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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Psychology2, 113:them together as men and women into one group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin toPsychology2, 113:beneficent Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (whoPsychology2, 115:relation between the Hierarchy and mankind. This effort could mark (and let us hope it will) thePsychology2, 120:hard work, because it necessitates deliberate effort, conscious wisdom, and the ability to workPsychology2, 121:which leads its possessor to a strenuous effort to change situations, and make them what he feelsPsychology2, 126:running after service, and much philanthropic effort. All of it is, however, deeply colored byPsychology2, 128:[128] process of detachment. There is a long effort to let the life flow through, whilst steadilyPsychology2, 129:It becomes changed into ambition, into an effort to make others serve as we think service should bePsychology2, 131:also eventually call forth the consecrated effort of the world disciples. Psychology2, 132:merits attention for one can easily waste effort by entering fields already well handled from thePsychology2, 138:times and seasons, thus there will be no waste effort, and real advantage can be taken of thePsychology2, 154:give their lives; and everything done is in an effort to meet the realized need, to face thePsychology2, 170:He wearied of his search; he whipped himself to effort new. The opening dimmed its light. A shutterPsychology2, 180:this united activity, and the urge to bend every effort to raise the dead body of humanity. A greatPsychology2, 181:- to the differing [181] fields of individual effort - there will be added (and this is the pointPsychology2, 188:and on preparation for that state. Now an effort is being made to see if such a group activity andPsychology2, 194:synthetically to express certain laws, are an effort to bring in new and different conditions, andPsychology2, 194:outer groups are a tentative and experimental effort to see how far humanity is ready for such anPsychology2, 216:is some of the factors which govern the effort which the Hierarchy of Control and the Custodians ofPsychology2, 220:activity, leaving wide scope for individual effort, but providing the vital active trends beyondPsychology2, 237:themselves with it after much struggle and effort; they have then passed out of human life into thePsychology2, 237:the last analysis, that to which God bends every effort. Yet the quality and the nature of thePsychology2, 240:of God Himself. This second division of Their effort is only now becoming possible on a wide scale,Psychology2, 247:revelation. These are: [247] First, the constant effort, based on a subjective impulse, to createPsychology2, 247:some sensed truth; for thereby and through this effort, the emphasis is constantly shifted from thePsychology2, 247:from age to age. Secondly, the constant effort to render oneself sensitive to the world ofPsychology2, 249:medium for his endeavor. It is paralleled by the effort, constantly made upon the physical plane,Psychology2, 261:at its great centennial gathering in 1725, an effort was determined upon which would bring a morePsychology2, 273:and sure, thus preserving the gain of past effort and (in company with all true servers [274]Psychology2, 274:individual aspirant - after much struggle and effort - suddenly "touches", for one brief moment,Psychology2, 345:the third initiation, he enters upon a renewed effort to produce a more inclusive fusion andPsychology2, 367:This group is, if I might so express it, an effort at an externalization of the group personalityPsychology2, 395:materialized ideas of God. This is but a feeble effort in my attempt to show the vastness of thePsychology2, 395:as a soul. No matter, therefore, how great his effort, it will be the material more than thePsychology2, 400:plane, those of you who are occupied with the effort to make soul quality expressed factors in yourPsychology2, 405:wisdom much of the solution, coupled with an effort to bring amelioration to the individual thusPsychology2, 407:acquiescence becomes the living conscious effort, and it is right at this point that humanityPsychology2, 407:suffering of human units everywhere; hence the effort of modern education; and hence also thePsychology2, 424:to be noticed and to contribute. Much artistic effort or literary and musical effort is based onPsychology2, 424:Much artistic effort or literary and musical effort is based on the desire to be the center ofPsychology2, 427:upon the Way, bringing with them the need for effort and at the same time a [428] sense of gain andPsychology2, 445:questions will be the goal of the psychologist's effort: [446] What are your reasons for wanting toPsychology2, 450:one particular direction. A synthesis of planned effort appears. These occasions are so rare thatPsychology2, 457:be regarded as an undesirable symptom, and an effort will then be made to produce two things: aPsychology2, 461:attention and period of thought. [461] As the effort of a man to express himself along somePsychology2, 462:himself and his activities. When curable, the effort should be made to decentralize the subject byPsychology2, 464:the individual's mental world. It is part of an effort to put him in touch with a world of beingPsychology2, 466:not be along the line of recognized religious effort, or produced by so-called occult revelation.Psychology2, 468:ordinary common sense is of value, and the effort to impress upon the patient that his troubles,Psychology2, 469:of unrelated ideas occupy him. There is no real effort made to carry these plans