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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EGO

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Psychology2, 8:Individualization - Personality. Initiation - Ego. Identification - Monad. Psychology2, 30:that is implied in the use of the words Form and Ego is the major characteristic, and, therefore,Psychology2, 31:it is not. It is a state of No-thing and Non-ego, for all egoic awareness is superseded by a statePsychology2, 32:from the life-conditioning of the personal Ego to that of the group soul, and thence to that of thePsychology2, 34:learn eventually that we are essentially neither ego nor non-ego. Complete detachment andPsychology2, 34:that we are essentially neither ego nor non-ego. Complete detachment and discrimination mustPsychology2, 46:buddhi, the abstract mind and spirit, plus the ego in the causal body, and the lower mind are herePsychology2, 49:technical consideration of the relation of the Ego and its ray to the sheaths or vehicles throughPsychology2, 49:be elucidated in the succeeding pages. As the ego or soul appropriates to itself a sheath forPsychology2, 50:vitalized. [50] Relationship between the ego or soul and the dense physical body is establishedPsychology2, 50:in the group of souls, of which an incarnating ego is an integral part; the other is the result ofPsychology2, 51:be stated that the liberation of the soul or ego comes about when its work of salvaging matterPsychology2, 53:future usefulness of the person and whether the ego continues to use the vehicles on into old age,Psychology2, 101:Monad is presumably upon the third ray, his ego being on the fourth ray, and his personality on thePsychology2, 102:This, when interpreted, means Monad - third ray. Ego - fourth ray. Personality - seventh ray.Psychology2, 200:and joy - are the indications that the soul, the ego, the One Who stands alone, is controlling orPsychology2, 272:phases will reveal how the relationship of the ego and the personality emerges, and that thePsychology2, 296:are therefore the rays of the monad, the ego and the personality, and are essentially three streamsPsychology2, 296:manifestation, to the major rays of the monad, ego or personality. This is a correspondence (withinPsychology2, 313:has been laid upon the process whereby the ego or soul draws to itself the form, utilizing for thatPsychology2, 342:cursorily I realize, the fact that the ego appropriates to itself forms, through which expressionPsychology2, 344:to achieve contact or fusion with the Self, the ego or soul. It will be wise to keep these threePsychology2, 346:for each of the seven rays. It is the ray of the ego or soul, slumbering in the early stages withinPsychology2, 378:of five rays: Those of the personality, of the ego or soul, and of the rays of the threePsychology2, 380:are then brought into relationship with the ego or soul. This brings then into play another andPsychology2, 380:energy are transmuted into those of the ego or soul and the fusion of the two energies - soul andPsychology2, 401:of them, the three rays of the Personality, the Ego and the Monad can be fused and blended untilPsychology2, 438:can lead eventually to a serious state of ego-mania, for ego-mania is outstandingly a problem ofPsychology2, 438:eventually to a serious state of ego-mania, for ego-mania is outstandingly a problem ofPsychology2, 443:all factors are active except the energy of the ego or soul. They have been definitely fused. TherePsychology2, 458:2. Those which are due to the fact that the ego or soul is not present. In these cases, there is toPsychology2, 458:there is a true withdrawal of the incarnating ego and, therefore, a perfectly empty house. ThesePsychology2, 458:here referring permit of no cure as there is no ego to call into [459] activity by strengtheningPsychology2, 467:the condition we considered in which the soul or ego was not present, [468] reversing the conditionPsychology2, 703:seldom if ever emphasized. The soul itself, the Ego, has its own task to do, which might beRays, 6:brain and as the window through which the Ego, the real Man looks out upon vast and (to theRays, 6:Angel. The appearing of the Son of God, the Ego or the Soul within. The full expression of buddhi,Rays, 8:to increase the magnitude of the task before the Ego and sweep into increasing dominance the lowerRays, 11:in the throes of agony. Just as in the evolving Ego, the moment of greatest development is oft theRays, 32:will and evoking the sacrificial will of the Ego, and hence lead to a period of temporaryRays, 62:There I was dealing with the alignment of the ego with the personality, and this was the first timeRays, 62:aligned personality, the dominant fifth of the ego, followed by the full chord of the Monad orRays, 63:his three demands. The "dominant fifth of the ego" makes itself heard at the third initiation,Rays, 248:of the world in all its phases, the manifesting Ego of the Logos on the cosmic mental plane. OnlyRays, 405:the planetary life of Venus, our Earth's Alter-Ego, and there They complete Their training, as farRays, 465:The individualized mind. The soul or spiritual ego. The middle principle. Buddhi-manas. TheRays, 475:- the manasic permanent atom, the Son of Mind or Ego, and the mental unit - are all involved in theRays, 480:them in such a manner that personality and ego disappear and only the Monad and its form upon theRays, 480:mental concrete planes. The manifestation of the Ego on the mental plane (or the causal body) isRays, 494:longer the sense of personality and soul or of ego and form, but simply the One, functioning on allRays, 590:God and, in the individual sense, is that of the ego or soul. The quality which is basicallySoul, 83:peculiarly associated ignorance (avidya). The ego is the psychological unity of that stream ofSoul, 83:and mechanism, of purusha and prakriti... Every ego possesses within the gross material body, whichSoul, 98:Prana must not be confounded with the Ego - that bit of Divine Spirit in every soul, around whichSoul, 98:Prana is merely a form of energy used by the Ego in its material manifestation. When the Ego leavesSoul, 98:the Ego in its material manifestation. When the Ego leaves the body, the Prana being no longerSoul, 98:storehouse from which it came. With the Ego in control, cohesion exists and the atoms are heldSoul, 98:the atoms are held together by the Will of the Ego. "Prana is the name by which we designate aTelepathy, 43:From the planet Venus, the Earth's alter ego. This makes its entrance via the Lord of the World andTelepathy, 132:the arrival of the Lords of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet Venus. They created
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