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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORT

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Psychology2, 684:work has been brought about through an intensive effort in two directions, - one the effort of thePsychology2, 684:an intensive effort in two directions, - one the effort of the Hierarchy to impress that Plan uponPsychology2, 684:to effect the intended work, and secondly the effort of all disciples and aspirants to respond andPsychology2, 685:to aid in the present crisis. That aid, if the effort prove successful, will come in the form of aPsychology2, 686:cooperate as fully as they can in an intensive effort to increase the receptivity of humanity toPsychology2, 687:mean, however, five days of a most intensive effort in service, leading to the renunciation of allPsychology2, 688:field of cooperation will then be ended. This effort of the Hierarchy is a five days effort,Psychology2, 688:This effort of the Hierarchy is a five days effort, preceded by a most intensive period ofPsychology2, 688:He told His disciples that successful spiritual effort of a healing nature went not forth except byPsychology2, 688:Will you ponder on these words? This is a group effort towards a vast group healing and by prayerPsychology2, 691:of sufficient importance to warrant your utmost effort? Do you really believe that on that dayPsychology2, 691:then forget yourselves and consecrate your every effort, from the time you receive thisPsychology2, 691:to the task of cooperating in the organized effort to change the current of world affairs by anPsychology2, 692:Today - The New Group of World Servers In your effort to help the world at this time there arePsychology2, 692:fullest opportunity to cooperate must be your effort, and the use of a sane judgment and thePsychology2, 692:I take for granted. I speak here of the general effort that you can make. This falls into threePsychology2, 692:of opportunity, mobilizing them for a vast world effort to arouse afresh a spirit of good will, andPsychology2, 692:the day of the Wesak full moon. Every possible effort must be made by the workers in every countryPsychology2, 693:[693] will make it acceptable, and a widespread effort must be made to organize its simultaneousPsychology2, 693:demand for peace and light on the side of the effort of the Hierarchy. The way in which these threePsychology2, 693:about, and the world be swept into an organized effort for world peace and cooperation, is to bePsychology2, 694:and the opportunity now offered by the united effort of the Buddha and the Christ. Let all who seekPsychology2, 694:World Servers Out of this quite possible great effort at integration which can be focused at thePsychology2, 697:alone. The group stimulation and the united effort sweep the entire group to an intensity ofPsychology2, 697:them together as men and women into one group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin toPsychology2, 698:beneficent Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (whoPsychology2, 699:relation between the Hierarchy and mankind. This effort could, and let us hope it will, mark thePsychology2, 701:and the soul is but gathering itself for a fresh effort and for a stronger and more determinedPsychology2, 702:aspirant. In May, 1936, a great forward moving effort of the world soul took place and definite andPsychology2, 703:the adequate incentive towards the needed effort. The freedom, however, to which I refer, is thePsychology2, 713:the immediate purpose of the hierarchical effort, as the Council met to prepare for the future. IsPsychology2, 715:any assistance and any incentive towards renewed effort if we observe the words "the day", and notPsychology2, 717:Servers, the many divisions of hierarchical effort are represented, but there are, nevertheless, aPsychology2, 723:Just as the full moon of May, 1936, saw an effort of the Masters and of the world of disciples toPsychology2, 724:was in evidence an inner, subjective, spiritual effort. This was definitely successful. The fullPsychology2, 724:the exoteric outer effect, of which the earlier effort was naturally and automatically the cause.Psychology2, 725:will throughout the world. Only by the united effort of the people of peaceful intention and ofPsychology2, 726:if they were willing to participate in such an effort, and made the attempt to organize such aPsychology2, 727:way of saying, to humanity), is a widespread effort to get in touch with every group leader in thePsychology2, 727:to spread good will and understanding in an effort to bring the hatreds of the world to an end.Psychology2, 727:The basis of the possible success of such an effort consists in the fact that within each group arePsychology2, 727:of success lies in the fact that such an effort will only be the normal working out into physicalPsychology2, 728:Careful work must be put behind this effort. By this is meant considered mental work, subjectivePsychology2, 731:will be possible and will produce a synthesis of effort; that this will be productive, in its turn,Psychology2, 733:The emergency is upon us and a united spiritual effort, prayerfully carried forward, wiselyPsychology2, 733:immediate hope of bringing about that united effort which will lead to world stabilization,Psychology2, 734:that we have to give, plus that supreme extra effort which spells success in every case. This extraPsychology2, 734:which spells success in every case. This extra effort and this response to the demand for fullPsychology2, 734:that it is going