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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EGOIC

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Fire, 546:been but the formulation of the general plan of egoic unfoldment as interpreted in terms ofFire, 547:causal bodies, and their mutual interplay. Every egoic unit or monadic force center has a definiteFire, 547:be carefully borne in mind by the student of egoic evolution. This whole subject is of interest inFire, 547:medium of expression. Second, the karma of the egoic group as it becomes more apparent on theFire, 548:necessitate the sound formulation of the laws of egoic unfoldment, of the methods whereby, petal byFire, 548:centers, such as the Ego in the causal body and egoic groups. This will produce later a betterFire, 548:from the personality standpoint and not the egoic, the time is fast approaching when the emphasisFire, 569:control of the personality by the Monad via the egoic body. The Law of Fixation demonstratesFire, 583:the three worlds, and the disintegration of the egoic body. At the end of the third root-race cameFire, 601:the nature and function of mind and with the egoic ray. We have dealt also, somewhat, with the formFire, 603:solar Logos on the cosmic mental plane, for the egoic consciousness of the Logos is more than HisFire, 606:of the cyclic calculations which concern the egoic cycles, and the cycles of Vishnu, asFire, 606:of the Ego, and to the stimulation of the egoic vibration. The cause will be dealt with and not theFire, 606:body, and have not reached back to the egoic consciousness. The lunar Lords have had their day; nowFire, 608:fire. Spirit Will. The Central Spiritual Sun. Egoic fire. Solar fire. Consciousness Love-Wisdom.Fire, 608:the planetary scheme, and the ninefold nature of egoic unfoldment. If the student here substitutesFire, 610:ever fuller consciousness. This is the period of egoic development, and is produced by the gradualFire, 610:and of the Path. Third. The period wherein the egoic consciousness itself is superseded byFire, 611:sheaths or substance), of the unfoldment of the egoic lotus, and the awakening of its petals, andFire, 616:on the causal levels, those force centers being egoic groups in their various divisions. TheFire, 619:goal. The Heavenly Man works necessarily through egoic groups, pouring positive force upon themFire, 622:evolution, and lead eventually to a loss of the egoic principle, or of ego-ism, which distinguishesFire, 623:those groups of "lotuses" [623] which we call egoic groups or centers - aggregations of causalFire, 643:is concerned with the permanent atoms, with the egoic body, and with the development of theFire, 643:lower man which have become separated from their egoic or individual life principle. Fire, 647:Certain correspondences in the petals of the egoic lotus of the different units of the humanFire, 647:(on cosmic levels) in the solar and planetary egoic bodies become apparent. It should also be borneFire, 679:with the central tier of petals in the egoic lotus, or with the "petals of love." Force interactsFire, 681:principles, the Builders or constructors of the egoic body on the higher mental levels) is to uniteFire, 682:building of the causal body, the opening of the egoic Lotus, and the construction of those groupsFire, 682:and the construction of those groups we call egoic groups, The individuality of those ExistencesFire, 685:the shining out upon the mental plane of the egoic groups. It brings forth a manifestation of theFire, 685:the indications of this is the appearance of the egoic groups [686] on mental levels, and theFire, 688:solar Angels or builders and vitalizers of the egoic body; they are those through whomFire, 690:to the centers upon that plane and the egoic groups appear. They blend in latency the three typesFire, 694:fourth subplane - mental units - Negative. The egoic groups - causal bodies - Equilibrium orFire, 696:It infers the full unfoldment of five of the egoic petals, leaving four to open before the finalFire, 698:man; when they [698] have unfolded three of the egoic petals and are in process of unfolding theFire, 703:build his own body of causes, to unfold his own egoic lotus, and gradually to free himself from theFire, 704:circles. It holds hid the possibility of egoic unfoldment, and keeps secret the karma of theFire, 704:the first five petals which are unfolded in the egoic lotus, he may touch upon the fringe of theFire, 706:It is connected with the unfoldment of the fifth egoic petal of a planetary Logos on His Own planeFire, 708:lower standpoint. This produces "the ninefold egoic lotus," which is at this stage tightly closed,Fire, 709:permanent atom, and a point at the center of the egoic lotus, and thence to the mental unit, whichFire, 709:the revelation of the "jewel in the Lotus." The egoic lotus is now composed of twelve petals, nineFire, 712:can develop. They work, therefore, through egoic groups and primarily, after individualization,Fire, 713:its flow as it circulates throughout the egoic Lotus, so that when the work of unfoldment isFire, 714:second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a correspondingFire, 718:process produces a corresponding activity in the egoic body of the Logos, and hence increasedFire, 719:the unfoldment of the sixth petal of the logoic egoic Lotus, and are of such