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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Externalisation, 225:of the evolving presentation of the spiritual effort of the Hierarchy is a witness to a greatExternalisation, 227:and thus increase the effectiveness of your effort. Externalisation, 237:in this war, in all simplicity and in an effort to enable you to choose right action. The firstExternalisation, 237:They were not one-pointed in their war effort, for the higher value of world civilization engrossedExternalisation, 239:would ask you to exercise your imagination in an effort to visualize a world in which there is aExternalisation, 240:situation and so focus and direct a great world effort to throw off the yoke of the dictators asExternalisation, 244:the wider vision with its demanded, practical, effort, and also an indication of the largerExternalisation, 248:of what to do, [248] because every physical effort, time, and personality emphasis will be directedExternalisation, 248:stake, or participating in some form of national effort to bring aid and strength to the Allies.Externalisation, 248:to a sustained, substantial, one-pointed effort. It will throw your will-to-good behind everyExternalisation, 248:the same time swelling the tide of the national effort to end war through the tangible victory ofExternalisation, 248:of Light. Ponder on these words. The goodwill effort of the world, which I sought earlier toExternalisation, 250:Light. This will serve practically to focus your effort. I would ask you also to make it possibleExternalisation, 250:arouse them anew to fresh activity and hopeful effort. I would ask you to use this new InvocationExternalisation, 250:is not a substitute for the physical plane effort on your part; it is complementary to that, andExternalisation, 258:emotional plane, and a dedication to practical effort [259] upon the physical plane, then thereExternalisation, 262:is at least no harm in this attempt and this effort at participation in hierarchical endeavor.Externalisation, 265:frequently no adequate balancing physical effort to bring this present evil situation to an endExternalisation, 272:sure. This will enable them to make the supreme effort which will win the battle for humanity. ThatExternalisation, 279:habits of thought and every determined effort to make the world conform to a pattern which seems toExternalisation, 294:the two poles of his being, with no conscious effort, no direct confrontation and no clearExternalisation, 294:he has achieved right desire and has made a true effort towards correct orientation, then - whenExternalisation, 295:appear; there is a growing belief that human effort towards righteous action will be supplementedExternalisation, 296:this divine intervention [296] superseded human effort, but that it is hoped by Those Who areExternalisation, 296:intervention will today simply supplement human effort - a very different thing. Therefore,Externalisation, 296:to end that which is evil, and has carried this effort even to the sacrifice of life itself, canExternalisation, 296:can be made possible by a little increased effort. The mission of the Buddha at this particularExternalisation, 297:They are united, all of Them, in one stupendous effort to aid mankind at this time to surmount theExternalisation, 297:and the Hierarchy in one fused and blended effort stand with massed intent, invoking that aid andExternalisation, 300:categories. I deal with Them here simply in an effort to reach a wider public with the teaching onExternalisation, 306:physical service and activity, and determined effort to struggle, even unto death, for the defeatExternalisation, 309:will awaken disciples to the needed spiritual effort - a spiritual effort which must findExternalisation, 309:to the needed spiritual effort - a spiritual effort which must find expression in physical planeExternalisation, 309:and activity. A certain aspect of physical plane effort is already being undertaken by them throughExternalisation, 309:world situation) and focus every possible effort on fighting evil upon the physical plane, as wellExternalisation, 310:old habits of [310] thought and the determined effort to interpose some mystical dream betweenExternalisation, 310:works out on all levels of activity and all life effort. If the idealists of the world wouldExternalisation, 311:the Coming One. This entails four things: The effort to stand with all other disciples andExternalisation, 314:the growth of the will to love and work. This effort on your part will express itself in a steadilyExternalisation, 314:each other. It will demonstrate in a constant effort to invoke the spiritual will inExternalisation, 320:religious or personal reasons - will fight every effort to commit their country further than it isExternalisation, 322:you can clearly see the background of our coming effort and grasp the work as a whole. Externalisation, 323:Hierarchy and to each other, and through their effort in every field of human consciousness to leadExternalisation, 324:of goodwill is still unimpaired. 5. The effort to utilize the power of sound and of thoughtExternalisation, 324:opportunity to spread. 7. The inauguration of an effort towards definite group work. This must beExternalisation, 325:a sound world politic, a united spiritual effort and an economic "sharing" which will bring to anExternalisation, 325:much with all of you in the past, and the effort which resulted, though not a complete failure, wasExternalisation, 326:on the side of evolution is negated, and that effort to promote the development of the humanExternalisation, 328:need for determined right action and sacrificing effort. This must be based on faith in the humanExternalisation, 328:vision of what must be done, and by experimental effort. This is the immediate work for this groupExternalisation, 329:the group decision. Let this be uniquely a group effort. 