to take the united sacrificing effort of every unit in the whole body corporate toPsychology2, 737:other groups, who appreciate the idealism and effort of the first group and also recognize thePsychology2, 738:arming or are fortifying their frontiers in an effort to achieve that security which will enablePsychology2, 741:once worked it out and made the needed sustained effort, in 1942 there would be no question butPsychology2, 749:the work planned in 1942 and its great united effort. Upon these two lay the emphasis, for by themPsychology2, 749:each Wesak Full Moon be a period of intensive effort, preceded by personal preparation andPsychology2, 750:an active worker in the cause of good will. The effort to cooperate with all that is being donePsychology2, 750:The responsibility for right action and for the effort to reach the public rests upon the aspirantsPsychology2, 751:stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will make His work materialize on earth andPsychology2, 751:on earth and enable Him to consummate the effort He made 2000 years ago in Palestine. The BuddhaRays, 25:past and the testimony of the ages warrant the effort required for the expressed requirements. ThisRays, 26:their significance, but [26] also that your effort so to do will develop in you the beginning ofRays, 31:and of preparation for initiation, an effort to grasp and understand the higher aspects of thisRays, 35:at the latter end of this century. But the effort you make to understand will have its effect, evenRays, 47:to the grasp of the group will and to the effort to embody that group will. This group will isRays, 50:in an absorbing devotion to the Plan and is an effort, at any cost, to serve that Plan as it isRays, 52:that pins a man against a wall and makes free effort difficult." It vivifies form; it intensifiesRays, 60:of his expanding consciousness has been vision, effort, attainment and again vision. He hasRays, 66:memory, and this memory rules without any effort at recollection. The habit of goodness, or rightRays, 66:united life. This is not, as might appear, the effort to do the work for humanity as it is plannedRays, 67:finds his way into a Master's Ashram, where his effort is increasingly to learn to use the will inRays, 71:Light bring illumination to mankind...") was an effort on my part to put into words the invocativeRays, 76:of Invocation and Evocation is a reciprocal effort. Humanity could not be invocative were it notRays, 98:response to this ray objective, and his effort to subordinate his personality to the dimly sensedRays, 104:consciousness on the part of the man). His effort is towards something which means little as yet toRays, 108:will or purpose. It might be stated, in an effort to clarify the method whereby this is done, thatRays, 114:- the factors which inspire all hierarchical effort would begin to be dimly apparent and that,Rays, 130:of the world need - at this time - in their effort to stand steady under the pressure of worldRays, 133:and cynical laughter, conscious spiritual effort or sustained ridicule - according to the type ofRays, 134:eventually lead to that established unity of effort which will express itself in the merging of theRays, 135:for relief from agony, despair and fruitless effort goes out from here to There." All this upheavalRays, 137:become increasingly the field of the initiate's effort, and hence the constant need for him toRays, 139:part of a great and constant hierarchical effort which strives upwards towards the "Place of ClearRays, 148:the postwar period, both through the strenuous effort of disciples in training to "make the grade,"Rays, 168:the group will and activity, and this with no effort of his own but simply as a spontaneousRays, 171:in terms of the hierarchical plan, and the effort of the individual man becomes that of negatingRays, 171:group being itself an aspect of the hierarchical effort. This is a great step onward in orientationRays, 171:kind disappear. This preamble is given in an effort to clarify your minds before we study Rule IXRays, 173:mission dawned on Him and He made a preliminary effort to serve Shamballa, instead of the HierarchyRays, 181:no point of contact, once liberated by their own effort and will "from the angels." Let us nowRays, 182:accomplish, and are not considering the usual effort of struggling aspirants to deal with andRays, 195:and although they are the result of man's own effort and activity down the ages, they are largelyRays, 208:unusual requirements and to produce that special effort which entitles them to the appellation,Rays, 208:and constitutes essentially a pioneering effort. That such a development was inevitable, if theRays, 208:of years to make it seem - as an hypothetical effort - in any way possible, and only tentativeRays, 224:has seemed the ultimate goal of all aspirational effort. The endeavor to see that which lies aheadRays, 246:he passes on to a vague groping forward in an effort to understand and acquiesce in the "will ofRays, 249:universal awareness, and therefore synthetic effort, synthetic understanding and synthetic activityRays, 254:Triangle work and the Goodwill work as an added effort to aid the work of the New Group of WorldRays, 259:self. As long as a person makes a conscious effort to be group-conscious and has to train andRays, 260:the situation is reversed. It would now be an effort for such people to think and react asRays, 265:soul is brought about through the self-initiated effort of the disciple: first of all upon the
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