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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Fire, 753:involve a number of Great Ones. In a similar effort during the nineteenth century, H. P. B. wasFire, 753:and a fairly large number of chelas. In the effort immediately ahead, [754] several of the GreatFire, 759:with the Christian Science endeavor in an effort to swing it on to sounder lines. It is interestingFire, 815:may again be regarded as one in which the effort of the man is concentrated in an attempt to bringFire, 816:of the lower vehicles. Through a conscious effort of the planetary Logoi, these Dhyanis and lowerFire, 832:being applied from thence through the conscious effort of the Ego in group service. The pull of theFire, 834:them in connection with ourselves and with our effort to identify ourselves with the solar Lords ofFire, 857:and are precipitated on astral matter by an effort of will by the Chohan responsible for theFire, 870:he is evolving in a cycle wherein hierarchical effort for humanity takes the form it does in thisFire, 895:pass out of the group of passive lives in the effort to become manipulating lives via the birdFire, 927:until it becomes possible, by a simultaneous effort, emanating from all the three aspects, to bringFire, 927:by man on the physical plane in the applied effort he has to make to bring through and materialize,Fire, 927:of their inability to make a coordinated applied effort, and thus set in motion substance of theFire, 978:coupled with a full trust, sympathy and united effort for the plan we will have a formationFire, 983:This tranquility is not to be achieved by an effort of the will which succeeds in strangling allFire, 994:acquired, but entailing many lives of strenuous effort. Through abstinence, right continence, cleanFire, 1036:upon the statement of H. P. B. anent the Lodge effort each one hundred years. Under the particularFire, 1037:(that of the Mahachohan), analogous to the effort made during the last quarter of each century toFire, 1068:of the form. Medical science today strains every effort to retain life in forms diseased andFire, 1103:Later, as higher energies come into play and the effort is made to balance the three types of forceFire, 1131:of alignment through self-induced and continuous effort. He is then taught how to utilize thatFire, 1147:then civilization, and justified hierarchical effort. Thirdly, They fostered the germ of instinctFire, 1213:Hierarchy is seeking experience, there is an effort on foot to effect the merging or centralizationFire, 1265:buddhic plane. Gradually and by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualified themselves, orGlamour, 8:to arouse the latent faculties and requires an effort and a determination not to be swayed byGlamour, 10:to you and can be recalled to mind with little effort, endeavor to sense its quality, to contactGlamour, 14:of ideas now becomes your objective and main effort. You train yourself in the recognition of ideasGlamour, 15:you all to more rapid and steady growth and effort. You have been told that one of the needs lyingGlamour, 17:I will, therefore, ask you to intensify your effort each month at the full moon period, and seek toGlamour, 18:than the physical. Group service and united effort towards group welfare has for two centuries beenGlamour, 18:has been started also since 1875, but united effort to dispel the world glamor is only now inGlamour, 18:and this group can be a part of the corporate effort towards this end, and swell the number ofGlamour, 33:potently than would otherwise be the case by the effort of many devoted idealistic men to imposeGlamour, 43:return to the astral plane through the conscious effort and the dynamic intelligent will of theGlamour, 52:in contacting his soul or ego through right effort. Through meditation, good intention, and correctGlamour, 53:as it seeks to pour through the lower self. Any effort to call attention to the mission or taskGlamour, 65:by the initiate. It was the final successful effort to do this that led Jesus upon the Cross to cryGlamour, 68:to carry on for another year. Will you bend your effort to the task? For task it is. [69] Glamour, 82:glamor. I am choosing my words with care in an effort to arrest your attention. Illusion isGlamour, 89:when dealing with the work of meditation and the effort to induce increased soul control. StudentsGlamour, 99:by this "glamorous weakness" but regard your effort to understand the problem and your ability toGlamour, 110:to be developed and brought into play in the effort to solve the problem in this category ofGlamour, 110:growing, and the initiate of the day faces the effort to release himself from the thralldom of theGlamour, 135:in the lower worlds of conscious, manifested effort. The major point I would seek to make here isGlamour, 140:astral plane wherein it is proposed that some effort be made to dissipate the fog and mist whichGlamour, 151:my earlier warning: Will you remember that the effort to free yourselves from irritation or fromGlamour, 155:in the three worlds; the other, in which the effort is made by the Dweller (note this statement) toGlamour, 155:into a close rapport. In the earlier stages of effort and of attempted control, the Dweller isGlamour, 163:and most decisively throwing the weight of their effort and aspiration on to the side of the Angel,Glamour, 166:no nation either, and that the goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by aGlamour, 167:of reason. The