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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Patanjali, 26:of Union 13. Tireless endeavor is the constant effort to restrain the modifications of the mind.Patanjali, 26:The idea involved is that of the constant effort made by the spiritual man to restrain thePatanjali, 27:words "the right use of the will is the steady effort to stand in spiritual being." The ideaPatanjali, 27:the aspirant will make that sufficiently strong effort which will give him his hold upon thePatanjali, 57:the student - through study and self initiated effort - arrives at just conclusions. It might bePatanjali, 61:the aspirant, on to steady and continuous effort. The same thought is to be found in the OldPatanjali, 73:is omitted. Only the constant, steady, enduring effort of the will, functioning through the mind,Patanjali, 112:is to be achieved through persistent slight effort and through the concentration of the mind uponPatanjali, 171:further work and the theory is tested out in an effort to prove the truth. The aspirant thenPatanjali, 190:to become the disciple of some Master. Fiery effort, steady persistent longing and enduringPatanjali, 197:of this capacity comes through a constant [197] effort to fulfil the following requirements: StrictPatanjali, 215:is to be achieved through persistent slight effort and through the concentration of the mind uponPatanjali, 215:control of the mind. It is noteworthy that the effort to attain forgetfulness of the physical bodyPatanjali, 249:difficult, for words and phrases are but the effort of the mind to submit to the brain of thePatanjali, 255:once but only as the result of long and steady effort. One thing that every aspirant to thePatanjali, 383:the laws laid down, brings himself, by his own effort, to a state of spiritual unfoldment. It mightPatanjali, 386:no real joy or pleasure, and there starts a new effort which is characterized by a gradualPatanjali, 402:in fact to the thinker. Later, through strenuous effort, this identification ceases; the soulPatanjali, x:had achieved liberation through self-initiated effort. This period, in our Aryan race, marked aProblems, 8:it is one which will not easily give way to any effort or to any spiritual endeavor, whetherProblems, 32:of education. Hitherto, there has been little effort to bring about a bridging between the needs ofProblems, 48:The patient inculcation of this quality, the effort to make them shoulder small duties and to shareProblems, 54:undertaken by certain colleges and schools in an effort to ascertain the psychological aptitudes ofProblems, 54:or a girl for certain vocations but the whole effort is still amateurish in nature. When made moreProblems, 54:and will seek to throw the entire world of effort open to him, pointing out that apparent barriersProblems, 58:effect upon his character. The continuity of effort, the effects upon civilization of ancientProblems, 58:the child will be spurred on to individual effort suited to [59] his temperament and capacity. ThusProblems, 59:beautiful. Creative expression and humanitarian effort will, therefore, receive a logical basis.Problems, 59:presenting a problem for investigation and as an effort to answer the question: What is man? WhatProblems, 59:true and right lines; the world of past human effort will be presented to him in a truerProblems, 59:open to him also in an appeal for his individual effort and personal contribution. The above in noProblems, 61:is an attitude of goodwill and a constant effort to foster right human relations. World Unity willProblems, 65:hallmark of the cultured and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate the world of meaningProblems, 89:peace of the world depends), we must make an effort to keep our own mental and national attitudeProblems, 108:necessary recognition of indebtedness and the effort to benefit from the presented conditions andProblems, 118:problem; there is evidence that there is a real effort at this time to make goodwill an effectiveProblems, 120:if that was done, be diverted into a partisan effort. The men of goodwill stand midway betweenProblems, 146:as they labor in the field of the world, in the effort to establish right human relations and asProblems, 149:the spiritual Hierarchy and its Membership, this effort was intentional, conscious and deliberate;Problems, 151:of God and the necessity for intense spiritual effort. The opportunity, presented to humanity, toProblems, 151:"Love your neighbor as yourself". Individual effort, group opportunity and identification with eachProblems, 155:a soporific paternalism), and by the unified effort of the clergy of all faiths everywhere in theProblems, 159:into activity at this time and their united effort guarantees a resultant evocation. This newProblems, 162:of spiritual resources and a united spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. TheProblems, 163:lead, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which should affect the entire year. TheyProblems, 165:of their united invocation, the unity of their effort and the oneness of their understanding. It isProblems, 171:recognition of shared opportunity, of a united effort to bring about right human relations, and ofProblems, 181:and freely given. [181] It takes no great effort of the imagination to see that, if this work ofPsychology1, xviii:because of the free choice and self-initiated effort of the individual student. Psychology1, xix:have imposed upon him. I mean a renewal of the effort to bring about the purification of all thePsychology1, xx:read this book see