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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EGOIC

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Meditation, 22:fracturing, breaking and shattering of the egoic body. Each ray necessitated, we saw, a differentMeditation, 22:of the personality ray in combination with the egoic ray, and saw how in wise consideration of theMeditation, 23:therefore, with the causal body itself, with the egoic consciousness and its relationship to theMeditation, 23:this clearly in mind: - the development of the egoic consciousness within the Personality is myMeditation, 25:alignment with the mental and later with the egoic bodies. To the watching Guides of the race, theMeditation, 26:more and more into the mental unit, and the egoic body is becoming gradually more rounded out, andMeditation, 26:is more abstract and synthetic. The indwelling egoic Flame or Light now radiates from an innerMeditation, 27:polarization from the personality life to the egoic. He stands upon the Path of Discipleship orMeditation, 28:and seeks to reach up to the Ego and bring the egoic consciousness ever more and more down, so asMeditation, 31:- for we have to view all from that angle until egoic vision may be ours, - is first to beautify,Meditation, 32:body varies according to type and ray. Some egoic bodies are of a form more circular than others;Meditation, 33:concentration and the wise following of the egoic ray meditation, balanced by the personality rayMeditation, 33:from the standpoint of the Higher Self, from the egoic level, and consider the relationship of thatMeditation, 34:of one of the Planetary Spirits. On egoic levels, the egos are in a similar condition. An Adept ofMeditation, 34:under three conditions: As to subray of the egoic ray. As to period of individualization or ofMeditation, 35:to law, and as the work of developing the egoic body is dependent upon the progress made in theMeditation, 36:intensification of vibratory capacity. The egoic fire waxes ever greater until the work is done,Meditation, 39:He has to take into wise consideration the egoic ray, and the condition of the causal body in itsMeditation, 39:he contacts not only his own Ego but also big egoic group and through that group the Master to WhomMeditation, 40:We have taken up briefly the [40] factor of the egoic ray, as it is considered by a teacher inMeditation, 42:(whether meditation based principally on the egoic ray or on the personality ray) will be muchMeditation, 44:of the inner Guide and Teacher, and the egoic response to good action dispassionately performed.Meditation, 45:with the group to which a man is allied on egoic levels. Today we deal with the group to which heMeditation, 45:is not exactly a reflection of the group on egoic levels as might be anticipated, for only certainMeditation, 45:be anticipated, for only certain units of an egoic group will be in incarnation at any one time. WeMeditation, 53:and centers, and its efficacy in effecting egoic alignment. Meditation, 56:be seen in the microcosm when the Ego sounds the egoic note in the three worlds. and prepares toMeditation, 59:first to find his personality note, and then the egoic, before be can touch the monadic chord. WhenMeditation, 64:allowed to sound the note in one of the subtones egoic. You will have in the egoic note just theMeditation, 64:one of the subtones egoic. You will have in the egoic note just the same sequence as in the noteMeditation, 64:but I have indicated food for thought. In the egoic note, - as before said - you have a similarMeditation, 66:right, it likewise results in a linking with the egoic groups of the involved personalities, aMeditation, 79:it, the two fires meet, and eventually the egoic body disappears; the fire burns up entirely theMeditation, 83:the velocity and the colors are keyed to the egoic note. This is part of the work of Initiation. AsMeditation, 98:carrying out the work to be done, both from the egoic standpoint and from the standpoint of serviceMeditation, 119:much more potent than on the lower levels. The egoic group to which he belongs. This is mostMeditation, 142:group consciousness. Here he realizes first his egoic group and then other egoic groups. This stageMeditation, 142:he realizes first his egoic group and then other egoic groups. This stage is succeeded by theMeditation, 142:which enables a man to realize not only his egoic group affiliations but his place in the humanMeditation, 143:regards himself as the higher Self within the egoic group and not as a separated unit, it is of noMeditation, 144:associates. Its affiliated groups. Its egoic group. Other egoic groups. That Man of the Heavens ofMeditation, 144:Its affiliated groups. Its egoic group. Other egoic groups. That Man of the Heavens of which theMeditation, 144:groups. That Man of the Heavens of which the egoic groups form a center. The Grand Heavenly Man. ToMeditation, 146:that all embracing consciousness slips into the egoic group soul consciously. This form providesMeditation, 157:in direct contact with his own ray, either the egoic or personality ray. They link him up with hisMeditation, 157:group of invisible helpers, or later with his egoic group. [158] They tend to merge the occult andMeditation, 158:be has transcended the personality and found the egoic note. Then he manipulates matter of his ownMeditation, 161:will the formulas work in connection with the egoic consciousness. The downflow of life from theMeditation, 165:- dependent upon the ray. It links him with his egoic group and binds all into one composite whole,Meditation, 168:apparent that each provides