a nature that we canFire, 726:life becomes so strong that it grips afresh its egoic expression in one direction, and awakens toFire, 726:of the transfer of force units or egoic groups from one scheme to another (not with individualFire, 730:the human personality life, and that period of egoic growth which embraces the final twoFire, 732:to the student who ponders upon the place of the egoic unit in the body of the planetary Logos, andFire, 734:an act of will the system is; by an act of the egoic will man appears. When the Will of the Logos,Fire, 736:abstraction are centralized entirely within the egoic sphere; contact with the three lower planesFire, 737:consciousness, and which is brought about by egoic action. It is but a dim reflection in theFire, 738:and Fire Elementals (2) The Period between Egoic Cycles Herein is hid the mystery of the 777Fire, 738:the relation of the unit to his group on the egoic plane, prior to the unfoldment of the fifthFire, 738:The mystery of all root races lies here, and the egoic cycles coincide with the building of racialFire, 738:he will respond to its vibratory call, and the egoic impulse to incarnate will again be felt. InFire, 741:heat of the atom, plus the external heat of the egoic body wherein it has its place, produces thenFire, 750:brain may not be consciously aware of the egoic impulse. This process has a curious relation to theFire, 760:evolving consciously the second aspect, or the egoic manifestation on the physical plane. An adeptFire, 761:to produce incarnation, are seen to be three: Egoic impulse. The activity of the solar and lunarFire, 761:subject owing to the innate constitution of the egoic body itself and the factor the indwellingFire, 761:reconsider what we have learned anent the egoic body and its constitution, and then take up theFire, 761:that on the third level of the mental plane, the egoic lotus is found and the student shouldFire, 762:higher turn of the spiral, the Monad through the egoic petals, and thus with the aid of the solarFire, 762:on the mental plane - meeting and unified in the egoic body - produce in time a radiation or warmthFire, 763:At the early stages after individualization, the egoic body has the appearance of a bud. TheFire, 763:translucence, shot with many colors, that of the egoic ray predominating. The triangle at the baseFire, 764:periods of activity. The appearance of the body egoic and its general conformation, with the intentFire, 765:ephemeral [765] as are the lower results, the egoic body becomes equally more active and itsFire, 765:with light, and reflect the higher radiance; the egoic body is the Sun of the lower system, and itsFire, 765:the light of the solar sun. Similarly the egoic Sun, - through the interaction - shines with everFire, 766:and of radiant activity) the whole secret of egoic energy, and of impulse making its presence feltFire, 766:first aspect which is hidden at the heart of the egoic lotus, but this hidden Identity works underFire, 767:Average man comes into incarnation through egoic impulse, based on desire and on the relation ofFire, 767:the revelation of the first aspect, and then egoic impulse (based on conscious mental apprehensionFire, 768:very small as yet. This process of forming the egoic lotus has gone on silently from the momentFire, 768:one group is producing the nucleus of the egoic body, and the other the receptacle for the life ofFire, 768:jiva concerned, and appear at the base of the egoic lotus. Individualization has taken place andFire, 769:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The egoic lotuses can be seen grouped together, and eachFire, 769:groups. These seven groups or aggregates of egoic lotuses form the seven types of consciousness ofFire, 769:Each of these seven in turn manifests through egoic groups, and these again are composed of thoseFire, 769:of energy we call Egos. These multitudes of egoic groups form a radiant interlocking whole, thoughFire, 769:secondary coloring. Just as the petals in the egoic lotus of the incarnating jivas unfold inFire, 769:differing order and at different periods, so the egoic groups also unfold diversely as to time andFire, 770:tinged by desire, of the Life animating a man's egoic group. Third, on impulse, based on the desireFire, 770:therefore, unable to think in group terms. This egoic impulse in any group or any group unit makesFire, 774:and for the period of manifestation the flow of egoic energy is towards the lower, and consequentlyFire, 774:There is at this stage very little turning of egoic energy in the direction of the Monad, for itFire, 775:possibility. Changes are now taking place in the egoic lotus, and the petals are unfolding, thatFire, 776:in this triplicity stands for: A cycle of egoic, manifestation. A particular sound which willFire, 776:enable the Ego to express some subray of this egoic ray. The three circles of petals which willFire, 776:fully occupied in the work of perfecting the egoic body, in expanding the egoic consciousness, ifFire, 776:of perfecting the egoic body, in expanding the egoic consciousness, if metaphysical terms areFire, 777:their work lies along the line of adjusting the egoic units in their groups, and of making themFire, 779:permanent atoms. In the dual sounding of the egoic mantram by the lowest of the three groups
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