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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Education, 29:rightly understood, will not negate individual effort. That always must be met; but the groupEducation, 39:- metaphorically speaking. An example of an effort in this direction was seen going on in Germany,Education, 50:of the human being, we might say that: The first effort of education to civilize the child will beEducation, 52:the whole goal of the future and of the present effort, is to bring humanity to the point where itEducation, 56:method and purpose are grasped, we shall see an effort on the part of those interested in educationEducation, 58:book is brief. To crown all, there is a definite effort to bring the resources of education withinEducation, 60:in reality a true esotericist - even if, in his effort to control the sought-for energies, heEducation, 62:I am choosing my words with care in an effort to evoke your esoteric response. Beyond this point ofEducation, 67:the centers as such, and esotericism is not an effort scientifically to awaken the centers, as manyEducation, 75:earlier parts of this instruction, should be the effort on the part of parents and educators?Education, 75:educators? First, and above everything else, the effort should be made to provide an atmosphereEducation, 83:undertaken by certain colleges and schools in an effort to ascertain the psychological aptitudes ofEducation, 83:or a girl for certain vocations but the whole effort is still amateurish in nature. When made moreEducation, 83:and will seek to throw the entire world of effort open to him, pointing out that apparent barriersEducation, 85:will surely be studied from the angle of their effort and their influence for good or evil uponEducation, 85:effect upon his character. The continuity of effort, the effects upon civilization of ancientEducation, 85:the child will be spurred on to individual effort suited to his temperament [86] and capacity. ThusEducation, 86:beautiful. Creative expression and humanitarian effort will, therefore, receive a logical basis.Education, 86:presenting a problem for investigation and as an effort to answer the question: What is man; whatEducation, 86:true and right lines; the world of past human effort will be presented to him in a truerEducation, 86:open to him also in an appeal for his individual effort and personal contribution. What I haveEducation, 88:is an attitude of goodwill and a constant effort to foster right human relations. World Unity willEducation, 91:hallmark of the cultured and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate the world of meaningEducation, 103:which is the goal of all divine and hierarchical effort. The goal is not for betterment of materialEducation, 106:a hopeful sign. Humanitarian and philanthropic effort is at its height, alongside of the cruelties,Education, 106:all nations. Education is rapidly becoming mass effort and the children of all nations from theEducation, 106:intellectually equipped as never before. The effort is, of course, largely to enable them to meetEducation, 107:is embryonic as yet, but the indications of his effort are undoubtedly there; hence the press andEducation, 107:and ability. At the same time there will be an effort to intensify the sense of citizenship, bothEducation, 110:apace. Forget not that I, too, have to make an effort to render my thought and ideas intelligibleEducation, 111:nature of a major surgical operation made in an effort to save the patient's life. A violentEducation, 115:method of experiment, of discard, and of renewed effort with ever newer concepts) which will enableEducation, 135:greed of the nations down the ages, and for the effort being made today as never before to provideExternalisation, 18:systematically and steadily over years of effort. When this is done with detachment and isExternalisation, 21:be made for the putting forth of that final last effort which will bring the desired andExternalisation, 22:appeal to you in the hope of intensifying your effort for the space of the next two years (one hasExternalisation, 22:because after the early autumn of 1936, any effort along this particular line will either haveExternalisation, 24:the Plan are today spending themselves in the effort to lift humanity up to another rung of theExternalisation, 24:of the human family to a fresh spiritual effort; the process and the exalted Personnel involvedExternalisation, 25:for humanity determines its own destiny; the effort is directed towards establishing a closerExternalisation, 25:aspirants and disciples to participate in this effort to the extent of rendering the task of theExternalisation, 25:clarity of thinking, their renewed spiritual effort, and the rededication of themselves to the taskExternalisation, 25:of themselves to the task of service. To this effort I call you. It is a continuing effort whichExternalisation, 25:To this effort I call you. It is a continuing effort which will be spread over many years. TheExternalisation, 26:into great activity at the May full moon if due effort is made. The Spirit of Peace which isExternalisation, 28:[28] unduly impressed by the smallness of the effort. A tiny seed is a potent force - if dulyExternalisation, 30:from another angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been to raise theExternalisation, 30:the pioneering efforts of its foremost sons. The effort of the future will be to bring down intoExternalisation, 30:as you will readily understand, to be a group effort because the soul is group conscious and notExternalisation, 31:and so undeveloped that the success of their effort remains for the future to decide. This appliesExternalisation, 38:since Atlantean times, and the climaxing of its effort is imminent and immediate. It takes