Buddha made the first planetary effort to dissipate world glamor; the Christ madeGlamour, 167:glamor; the Christ made the first planetary effort towards the dispelling of illusion. Their workGlamour, 169:was made. The medium of the test was the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha, and of thoseGlamour, 179:the point of tension by the soul and not by an effort of the personality. The soul undertakes thisGlamour, 179:higher mysteries. These steps must precede all effort to develop the intuition, and this may takeGlamour, 180:- The Ending of Glamor Definite and sustained effort to sense the Presence throughout the UniverseGlamour, 180:This could be expressed in the words: "the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which hasGlamour, 180:in the process of effective approach. It is the effort primarily to see in the light which theGlamour, 181:are not concerned. But we are concerned with the effort to achieve an understanding of that whichGlamour, 184:Paralleling their intuitive response and their effort to precipitate their intuition into the worldGlamour, 188:[188] close at hand when science will bend every effort to heal humanity's sores and build a betterGlamour, 188:therefore, comes in two ways: Through the effort, aspiration and achievement of one man who is soGlamour, 188:function to present to the world. Through the effort of a group of seekers, such as the scientificGlamour, 188:human suffering, a revelation comes. The effort of such a group often lifts upon the wings of itsGlamour, 191:which I wrote in collaboration with A. A. B., an effort was made to indicate the nature of theGlamour, 202:reveals the existence of desire. The instinctual effort to satisfy desire - innate and inherent inGlamour, 209:is undertaken through alignment and by the effort to bring to a point of illumination the positiveGlamour, 209:of the focusing process is produced through the effort to meditate. In the previous stage, theGlamour, 211:groups can use as they contribute their united effort to the dissipation of glamor, either of groupGlamour, 212:he should be mentally polarized by decision and effort even if the emotional nature is for him inGlamour, 213:by their combined help. The power of united effort upon the physical plane is being realized todayGlamour, 213:realized today on a large scale, and the war effort in all countries has greatly hastened thisGlamour, 214:end certain aspects of the world glamor. Their effort, combined with that of similar groups, willGlamour, 225:have also been pierced before now by massed effort carried forward for a long time and usuallyGlamour, 234:and the reality emerging, doing this by an effort of the creative imagination. Each will do this inGlamour, 235:familiar and this one is no exception. But the effort is well worth while both from the individualGlamour, 244:to describe "Pure Being" or God, and in the effort to arrive at some understanding of the nature ofGlamour, 254:of the teacher. Where there is persistence in effort, results will be achieved and these willGlamour, 256:However, a beginning has to be made and to this effort all true disciples are invited. If all theHealing, 57:to you the fact that disease primarily is an effort on the part of the natural physical body toHealing, 71:not die), then investigation can be made and effort produced which can prevent a recurrence. AtHealing, 80:a constant condition of stimulation, of galvanic effort, with a resultant activity in the nervousHealing, 92:time in attempting the impossible and to right effort to carry forward that which is possible.Healing, 117:the sense of search to be transformed into the effort to become what he essentially is - a Son ofHealing, 135:They would but serve to confuse, and my effort is to give a general picture of the underlyingHealing, 139:is he entirely particularized in his life and effort. Men are at all imaginable stages ofHealing, 167:but that the process was hastened by the applied effort and attention, plus faith. Interfered withHealing, 168:[168] will know whether to heal, to aid the effort of the patient - a much slower process - or toHealing, 168:average man or woman, which rebels against the effort needed to master the technical side ofHealing, 171:process; it is, however, one that - under living effort - goes forward almost automatically. TheHealing, 186:through his ignorant curiosity and by an effort of the mind (not of the spiritual will, but purelyHealing, 203:be borne in mind that this diagram is simply an effort to relate in pictorial form the centers, theHealing, 211:in Christian Science. Instead of focusing their effort on achieving the pure life [212] of ChristHealing, 215:a result of bitter experience and of conscious effort in the later stages, and becomes increasinglyHealing, 230:tasks undertaken by the Hierarchy and the first effort toward any form of group activity, conveyingHealing, 235:liberty to describe have both been tried in the effort to salvage humanity. Today, death by fire isHealing, 239:all emotional reactions and feelings. In their effort to control the astral body, these peopleHealing, 257:is said in no spirit of disparagement, but in an effort to prove that the many schools of thought -Healing, 262:has worked through into a practical worldwide effort upon the physical plane and has demandedHealing, 268:people everywhere. There must be a definite effort upon the part of the nationals of [269] every
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