for the man (whose egoic note is one of the three, or a department ofMeditation, 171:the microcosm in the three worlds, to the group egoic and its focal point, a Master; from the rulerMeditation, 172:Ego, then with his Master, next with his group egoic and then with all groups, till finally heMeditation, 186:a flame, and the flame is part of the great egoic blaze which animates all of the objectiveMeditation, 200:human race are more directly aligned with the egoic body, you will see the scientific applicationMeditation, 215:vibration, to attune that vibration to the egoic one, and to synchronize it later with that of theMeditation, Since:of His consciousness. They include people whose egoic ray is the same as His, or whose monadic rayMeditation, 273:within his aura these groups and those on egoic levels who are his own. This in no way prevents hisMeditation, 292:of time and space, are powers of the body egoic, and as all egoic groups are - as aforesaid -Meditation, 292:space, are powers of the body egoic, and as all egoic groups are - as aforesaid - controlled byMeditation, 292:by some one Master, the development of egoic consciousness (when consciously recognized) isMeditation, 292:their Ego, and temporarily have flashes of egoic consciousness but when the pupil can consciouslyMeditation, 292:and transfers his polarization into the body egoic, even if for a brief moment, then he can knowMeditation, 294:protection. Groups will be formed according to egoic formation and the particular Master. The noteMeditation, 295:bodies, when he has aligned them with the body egoic (even if only for a brief minute) suddenly heMeditation, 304:he contacts his higher self, his Master, his egoic group, the First Initiator, the One ParamountMeditation, 324:shrine which will carry the symbol of his ray, egoic and personality. On the wall of the greatMeditation, 330:The aligning of the bodies with a view to egoic contact. The building of the antahkarana, and theMeditation, 352:It is, nevertheless, the center of the egoic consciousness, and is formed of the conjunction ofMeditation, 352:and archangels, but lesser and greater builders. Egoic Groups On the third subplane of the fifthPatanjali, 9:then the Christ light (the second aspect egoic) can be seen. Later, in its light, the Monad, thePatanjali, 14:of the spiritual Triad or of the soul, The egoic body, the causal body, or the karana sarira, [15]Patanjali, 39:in the causal vehicle, the karana sarira, the egoic lotus. We are told by [40] Patanjali that thisPatanjali, 40:that these stages relate to soul activities, to egoic realization and not to the reactions of thePatanjali, 74:body mental plane. 4. Higher Manas abstract mind egoic body mental plane 5. Buddhi intuitionPatanjali, 139:in the entire cycle of previous incarnations. Egoic energy is not strictly outgoing, but isPatanjali, 144:causes are the aggregate of those fundamental egoic impulses which have led to the development ofPatanjali, 144:to the necessity for establishing direct egoic contact, via the thread or sutratma, for only inPatanjali, 212:the ego, the soul, lodged in the causal body or egoic lotus. There is then brought about aPatanjali, 212:in which the brain, the mental body and the egoic body form a coherent quiescent unit, alive,Patanjali, 216:call. The astral body is either attentive to the egoic impression or swayed by the million voicesPatanjali, 220:disciples receive force also from the mental and egoic levels. Patanjali, 222:[222] fire and blending it with the downpouring egoic force must also be left for direct teachingPatanjali, 226:with each other and with the rate of the egoic impression, Their unification into one coherentPatanjali, 227:to the higher inspiration and downflow of egoic life and energy. It may help the student if hePatanjali, 253:terms: Meditation, Polarization in the soul or egoic consciousness, Contemplation, or the turningPatanjali, 259:of his daily thought, and the extent of his egoic contact. This is not the true and highest form ofPatanjali, 277:on the upward arc he is linked with his egoic group and on the downward arc with the vegetablePatanjali, 278:Those of his present life cycle, These of his egoic group. Thus through the process of eliminationPatanjali, 288:conditions. This union is the result of the egoic oneness [289] brought down into full activity inPatanjali, 293:and the intermediary between the twelve petalled egoic lotus on its own plane and the head center)Patanjali, 295:leads a man to the twelve-petalled lotus, the egoic center on the higher levels of the mentalPatanjali, 401:dominant and so one-pointedly the result of the egoic thought that it makes objective manifestationPsychology1, 97:often astral, sometimes mental, and occasionally egoic - which does initiate them into a newPsychology1, 135:plane of mind (higher mind, lower mind and the egoic intelligent entity) we enter more entirelyPsychology1, 192:is colored by divine quality according to the egoic capacity to control or express, it is distortedPsychology1, 217:V. Concrete Knowledge Intellect. [217] 5. Egoic or Souls V. Concrete Knowledge Personality. II.Psychology1, 221:4. Human kingdom sacral center Gonads. 5. Egoic kingdom throat center Thyroid. 6. Planetary kingdomPsychology1, 222:Human Adaptation Translation Transfiguration. 5. Egoic Externalization Manifestation Realization. APsychology1, 228:This fifth kingdom (counting occultly from the egoic kingdom downwards) is a reflection of thesePsychology1, 230:The third initiation. The precious jewels - Egoic consciousness and achievement. The fourth
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