and ideas throughPsychology2, 469:mental plane, in their original vague state. The effort to see more and grasp more and apprehendPsychology2, 479:and it will prove a constructive evocation. The effort to focus his attention should bePsychology2, 479:attempted. According to his type so will the effort be directed to focusing his attention andPsychology2, 497:primarily and necessarily lies. In an effort to bring the patient to an understanding of hisPsychology2, 500:that the man is not sleeping soundly enough. The effort to make people dream and to train them toPsychology2, 505:They constitute, in the bulk of cases, man's effort at the interpretation of life and its meaningPsychology2, 511:of the human equipment, and, therefore, to an effort to bring human living into line with the basicPsychology2, 525:to cycles of vision and periods of spiritual effort. The mystical life is definitely attractingPsychology2, 525:dominant. The life of feeling and of mystical effort is, at this time, liable to die downPsychology2, 526:the outer activity and the intelligent worldly effort, and will emerge again to living endeavorPsychology2, 528:Objective - Idealism, plus personality effort. Purification and control. The stage whereinPsychology2, 539:here hinted at some of the difficulties in an effort to give you a general picture of the problemPsychology2, 544:long period of time may elapse between the first effort to transmute and transfer the energies andPsychology2, 550:of over-stimulation, through the successful effort of the mystic to bring in energy [551] from thePsychology2, 555:We have for too long been occupied with the effort to develop the form side of nature so that itPsychology2, 576:power of the love aspect of the hierarchical effort and not in order to awaken fear or awe, forPsychology2, 579:time [579] the result is vastly different. The effort to produce soul contact or to hinder it isPsychology2, 579:potently the group activity of man. The effort by the dark forces to stimulate the lower psychicPsychology2, 587:perception is as a rule so undeveloped that the effort to transfer his consciousness into thePsychology2, 587:perceived, then in due time the needed effort will be made. [588] The above rules apply to thePsychology2, 589:intelligent background upon which to work. The effort must be made to build a healthy body. HigherPsychology2, 603:one-pointed-ness, real fanaticism, sadistic effort with a supposed spiritual motive, (such as wasPsychology2, 606:of the race. But the cycle of the mystical effort and experience will be considerably shortened andPsychology2, 607:The sense of power which comes through the effort to do definite creative work. This necessarilyPsychology2, 610:a deep sleep condition. Students should make no effort to see the light in the head, but when it isPsychology2, 621:of rhythm. These are all the unrecognized effort on the part of the group - instinctual in naturePsychology2, 629:Ones are seeking to render. This cooperative effort by the more receptive portion of humanity is,Psychology2, 631:some such ideal, and which is not essentially an effort on the part of some school of idealists toPsychology2, 631:the process of materializing the ideal, in the effort to procure its recognition and thus bringPsychology2, 641:the failure is due primarily to two things: The effort has been expended in dealing with effects,Psychology2, 642:of time, strength, energy and money. No effort has been made to find and blend into one organizedPsychology2, 642:been organized into a whole, as the loyalty and effort of the individual man of good will hasPsychology2, 646:and they will embody the next great spiritual effort and expression of the men of good will forPsychology2, 649:one realizing the need, and bending anew every effort - individual, financial and spiritual - toPsychology2, 652:is of importance, because it indicates that the effort now on foot is in line with the evolutionaryPsychology2, 652:period of distress and disorder. Whether this effort succeeds or not, the final aim is assured, butPsychology2, 655:this fact. This new group provides a field of effort and a center of energy towards which all menPsychology2, 657:in terms of good will to the whole. The very effort so to think is part of the technique requiredPsychology2, 659:of good will and to this they consecrate every effort. They avoid all points of dissension,Psychology2, 659:and distress. These experiments are not lost effort. They have a definite place and purpose.Psychology2, 660:can only be brought about by a strenuous effort and by constant self-sacrifice on the part of allPsychology2, 661:the work in the world with united, intelligent effort and with success. The true values, based onPsychology2, 664:person must be utilized to circulate them. No effort should be spared at the present time and forPsychology2, 665:of the spoken word. There must be synthesis of effort and the elimination of unnecessary andPsychology2, 671:and told what to do and to think, with no real effort to bring them into a condition of rightPsychology2, 673:party. It calls for intelligent and practical effort. It will call for the cooperation of manyPsychology2, 675:if those who have this vision will make every effort and every possible sacrifice of time and moneyPsychology2, 676:other, so that there can eventually be unity of effort in the cause of peace and harmoniousPsychology2, 681:the people in their nation in service, in kindly effort, and in non-aggressive action. A positivePsychology2, 683:objectives of the Group. [683] It takes no great effort of imagination to see that, if this work of
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