2. Press forward with the Triangle work inExternalisation, 330:letters should always be the product of group effort and suggestion, after being formulated by theExternalisation, 332:anent the general position of the hierarchical effort, about the possibility of materializing theExternalisation, 332:process, and the residue which remains after due effort, can be trusted. You have those, finally,Externalisation, 333:inner contact and realization, plus the effort to use skill in action and due physical planeExternalisation, 333:servers is therefore today pulled two ways. Its effort must be to stand ready at the center. TheExternalisation, 335:will produce that inner cohesion and one-pointed effort which must inevitably and surely produceExternalisation, 336:in the past to aspects of physical plane effort, and to techniques of working? Has there not beenExternalisation, 340:with which the Hierarchy was confronted in the effort to bring this about was due to the fact thatExternalisation, 343:for the United Nations does not lie in the effort to produce this focusing with better effect thanExternalisation, 343:of energy and the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victory are only (where the UnitedExternalisation, 343:and for an ending of the trouble. This type of effort is something which the masses can give, andExternalisation, 343:the United Nations. This will come through the effort to understand and express the quality ofExternalisation, 345:around the neck of humanity, crippling true effort, murmuring, [346] "Let us love God and eachExternalisation, 347:have been two main reasons why, since 1900, this effort has been made. One was the desire on theExternalisation, 349:they brace themselves for the needed strenuous effort? Externalisation, 349:to do this, the Christ will join in the effort by focusing in Himself the spirit of appeal as it isExternalisation, 351:Christ is endeavoring to foster with a special effort in June. These two Full Moons are thereforeExternalisation, 352:for all servers must be the Christ and every effort must be directed to aiding His work asExternalisation, 353:is the meaning of fasting and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all theExternalisation, 353:willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy. MyExternalisation, 354:is far more potent than even the consecrated effort of the two or three. No one is futile orExternalisation, 356:and most decisively throwing the weight of their effort and aspiration on to the side of the Angel,Externalisation, 359:nation either, and that the goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by a programExternalisation, 360:of reason. The Buddha made the first planetary effort to dissipate world glamor; the Christ madeExternalisation, 360:glamor; the Christ made the first planetary effort towards the dispelling of illusion. Their workExternalisation, 361:The medium of the test will be the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha and of those whoExternalisation, 374:and do resort to unheard-of cruelties in the effort to raise their state to supreme eminence. [375]Externalisation, 376:Humanity itself must be the goal of interest and effort, and not any particular nation or empire.Externalisation, 381:time and all that he has and make that supreme effort which will release life and energy and makeExternalisation, 382:importance at all. A brief period of organized effort and, at the end, death, is of more vitalExternalisation, 383:people cooperate with you in this matter, the effort will not be lost or futile, for you will beExternalisation, 385:through this article to concentrate their major effort - mental, spiritual and practical - onExternalisation, 388:great group of invocative appeal. Make a real effort to be present and in group formation at theExternalisation, 390:and the workers for humanity make that supreme effort (rendered from an adequate "point ofExternalisation, 390:the highest available sources. Can the united effort of these two groups - one conscious of what isExternalisation, 391:is to be found the strenuous endeavor, the effort to think constructively, the focused idealism,Externalisation, 395:did not go on and this in spite of the constant effort of a few. But they were too few. Now againExternalisation, 397:the concepts of liberation and life and in an effort to anchor upon Earth [398] a new point ofExternalisation, 398:through which life could be made to flow. This effort has not been totally unsuccessful. At theExternalisation, 399:humanity and throwing your small individual effort behind that of the Hierarchy. I would ask you toExternalisation, 404:wait until the hour strikes. Then Their united effort, plus the invocative appeal of all who trulyExternalisation, 409:his sense of relationship are bringing about an effort on his part - consciously undertaken - toExternalisation, 410:two lesser Approaches, and through Their united effort, humanity throughout the world has beenExternalisation, 411:the individual and the necessity for tensity of effort on his part. The opportunity which was to beExternalisation, 412:"love your neighbor as yourself." Individual effort, group opportunity and men's identificationExternalisation, 412:value of the individual and his self-initiated effort at release and illumination, with theExternalisation, 416:what is vaguely called "worship" is the group effort to establish some form of united approach toExternalisation, 420:of spiritual resources and a united spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. TheExternalisation, 420:and leading therefore to a prolonged spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year.
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