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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFORTS

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Astrology, 159:mountain whose height has hitherto defeated all efforts. But - and this is the matter of moment andAstrology, 261:sense; he is selfish and self-centered. His efforts are for himself and for his own satisfactionAstrology, 360:a unique situation, for it incites to trial efforts or initiates a series of beginnings in order toAstrology, 362:mind, insuring the success of its final efforts in Capricorn. [363] You will note, therefore, howAstrology, 424:if understanding is to be the real reward of our efforts) the relation of the three basic energiesAstrology, 441:have consequently chosen to consider them in our efforts to comprehend this basic astrologicalAstrology, 570:the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones. So let it be, and help usAstrology, 593:human welfare and guidance that the goal of the efforts of the Masters of the Wisdom is naturallyAstrology, 619:Whole, leaving behind us for a minute the efforts of the microcosm to comprehend the Macrocosm, letAtom, 44:and every speck (atom) in space, strives in its efforts towards self-formation, and to follow theAutobiography, 3:that my success has been due to my personal efforts alone. I have always been blessed withAutobiography, 21:As I went on in life, I made two other efforts to put an end to things, only to discover it is aAutobiography, 251:The war broke out in 1939 in spite of all the efforts of the Hierarchy and Their workers, and theAutobiography, 285:seek to interfere in the spiritual life and efforts of the student. The help given in theAutobiography, 301:life, originated in the wisdom of A.A.B. in her efforts to meet this third need. The above suggestsAutobiography, 303:that so much was crumbling and that the heroic efforts of many disciples to do everything that theyAutobiography, 304:of the present hour. We do not stand alone. Our efforts are justified by our relationship to allBethlehem, 16:value of the individual and his self-initiated efforts at release and illumination, with the finalBethlehem, 129:could be no duality but only unity, and from His efforts to bring that future world into being HeBethlehem, 178:and done to death in some way or other in their efforts to save mankind) is so great as to beBethlehem, 267:life more definitely than ever before, but the efforts that are now being made - twenty centuriesDestiny, 15:has gone by) whether their influence and their efforts have been good or bad. Where they flagrantlyDestiny, 21:you have perforce to deal in terms of the three efforts which are emanating from the three majorDestiny, 152:be found the Christ. Thus the expressed aims and efforts of the United Nations will be eventuallyDiscipleship1, 7:era. Let us, therefore, facilitate each others' efforts. I promise no quick results. I undertake toDiscipleship1, 62:in a spirit of cooperation. Let Power attend the efforts of the Great Ones." Then sound the SacredDiscipleship1, 74:know God's plan will help humanity and aid the efforts of the Hierarchy. These do not hate and theyDiscipleship1, 113:is an illusion which seeks to thwart the efforts of the server; it is a glamor which can seriouslyDiscipleship1, 244:of the divine purpose of your soul. In your efforts, for instance, to help people, your sixth rayDiscipleship1, 286:discipline which will not negate or inhibit your efforts, but which will produce the maximum ofDiscipleship1, 344:it is of value sometimes to know that one's efforts are bearing fruit. This group of mine is by noDiscipleship1, 367:to be done. This will help you to renew your efforts to master the physical body which is theDiscipleship1, 371:discipline and hitherto has bested all your efforts. This you know and to this you refer with aDiscipleship1, 481:commended or not and whether successful in your efforts or not. There is somewhat, however, that IDiscipleship1, 513:and a good measure of success is attending your efforts. Give not way to suspicion; but be carefulDiscipleship1, 536:the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones. So let it be and help usDiscipleship1, 577:waits with patience the fruition of its efforts, after doing all that can be done on all planes.Discipleship1, 577:peace which passes understanding reward all your efforts. Discipleship1, 586:the last few months, I have noted your earnest efforts at the elimination of criticism. A greatDiscipleship1, 688:his consciousness and one to which all his daily efforts are subordinated. He needs no one toDiscipleship1, 730:as it is materialized through the combined efforts of the Hierarchy, conditioned in time and spaceDiscipleship1, 750:the Master to sidetrack his attention from vital efforts to the unimportant task of helping aDiscipleship1, 783:The war broke out in 1939 in spite of all the efforts of the Hierarchy [784] and their workers, andDiscipleship2, 49:and ceremonials. Hence the importance of the efforts now being made by disciples in these new seedDiscipleship2, 64:year 1925. Owing to the war and the intensive efforts of the world disciples, more people alongDiscipleship2, 65:the personal lives of disciples and their efforts at accepting training; with the proposed changesDiscipleship2, 89:Hierarchy as a whole. I ask you to throw your efforts into the work of preparation for theDiscipleship2, 99:so, what are they? What should now govern your efforts in relation to your work as my discipleDiscipleship2, 110:humility in your hearts, persistence in your efforts and love to all men, pass on your way. LetDiscipleship2, 110:as a miniature Hierarchy and model your efforts upon what you have learned anent the Hierarchy;Discipleship2, 153:service