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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EGO

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Meditation, 284:intellect forced to act as the servant of the Ego through one-pointed effort animated by love andMeditation, 292:access. Many souls unconsciously contact their Ego, and temporarily have flashes of egoicMeditation, 293:key may call forth a musical response from the Ego, but it will come as a result or culmination ofMeditation, 293:responded by sounding the tone of the man's own Ego. This is really the basis of the custom of theMeditation, 294:to strike the note that will evoke the Ego. The doorkeeper will respond and chant forth the replyMeditation, 311:Teachers of the race know that the work the Ego seeks to do through each expression on the lowerMeditation, 334:of the day in a manner more thorough than an Ego from an earlier period. Hence the Masters desireMeditation, 334:contact high vibration. It is impossible for the Ego to transmit the higher knowledge and guidanceMeditation, 338:the wishes, the desires, the aspirations of the Ego and not of the personality. How should this beMeditation, 352:These bodies, which are the expression of the Ego, or of the individualized self-consciousness, areMeditation, 352:to the ray or quality of the particular Ego involved. Elementals The Spirits of the Elements; theMeditation, 358:powers and union with one's higher self or the Ego. It involves the exercise, regulation, andMeditation, 360:forms the individualized or separated self, or Ego. Viveka The Sanskrit "discrimination". The veryPatanjali, 8:the not-self maintained, [8] The power of the ego or soul can be felt in the daily life and soulPatanjali, 8:Soul Body Father Son (Christ) Holy Ghost Monad Ego (Soul) Personality Divine self Higher self LowerPatanjali, 10:body, is restrained, then the Will aspect of the ego can be known, and through its activities, thePatanjali, 10:processes; it is the material governed by the ego or soul out of which thought forms are made. ThePatanjali, 14:mind, demonstrating as the lowest aspect of the ego. In the microcosm, man, this duality becomes aPatanjali, 16:centered in the consciousness of the self, the ego on its own plane. This is achieved through thePatanjali, 32:or harmonious vibration 2. Rajas Energy of Soul Ego Son mobility or activity 3. Tamas Energy ofPatanjali, 40:of the angel of His Presence, the solar angel, ego or soul. This is the achievement of the previousPatanjali, 40:the elimination out of the consciousness of the ego of all those forms which have hitherto veiledPatanjali, 46:Monad Will Head Central spiritual sun Soul Son Ego Love Heart Heart of the sun Body Holy SpiritPatanjali, 48:nature of the solar angel, the son of God, the ego or the higher self. He is stated to be UntouchedPatanjali, 51:The higher Self The Lord of the bodies. The Ego The Self-realizing Identity. The Word God inPatanjali, 55:soul (macrocosmic or microcosmic), the ego, the Christ, and causes the "radiant Augoeides" to bePatanjali, 58:the Word is to be sounded by the soul or the ego on its own plane, and the vibration willPatanjali, 59:here. There is, first of all, the act of the ego, solar angel, higher self or soul, as he soundsPatanjali, 75:upon the point in evolution of the experiencing ego. This must be carefully remembered [76] whenPatanjali, 93:fashion to his own life. Spirit Soul Body. Monad Ego Personality. Divine Self Higher Self LowerPatanjali, 134:and their transmission as information to the ego or knower, much in the same way as the nervousPatanjali, 134:the brain the thoughts, wishes and will of the ego or soul. This brings into the personal self onPatanjali, 138:the form dies, occultly. When the thought of the ego or higher self is occupied with its own plane,Patanjali, 144:objective existence in the three worlds is the ego itself, and that the secondary causes are thePatanjali, 145:downwards. In the tiny tree of life of the ego the same symbolic presentation holds true. The rootsPatanjali, 149:the physical body and the whole objective of the ego is to break down that inertia and drive itsPatanjali, 151:or that precipitation of effects which the ego plans to disperse in the present lifecycle mustPatanjali, 174:is the first indication of the awakening of the ego or the Christ principle. Sorrow. The greaterPatanjali, 175:to overcome and can only be dominated by the ego or soul itself. Doubt. This is one of the mostPatanjali, 176:consciousness, centered in the real man, the ego or soul. This brings in the consciousness of thePatanjali, 179:physical plane man, then the spiritual man, the ego or thinker on his own plane attends to his partPatanjali, 180:of development which are brought about by the ego within the purified and earnest aspirant, are: 1.Patanjali, 181:instrument that it becomes possible for the ego to enlighten and illuminate him. The practise ofPatanjali, 182:the life current or forces, emanating from the ego or spiritual man on his own plane, [183] can bePatanjali, 184:Contemplation. Samadhi. This relates to the ego or real man and concerns the realm of the soul. ThePatanjali, 184:part of the lower threefold manifestation of the ego. I. Physical Nature 1. Harmlessness. ThisPatanjali, 190:the lower threefold self to the service of the ego, the inner ruler, the God or Christ within. ThisPatanjali, 204:relegated to a position outside the life of the ego. That the liberated man may choose to limitPatanjali, 211:karma or lot in life contentment, 3. His soul or ego fiery aspiration, 4. Environment and physicalPatanjali, 212:from out of the mental body into