the results of such a united effort, there would emerge a group activity,Psychology1, xx:nothing and no group results. But united group effort would eventuate in an inspired reorganizationPsychology1, xxiv:[xxiv] outline under the objective form. But the effort to understand carries its own reward, andPsychology1, 11:from the form life. The idea that a renewed effort towards the goal of spiritual light is the causePsychology1, 12:should now attempt to do the same. The effort to synchronize effort does not relate so much to thePsychology1, 12:to do the same. The effort to synchronize effort does not relate so much to the time element as toPsychology1, 59:or more complete than is now the case. The effort, however, to grasp that which cannot be expressedPsychology1, 64:His power through Their bodies, and Their united effort leads to abstraction and a return to thePsychology1, 74:before the end of this century, and Their united effort will inaugurate definitely the New Age, andPsychology1, 76:little to you, but the tremendous sacrifice and effort thus involved are paralleled only by thePsychology1, 83:has flooded the world today. Hence also the effort that I, a worker on the inner side of life, amPsychology1, 108:with several accepted disciples, and Their effort is to inspire these disciples, who are active inPsychology1, 111:hold upon its instrument, when your mind and effort are turned towards group service, and when yourPsychology1, 112:spiritual truth should be the subject of your effort. The sole authority is the teaching, and notPsychology1, 114:condition as yet. It is a test and a trial effort, and may fail. The members of these tiny outerPsychology1, 117:who later, as a result of his self-initiated effort, teach him to be a communicator, anPsychology1, 171:two things: First, that there should be a united effort by the collective members of the planetaryPsychology1, 172:of an international consciousness. This was an effort along the line of power or will, ofPsychology1, 175:important point - because the inner synthesis of effort is not emphasized, because there is noPsychology1, 178:rays are organized to take part in one supreme effort, - an effort towards which the entirePsychology1, 178:to take part in one supreme effort, - an effort towards which the entire Christian era has beenPsychology1, 178:and activity, the net result is one directed effort towards the production of synthesis and a greatPsychology1, 179:this end all true workers are now bending every effort. Earlier in this treatise I referred to thePsychology1, 180:method of experiment, of discard, and of renewed effort with ever newer concepts) which will enablePsychology1, 184:that from the inner side there is also a great effort and "push" to help, on the part of thePsychology1, 186:goal. The next few years will mark an intensive effort on the part of the hierarchy and on the partPsychology1, 186:of World Servers. There is a term set to their effort, and later this type of activity will end,Psychology1, 186:with concentration, working and bending every effort to make the plan a success. The New Group ofPsychology1, 187:your associates. I call you to a united effort to inculcate anew the ideas of brotherhood and ofPsychology1, 264:the subhuman kingdoms in nature also (after much effort) to life and conscious understanding.Psychology1, 315:of the developed son of God. Only [315] a little effort is needed, and the demonstration of aPsychology1, 323:degree of comfort and harmony, and of a steady effort to adapt conditions of character andPsychology1, 340:truer world of values and of reality, and by an effort on man's part to identify himself with thePsychology1, 354:This was because of a special dispensation or effort on the part of the planetary Hierarchy. WithPsychology1, 354:called into operation, and thus with the united effort of the [355] first, the seventh and thePsychology1, 355:to the physical unfoldment of man, but to an effort to enable man to control the physical forces ofPsychology1, 365:on the Seven Rays has also been sent forth in an effort to clarify the incoming spiritualPsychology1, 384:of illumination, which is the goal of all mental effort. When the intellect of the French is turnedPsychology1, 386:of Germany, showing, for instance, in her futile effort to preserve a purity of race nowPsychology1, 386:fourth ray egoic force is responsible for her effort to standardize and harmonize all the elementsPsychology2, 26:untutored, easily-swayed masses, should be the effort of all who teach. In the more advanced peoplePsychology2, 33:piled up, only promptly to be contradicted in an effort to shew how divorced from, and yetPsychology2, 63:work proceeds. This work might be regarded as an effort to intensify the hold which the divinePsychology2, 63:a deeper realization of the purpose, and an effort to clear the way for the soul by the institutionPsychology2, 72:it is constructed through the constant effort to draw forth the intuition, through subservience andPsychology2, 72:developed upon the Probationary Path. The effort to draw forth the intuition requires directedPsychology2, 73:whose arduous task calls for our sacrificing effort. Conscious incorporation in the groupPsychology2, 76:thus is this work carried forward. Is this [76] effort beyond the reach of any of us? Or are itsPsychology2, 96:(physical, emotional and intellectual), the effort to ameliorate conditions, the tendency toPsychology2, 112:alone. The group stimulation and the united effort sweep the entire group to an intensity of
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