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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EGO

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Astrology, 42:[42] behind the taking of a lower nature by the Ego. The fourth and the fifth Hierarchies are theAstrology, 49:(from the form of all atoms to the body of the ego, from the form of a flower to the vast planetaryAstrology, 80:Soul Body e. Life Consciousness Form f. Monad Ego Personality g. Three Initiations (Initiates) TwoAstrology, 88:The throat. Man partially controlled by the Ego, advanced man The heart. The throat. The head,Astrology, 113:man. This is the embodiment of the human soul or ego, a differentiation of the world soul, whichAstrology, 129:to the fact that Venus is the Earth's alter ego and is closely related to the human kingdom. ThisAstrology, 295:of the immortal or divine soul; the soul as the ego or spiritual soul on its own plane - the sourceAstrology, 296:heart of the Sun - the human soul and the divine ego. Duality. The central, spiritual Sun - theAstrology, 324:are posited in connection with the return of an ego to physical incarnation. The first is that ifAstrology, 324:The second is that the impulse predisposing the ego to such action is some form of unsatisfiedAstrology, 324:achieving an ultimate perfection which goads the ego on to experience in form, for the ego isAstrology, 324:goads the ego on to experience in form, for the ego is already perfect. The main incentive isAstrology, 361:is the key. Venus is also the Earth's alter ego, as it is called in the occult literature, and itsAstrology, 366:the awareness of the [366] separative, isolated ego; it is inimical for aeons to the aspiration ofAstrology, 383:as to the relation of the Earth's alter ego to the world of human life will only be revealed at theAstrology, 410:finds its analogy in the life cycle of the ego or soul. The lesser zodiac covered - from the angleAstrology, 412:whether response is evoked from the monad, the ego or the personality, whether they impinge uponAstrology, 420:producing consciousness. This corresponds to the Ego or Soul aspect. A lesser expression of force,Astrology, 468:of the soul, to outline the horoscope of the ego and to draw up the new types of charts which willAstrology, 473:import in the consciousness of the reincarnating ego are: [474] The evolutionary cycle fromAstrology, 507:Earth. Esoterically speaking, Mars is the alter ego of Pluto; the activity of Pluto at this timeAstrology, 563:of the threefold expression of divinity - Monad, ego and personality - so that there is anAstrology, 660:Logos is to our solar Logos what the human Ego (or soul) is to the human personality." (C.F. 592)Astrology, 677:man, the personality, and the immortal part, the ego or spiritual individual. The personality hasAstrology, 682:there is an analogy between the coming in of the Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certainAstrology, 682:of a human being. At seven years we are told the Ego "takes hold," and again at adolescence; atAstrology, 682:still firmer. Again, as lives are passed, the Ego (in connection with a human being), grips itsAstrology, 683:this mystery, that 'Venus is the Earth's alter ego,' nor is it advisable, but certain ideas may beAtom, 19:which corresponds to the "I" faculty, to the Ego in man? Is there in nature, and in all that we seeAtom, 136:oneself in direct conscious alignment with one's Ego, or higher self, and not the throwing open ofBethlehem, 42:The modern [42] schools of thought speak of the ego, or the higher self, the real man, or theBethlehem, 204:to awaken the latent personal resources of the ego, through processes in themselves personal.Destiny, 42:cycle: Spirit and matter. Life and form. The ego and the personality. The soul and its outerDestiny, 48:of mental unfoldment. The world of the soul or ego, the individualized man. When these recognitionsDestiny, 61:- The Nations and the Rays Spain has a sixth ray ego and a seventh ray personality - thus reversingDestiny, 66:be the emerging influence which will govern the ego or the soul of the country or nation, and theDiscipleship1, XIV:speaks of the soul, he also uses the word "ego" interchangeably, meaning thereby the spiritual egoDiscipleship1, XIV:interchangeably, meaning thereby the spiritual ego and not the personal ego of the psychologists.Discipleship1, XIV:thereby the spiritual ego and not the personal ego of the psychologists. We have not felt it wiseDiscipleship1, 180:and should be recognized: he influence of the ego or soul will come so easily at your particularDiscipleship1, 244:physical plane expression. When your first ray ego can likewise so work, then much will beDiscipleship1, 276:ray and your mental ray and that between the ego and the emotional body. These indicate to youDiscipleship1, 501:opportunity for you. The two major rays (of your ego and your personality) are repeated in the twoDiscipleship1, 628:- never an easy thing for a first ray ego... [629] Discipleship1, 667:primarily work: In this incarnation, your ego or soul is seeking expression through your astralDiscipleship1, 714:gazing soul." On the Path of Discipleship, the ego is all the time consciously aware of theDiscipleship1, 762:in the training process. The constitution of the ego, or Soul, is the factor of paramountDiscipleship1, 768:Life at the very center of our Earth's "alter ego," the planet Venus, to Jupiter and thence to theDiscipleship2, 279:means