This threefoldDiscipleship2, 134:do so for two reasons: One is that for years the effort of all of you has been towards the
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