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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Magic, 79:use, and time has been allowed to elapse in an effort to produce an equilibrizing effect. Magic, 79:reasoning of the Oriental, and, through the effort to grasp that which the first subrace of theMagic, 88:fifth or spiritual Kingdom in nature. The first effort of the solar Angel turned animal-men intoMagic, 89:work. Let this not be forgotten, and let every effort be made to bring mind and brain into such aMagic, 89:to some that the soul is organizing itself for effort, reorienting its forces, and preparing for aMagic, 104:and these are developed by self-initiated [104] effort, freedom in action and discrimination inMagic, 135:They must guard against fatigue, due to long effort in materializing the plan and the strainMagic, 138:to see whether the inner flame - the result of effort wisely to work and think and do - burns withMagic, 139:planes and its working out in the new cycle of effort must be undertaken. This law of adaptationMagic, 160:the man becomes conscious of another abortive effort. [161] Or again, the "condition of the waters"Magic, 167:possible for him, through strenuously applied effort, to handle his life in [168] such a way thatMagic, 203:The development of right motive is a progressive effort, and constantly one shifts the focus ofMagic, 204:Later, this object of his devotion and ardent effort is superseded by devotion to one of the GreatMagic, 245:seems to lie entirely fallow and inert. It is an effort to think, and the futility of phases ofMagic, 259:Seen from the standpoint of the Hierarchy, the effort has been successful, for the Christian spiritMagic, 260:may be overcome by the apparent futility of his effort and the seeming smallness of the part heMagic, 260:of those similar to him and that this is a group effort. Under the Law the Great Ones work throughMagic, 295:appetites, living a life given over to the effort to satisfy them. If the craving is for comfortMagic, 295:governed practically entirely by selfish effort. So it is through all the many grades of desire,Magic, 306:to the task. It is a vicious circle of effort and must be offset by a complete realization of theMagic, 322:lies for all aspirants at this time the peculiar effort of the coming days, and I would - for yourMagic, 322:they themselves learn much needed lessons. The effort on the part of all aspirants should not be toMagic, 322:upon the not-self and leads to added chaos. The effort should be along the lines of an endeavor toMagic, 342:that everything does not depend upon individual effort. It is possible for wise souls to hasten theMagic, 343:there comes next the deliberate and concentrated effort to work with pure dispassion, and with noMagic, 347:and, secondly, doubt as to the outcome of any effort. With most people it is a combination of theMagic, 383:to work entirely with mental energy, in an effort to control, master and use it. Their attempt isMagic, 391:will find it possible to make the adequate extra effort, entailed in the taking of the first majorMagic, 399:supersede eventually the previous hierarchical effort. They will supersede all churches, allMagic, 421:terms automatically breed hatred and attack, and effort to resist change. They put the user on theMagic, 431:going on. It may serve as an incentive to fresh effort on the part of all working to equipMagic, 461:according also to their power for long sustained effort will be the approximation of the outer formMagic, 477:to reach all classes and races of humanity in an effort to mould public opinion and bring certainMagic, 492:from the three worlds wherein he works in his effort to push his idea of the work to be done. HeMagic, 502:of exit at death. It can be seen also that an effort to control the astral life and the emotionalMagic, 514:endeavor followed by months of apparent non-effort. Some people again are so sensitively organizedMagic, 515:in and lifted up. When success crowns this effort, the consciousness then [516] slips out of whatMagic, 521:developed and if work without attachment is the effort of each and all of you. Magic, 535:limitation, goading on the aspirant to renewed effort and driving the living entity on along theMagic, 538:[538] Instructions the necessity for renewed effort to fit themselves for service by a consciousMagic, 538:for service by a conscious and deliberate effort to develop the intuition and to achieveMagic, 538:of life giving force, and will be so without effort. He will stimulate, energize and vivify toMagic, 546:answer is thrown back: I serve." This is a faint effort to express in English these ancientMagic, 557:recognize the opportunity they have of an united effort towards world usefulness. Magic, 590:First, I would state that no work such as an effort to awaken the centers should ever be undertakenMagic, 593:great Master-Mason. Only when there is united effort of a fivefold kind, and only after repeatedMagic, 594:But steady and prolonged undeviating effort on the part of aspirants is rare indeed. It is indeedMagic, 608:in the immediate future, all their united effort is bent to one end - the cultivating of theMagic, 617:finds them for himself as the result of tireless effort and endeavor. He knows that these formulasMagic, 618:immediate goal must be well recognized, if lost effort is to be avoided and real progress achieved.Magic, 619:that service will move; they frequently make an effort to work out these plans