regaining again, consciously, all that the Ego has stored up as the result of manyDiscipleship2, 445:There is the magnetic will of the third ray ego which draws, attracts, manipulates and arranges inEducation, 5:to deal. That Son of Mind, which we call the Ego or Soul. This is the intelligence principle, andEducation, 18:recognize symbology, or the fact of the higher ego or soul. Education, 18:here if I clarified my use of the words "higher ego." As you know, if you have read A Treatise onEducation, 31:the Triad and the Personality. The power of the Ego can begin to make itself felt. Applicants forFire, 4:manifesting as Spirit, Soul and Body, or Monad, Ego and Personality. The atom of the scientist isFire, 46:by the center of consciousness, the thinker, the Ego. Few people as yet are in such close touchFire, 46:in such close touch with their higher self, or Ego, that they can build the matter of the mentalFire, 46:of the thoughts, purpose or desire of their Ego, functioning through the physical brain. Most ofFire, 48:Spirit Soul Body Life Consciousness Form Monad Ego Personality Divine Self Higher Self Lower SelfFire, 50:to express the total point of development of the Ego or higher self, so it is not possible even forFire, 50:higher self, so it is not possible even for the Ego fully to sense and express the quality ofFire, 69:23 Atma means as you all know the self or the ego or an individualized center of consciousnessFire, 71:the astral permanent atom is felt as soon as the Ego can make good connection with the physicalFire, 71:just as the personality is the expression of the Ego. The Monad expresses itself through the Triad,Fire, 71:the Egoic or Causal body, the infant or germinal Ego. Similarly, the Ego expresses itself throughFire, 71:body, the infant or germinal Ego. Similarly, the Ego expresses itself through the threefold lowerFire, 72:the lower quaternary and its stimulation by the ego. The Egoic Ray concerns itself with the fifthFire, 73:gained which demonstrates as faculty in the Ego. What is here suggested would richly repay ourFire, 97:the individual soul of man - the reincarnating ego. Here the triangle is contributed by the thirdFire, 97:The Monad Electric fire Will or Power. The Ego Solar fire Love and Wisdom. The Personality Fire byFire, 97:Monad Will or Power Electric fire. The heart Ego Love-Wisdom Solar fire. Lower organs PersonalityFire, 111:applied to the sphere of activity of the human Ego." S. D., I, 346. Fire, 113:dwell, and to be active in, the vehicle of the Ego, who is the embodiment of the love and wisdomFire, 116:personal man with his Father in Heaven via the ego, the mediating middle principle. Upon it areFire, 123:with more readiness to the higher note of the Ego, and causes a steady rising of the blending firesFire, 125:the flame [125] of spirit, or the fire from the Ego, comes more actively downwards till a flame ofFire, 131:is the ensuing condition of the form. The Ego ceases to be attracted by its form on the physicalFire, 131:and there remains nothing more to desire; the Ego, or the thinking entity, loses interest thereforeFire, 136:and of the Spirit. The at-one-ment with the Ego is completed when it is fully stimulated, andFire, 137:physical matter of the antahkarana 63 that the Ego has to build in order to bridge the gap betweenFire, 145:the Law of Attraction) the vibration of its own Ego, which stands to it as the Logos of its ownFire, 147:the will aspect governs manifestation, for the Ego who is the source of personality shows inFire, 147:over the Personality and its relation to the Ego, who is the love aspect and who nevertheless inFire, 149:ability to comprehend with greater facility. The Ego (being to the man on the physical plane whatFire, 149:to himself the center of his little system. The Ego is extra-cosmic as far as the human being onFire, 151:of a man with his source, the monad, via the ego, but to the union of all life e with its source,Fire, 157:a sun, a planet, a plane, a ray, the body of the Ego, or a cell in the physical body. Fire, 161:entities, the causal body (or the sheath of the Ego on the mental plane), the human physical bodyFire, 166:of streams of force, pouring down from the Ego, who transmits it from the Monad. In this we haveFire, 166:vibratory quickening of the centers as the Ego first comes into control, or activity, and laterFire, 167:Monad - Will or Power. The Heart center - The Ego - Love and Wisdom. The Throat center - TheFire, 170:throat. [170] Man partially controlled by the Ego, advanced man. The heart. The throat. The head,Fire, 174:Ray. That wherein he comes under the Ray of the Ego. That wherein the Monadic Ray holds sway. TheFire, 177:of the solar organism. Under the régime of the Ego, the ray upon which the ego can be found holdsFire, 177:the régime of the Ego, the ray upon which the ego can be found holds sway. This ray is simply aFire, 177:making in all a ninefold choice of rays for the Ego: Atmic aspect. atmic - atmic atmic - buddhicFire, 177:can each be subdivided (in connection with the Ego) into three divisions. This fact is also littleFire, 179:buddhi. The causal body is but the sheath of the Ego. The solar system is but the sheath of theFire, 192:the three lower planes and which is known by the Ego in the causal body on the formless levels ofFire, 198:importance as it deals entirely with man, the Ego, the thinker, and shows the cosmic blending of
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