the formExternalisation, 39:of a mental kind. The keynote of this effort to eliminate world glamor was sounded by Christ whenExternalisation, 41:and eventually this branch of the hierarchical effort can find due expression upon earth. From theExternalisation, 41:work, and illumination which is the reward of effort and the real instrument for the dissipation ofExternalisation, 44:in group formation and with a united synthesized effort. The personal effect of such healers isExternalisation, 44:Remarks I would remind you that such effort in the early stages (and those stages are the presentExternalisation, 44:of a critical spirit through the intelligent effort being made and the discriminative recognitionExternalisation, 44:in many cases, because only through such an effort can analysis of a right kind eventually beExternalisation, 46:be brought about an emergence of hierarchical effort into outer activity. Thus you will note, myExternalisation, 52:government, but it will all be directed to an effort to work out the best ideals of the thinkers ofExternalisation, 60:out falls into three categories of endeavor: The effort to understand the nature of prana or ofExternalisation, 64:rendered entirely superficial with a very little effort. Impatience with the results alreadyExternalisation, 73:serve humanity and to join in the Hierarchical effort to bring healing to a world in pain, mustExternalisation, 74:I have expressed for disciples the nature of the effort they need to make. It is in the recognitionExternalisation, 75:are concerned, work insidiously and cloak their effort in fair words, leading even disciples toExternalisation, 75:fan to fury the fear and hate of the world in an effort to preserve that which is old and make theExternalisation, 79:you possess cannot be aroused to sacrificing effort, you can gain some idea of the magnitude of theExternalisation, 79:averting of a world debacle is the aim of our effort and towards this aim I have asked your help. Externalisation, 88:is more fully developed, then the focus of the effort of the Dark Forces will change and theExternalisation, 95:to do with yourself. This is, is it not, the effort to fuse and blend the personality and the soul,Externalisation, 100:God as it exists on the subtler planes, in the effort to exteriorize it and make the vision a factExternalisation, 103:deal in my writings; I have done this in an effort to shift the focus of attention to that whichExternalisation, 106:world understanding, goodwill, philanthropic effort and the awakening of the masses of men to theExternalisation, 117:hearts and minds with greater clarity. In my effort to make clear the picture, I shall have toExternalisation, 120:- though still material - could be the goal of effort and thus acquired, began to control theExternalisation, 122:the result of human understanding, knowledge or effort. The minds of men were undeveloped and notExternalisation, 139:of the Forces of Light, who are bending every effort to end the spirit of aggression and to rid theExternalisation, 143:in your own way prepare for a major spiritual effort which is to take place when this conflict hasExternalisation, 143:and societies which are pledged to some form of effort towards human betterment, of goodwillExternalisation, 143:of effort towards human betterment, of goodwill effort, and of endeavor of some kind towards humanExternalisation, 143:who can be prepared by each of you for active effort when the right time comes. To this task I callExternalisation, 143:these people into active goodwill work and to effort which will tend to world understanding andExternalisation, 144:on their intent and meaning - behind the spoken effort. They then become potent. When said with theExternalisation, 147:worth doing. But the dynamic power behind the effort in individual cases has often been personalExternalisation, 148:Word, which does not require such a sustained effort in occult concentration. They must learn toExternalisation, 153:in conjunction with trained hierarchical effort, are thereby attracted or magnetically impelled toExternalisation, 160:of the world can be led to make the needed effort to stand in spiritual being and, from that poisedExternalisation, 160:consciousness of those using it through a joint effort of the world disciples and the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 165:essential values of selflessness and persistent effort (which is sustained concentration, in theExternalisation, 166:and dim manner, the present keynote of human effort? In spite of a real inability to think truly,Externalisation, 169:new effects and contacts. It is the united effort of the two great centers which is of suchExternalisation, 172:or else liable to become distraught by the dual effort of being effective in service, whilst at theExternalisation, 174:possible - as large, at least, as that of your effort in May, 1936. The times are ripe for aExternalisation, 176:There is the setting up of barriers in a futile effort to keep out of trouble and avoid war;Externalisation, 194:problem by legislation, segregation, or by the effort to produce national blocs, as in the case inExternalisation, 194:for what it is, and if coupled with an effort by [195] the Jews themselves to solve it, and to beExternalisation, 200:there would be identity of purpose, unity of effort and the recognition of the economic control ofExternalisation, 205:of goodwill must brace themselves for sustained effort, for opposition, and for that dead lethargyExternalisation, 206:can go forward simultaneously with the effort to defeat the totalitarian powers. The men and womenExternalisation, 206:be held before them, inspiring them to renewed effort. Through the work earlier done all over the
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