and produce anMagic, 632:experience, that is for them the supreme effort; their attempt to work is - on its own level - asMagic, 635:individual deficiency, a sustained and strenuous effort on their part to "make themselves what theyMagic, 638:whom I am seeking to help, to join the strenuous effort of the Great Ones. They are working day andMagic, 638:Great Ones. They are working day and night in an effort to relieve humanity and to offset thoseMeditationperiphery, and their stabilizing there by an effort of the will, that the real work of the Ego orMeditation, 2:of stress, in hours of needed humanitarian effort and in times of intensest aspiration. AbstractionMeditation, 5:point in the circle of manifestation. Hence the effort made to teach all devotees simplicity, basedMeditation, 6:say, it takes much discipline and many lives of effort to align the two at the same time. When thatMeditation, 18:or ideal; be bends every faculty and every effort to the contemplation of what is required, and inMeditation, 21:include others through love) to the one-pointed effort likewise to expand for the purpose ofMeditation, 21:apprehending knowledge. When this is done, every effort of the personal life may apparently (in oneMeditation, 36:to the Ego on his own plane. The Ego bends every effort to quicken vibration, and to force theMeditation, 60:he needs. Only that which is the result of self-effort, of hard struggle and of bitter experienceMeditation, 66:Infinitesimal that aid may be, yet every effort that leads to the free play of the law, that actsMeditation, 77:[77], or of attrition. It is not wished that effort be made to turn the fire towards any particularMeditation, 81:past, and thus lays the foundation for renewed effort. This slow and laborious effort, which is theMeditation, 81:for renewed effort. This slow and laborious effort, which is the consistent method of all thatMeditation, 84:then gently sound the Word again, and with an effort of the will withdraw still further inwards andMeditation, 94:of meditation the one that is the center of his effort and the one that controls the two lowerMeditation, 111:fundamentally. In the fourth root race an effort was made to facilitate attainment via the atomicMeditation, 111:mental levels and from those levels making the effort to control the two lower. In the AryanMeditation, 122:you might here incorporate. We never duplicate effort if it can be avoided. I seek primarily toMeditation, 129:sons of men. [129] As you know, a definite effort is being made at this time by the PlanetaryMeditation, 132:forsaken of all; he considers that all past effort has been futile and that naught remains but toMeditation, 136:his own ends; the Brother of Light bends every effort to the hastening [137] of evolution and -Meditation, 165:It marks [165] the moment of intensest spiritual effort and vitalization during the year, and itsMeditation, 190:of the student and to incite him to greater effort, closer study, and deeper investigation. OnlyMeditation, 225:trusted, can attain the necessary knowledge with effort. I would here like to point out certainMeditation, 232:will man be induced to make the [232] necessary effort and thereby approximate in some measure theMeditation, 277:hands are tied and He can do but little. Self-effort is the key to progress, coupled to consciousMeditation, 277:application to the work laid down. When that effort is made with perseverance, then comes theMeditation, 277:object in view will be largely attained. In that effort the right conditions between pupil andMeditation, 284:as the servant of the Ego through one-pointed effort animated by love and wisdom. The result willMeditation, 285:the deficiencies of any form, and bends every effort to aid the indwelling life to liberate itselfMeditation, 289:care, with the aid of the imagination and loving effort, working daily on his figures till theyMeditation, 293:in the needed endeavor, coupling all interior effort to the external life of loving service. AtMeditation, 294:puts each member of the group - through his own effort and through the third factor, the doorkeeperMeditation, 294:In time this will be more fully understood and effort will be made to keep the tone reverberatingMeditation, 298:the same time. They achieve by right of agelong effort, and because in previous lives they trod theMeditation, 301:training strains every nerve and bends every effort to the work in hand. If all that is possible isMeditation, 302:the Himalayan Brotherhood is the main channel of effort, power and light. But the work with otherMeditation, 319:residence within the school depend upon his own effort and initiatory powers. The rules ofMeditation, 326:is recommended to rest entirely from all mental effort save that associated with the practice ofMeditation, 326:to the things concerning lower mind and to an effort to hold the gain of the earlier weeks. EachMeditation, 344:particular sphere, and who, finding it, gives effort gladly for the benefit of the whole, is thePatanjali13. Tireless endeavor is the constant effort to restrain the modifications of the mind. 14. WhenPatanjali, 13:through concentration - the concentrated effort of the soul to hold steadily the position ofPatanjali, 26:ceaseless repetition and the reiterated effort to impose the new rhythm upon the old, and to effacePatanjali, 26:his achievement is the fruit of a steady effort which is based upon intelligent appreciation of the
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