that of the ego, the soul, lodged in the causal body or egoicPatanjali, 216:the maya of the senses, or to the voice of the ego, using the mental body. Vibrations reach thePatanjali, 220:force and will go to the throat center. From the ego itself, stimulating primarily the head andPatanjali, 221:This ability to respond to the voice of the ego and to become quiescent and receptive must precedePatanjali, 225:and knowledge from the planes of the ego. [226] Patanjali, 226:the inner motivating factor (in this case, the ego or spiritual man on his own plane) and then ofPatanjali, 229:the knowledge, light and wisdom from the ego or soul, to the brain via the mind can be safelyPatanjali, 232:bodies. The consequent ability of the soul or ego to impress and illuminate the brain through thePatanjali, 251:or center himself in the consciousness of the ego, soul or spiritual man, and knows himself asPatanjali, 254:[254] corresponding "eye" develops, and thus the ego or soul can illumine all the three planes inPatanjali, 262:at will to draw upon the resources of the ego, the constant recognition that one is a Son of GodPatanjali, 274:the second aspect of divine manifestation, the ego or soul on its own plane, mediating between andPatanjali, 278:group activities and relations of a man's own ego. This, however, only covers that cycle of timePatanjali, 278:those qualities which go to the equipment of the ego. The ego knows that the possession of thePatanjali, 278:which go to the equipment of the ego. The ego knows that the possession of the power to do thus andPatanjali, 282:a concentration of his consciousness in the ego, the spiritual man or soul, and (through the use ofPatanjali, 285:meditation and ability to function as the ego he can arrive at the world of causes, and he knowsPatanjali, 287:to respond to the love nature of his own ego, and through that unifying principle all heartsPatanjali, 289:Producing a coordination between: The ego or soul on its own plane, The brain via the mind, ThePatanjali, 290:and left all channels clear" for the use of the ego. Developing thus the powers of the soul, thePatanjali, 292:vehicle, the karana sarira, the body of the ego, the sheath of the soul. This is the middle of thePatanjali, 302:physical man - body - intelligent form. The Ego or Christ - soul - love. The Monad - spirit - lifePatanjali, 319:man. The second or consciousness aspect, via the ego, makes a point of contact with the heartPatanjali, 353:bodies is vibrating in tune with the note of the ego or higher self, which in turn is in process ofPatanjali, 394:may have elapsed, the memory remains with the ego or soul. In due time, under proper adjustment,Patanjali, 409:work. The one who meditates is the soul, the ego, and his work is a positive activity, not aPatanjali, 410:therefore, [410] contact with the true man, the ego, and the power to "still the modifications ofPatanjali, 415:and observer is the immortal imperishable ego, the soul in contemplation. Psychology1, xxiv:a whole may vibrate in unison with another. The ego or soul may find itself upon still a third typePsychology1, 27:ray, which is in incarnation. A pure first ray ego in incarnation at this time would be a disaster.Psychology1, 27:in the world to balance the dynamic will of an ego on the ray of the destroyer. Just as the humanPsychology1, 73:a beneficent condition that as yet a first ray ego is so handicapped and limited by the form naturePsychology1, 76:mind, the highest aspect of the lower self. The ego or solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind, WhoPsychology1, 87:the importance of determining the ray of the ego and of the Monad, - something of vital momentPsychology1, 88:a central point of attainment, the home of the ego or soul, the embodied plane of mind, the pointPsychology1, 128:in varying rotation, according to the ray of the ego or soul. After the third initiation he locatesPsychology1, 169:unites with it, and the immortal individual Ego starts on its upward climb through the humanPsychology1, 169:and the entity has become the reincarnating ego, the primary ray becomes and remains the dominantPsychology1, 192:man today. The first proposition relates to the ego, or solar angel, and its realization. ThePsychology1, 316:the Deity. We speak of him technically as Monad-ego-personality. We define him as spirit-soul-body.Psychology1, 321:You will see therefore that: The human soul or ego is found on one or other of the seven rays, inPsychology1, 333:a particular nation. The ray of the soul, or ego. The ray of the personality. The rays governing:Psychology1, 338:recognizes the integrating principle of the ego (in many cases) but does not yet recognize thePsychology1, 338:but does not yet recognize the over-shadowing ego or soul, except under such a vague term as "thePsychology1, 380:unfoldment and control. The world of the soul or ego. When these three recognitions are stabilizedPsychology1, 401:Two - III. The Rays and Man 7. The Ray of the Ego In starting our study of the ray of the Ego orPsychology1, 401:the Ego In starting our study of the ray of the Ego or Soul, certain major premises might bePsychology1, 402:rays, or monadic rays. The monadic ray of every ego is one of the three rays of aspect, and thePsychology1, 403:the true relation of the personality to the ego or soul. The disciple who understands this relationPsychology1, 429:a particular nation. The ray of the soul, or ego. The ray of the personality. The rays governing:Psychology2, 5:to reveal, and identifies himself with the ego, the soul or solar angel. This he comes to know as
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