have admitted them. The first faint efforts of the emergence of the spiritual will can beDiscipleship2, 203:of their inspiration and of their creative efforts to think and to work. The accepted disciple inDiscipleship2, 331:attack upon an Ashram. The relatively feeble efforts of a person are unavailing and make no realDiscipleship2, 337:as something disgraceful and belittle the efforts of the money-maker, and do both with a sense ofDiscipleship2, 350:"planning" of the various nations, and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a worldDiscipleship2, 358:recognition of immediate need, and from their efforts to present the truth in terms of the "newestDiscipleship2, 397:influence, through his own immediate efforts. Ponder on this, for in these words lies hid muchDiscipleship2, 443:your own activities and focusing all your efforts upon organization work. Such organization workDiscipleship2, 494:K.H. are the over-shadowing influences behind my efforts. Seven of the group members areDiscipleship2, 499:on either side. They aid and sponsor all your efforts. Much will be opening up rapidly now in theDiscipleship2, 589:them in your consciousness but also to weld the efforts of your group brothers [590] in the sameDiscipleship2, 594:Be not ruthless or dissatisfied with their efforts to make good. Many of them are in theDiscipleship2, 707:and ways of living, or of underwriting the efforts of the men and women of goodwill. It goes farEducation, vi:that have handicapped and obstructed our modern efforts to overcome the divisions of humanity, liesEducation, vii:of the world must include, through our own efforts to understand and appreciate, an appeal to theEducation, 91:the world of meaning to the world of outer efforts - for the benefit of the masses. WorldExternalisation, 16:they will endeavor to supplement each other's efforts, exchange ideas with each other, and so inExternalisation, 26:the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones. So let it be, and help usExternalisation, 30:consciousness of humanity through the pioneering efforts of its foremost sons. The effort of theExternalisation, 30:consciousness of the soul through the pioneering efforts of certain groups. It has therefore, asExternalisation, 40:who thus approach the group will find their efforts to live free from glamor greatly helped andExternalisation, 61:know God's Plan will help humanity and aid the efforts of the Elder Brothers. They are those whoExternalisation, 73:they are - not worn out systems and childish efforts at improvement but embryonic plans whereby,Externalisation, 76:unimportant as you are - a focal point for their efforts or an agent for the distribution of theirExternalisation, 83:I would ask you to realize that the organized efforts of the Great White Lodge are directed towardExternalisation, 144:the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones. So let it be and help usExternalisation, 147:everyday life who will be able to combine their efforts with those of the Hierarchy and thusExternalisation, 150:higher spiritual forces, thus reinforcing the efforts of the Great White Lodge. It is this processExternalisation, 153:this and its arrival is dependent upon the efforts of those who know what should be done and whoExternalisation, 153:of the will-to-good at this time, induced by the efforts of the world disciples. The second effectExternalisation, 169:The fifth phrase, Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones, is definitely related to theExternalisation, 169:of human appeal and desire behind the age-old efforts of the Hierarchy and this is now, for theExternalisation, 170:other serves to aid the Hierarchy in its ancient efforts so that the two are then related to eachExternalisation, 190:and spiritual premises should lie back of all efforts to formulate the new world order. Let meExternalisation, 194:she proclaims Germany as the super-race. Such efforts will only produce insuperable barriers. WithExternalisation, 195:to solve it, and to be cooperative in the world efforts to adjust their problem. This they have notExternalisation, 223:thought. It is being constructed by the united efforts of the Hierarchy, of the world disciples andExternalisation, 223:work of the lovers of humanity, the well-meaning efforts of the emotionally oriented people and theExternalisation, 240:those who are doing [240] nothing to further the efforts of the Forces of Light and of the men ofExternalisation, 250:Will-to-Good, the Love which underlies the efforts of the Hierarchy, and the Intelligent ActivityExternalisation, 252:groups that their day is ended and that their efforts had better be drawn to an immediate finish.Externalisation, 276:salvation at this time. It will take the united efforts of all the three focal points of divineExternalisation, 280:so aid constructively the Forces of Light, their efforts will prove negligible. It is humanityExternalisation, 281:some time we who seek to guide have confined our efforts to reaching the intelligent people,Externalisation, 310:technique. Past ideals, past dreams and past efforts to tread the Path and express brotherhood haveExternalisation, 310:own little affairs and with their own small efforts, instead of relinquishing everything in anExternalisation, 337:to the task ahead. [337] Success can crown the efforts being made, and the new group of worldExternalisation, 349:light has been permitted to penetrate by the efforts of the Buddha, to lead to a worldwideExternalisation, 360:revelation will be brought about by the combined efforts of the Buddha and the Christ. All that weExternalisation, 367:the era of separativeness. In spite of all the efforts of the men of goodwill, of all the peace
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