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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EGOS

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Fire, 1080:great department of hierarchical endeavor all Egos are divided into two groups, according to theirFire, 1080:by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically in the welfareFire, 1081:an extension of the major one which grouped all Egos under the divisions of color, sound andFire, 1082:from the crimson sphere - a reference to certain Egos who have come to the earth from the planetaryFire, 1093:Monads who refused to [1093] incarnate and the Egos who were unable to take bodies in the LemurianFire, 1138:in the human kingdom in the three main groups of Egos, in whom the three types of energyFire, 1206:the seven head centers and the seven groups of Egos on the mental plane, and there is an occultFire, 1206:and the expression of these seven groups of Egos in the three worlds. This is a most importantFire, 1210:dispute. This will be done by the coming in of egos who are fully conscious on the etheric levelsFire, 1259:past one thousand years are a peculiar group of Egos whose impulse is towards this type of cosmicHealing, 62:Lemurian times, an inherited taint, if you like. Egos who individualized and incarnated in thatHealing, 63:path which was achieved by the Lemurian egos who succumbed to this desire-satisfaction. AHealing, 223:race, providing the bodies for the next tide of egos and thus peopling the earth. In saying this IInitiation, 40:into our scheme from other planetary schemes, of Egos seeking earth experience. Each of them is inInitiation, 41:and building agencies which bring in the right Egos on the different rays at the correct times andInitiation, 65:onward as the tests are passed. A number of the Egos on the Probationary Path are in the departmentInitiation, 65:passes into the Hall of Wisdom. Advanced Egos and the spiritually inclined, who are not yet on theInitiation, 65:are usually recruited from amongst the advanced Egos. The very advanced, and those on theInitiation, 66:Masters and Disciples Disciples and advanced Egos on the Probationary Path receive instruction atInitiation, 68:can prevent our finding the Master. Groups of Egos are formed: According to their ray. According toInitiation, 68:also grouped for purposes of classification: As Egos, according to the egoic ray. As personalities,Initiation, 69:with incarnate, discarnate, and perfected Egos), are again all under the care of subordinateInitiation, 69:frequent users of these charts. Many discarnate egos awaiting incarnation or having just left theInitiation, 90:the majority of the human race can contact their Egos. He is in charge, also, of large work,Initiation, 94:Planets The process of stimulation of the human Egos by means of graded instructions, and theInitiation, 95:and degree. The seasons of initiation. The Egos in incarnation on any planet will - according toInitiation, 96:stimulation of still another group of planetary Egos; we shall assist in the institution of aInitiation, 121:bears upon its stream of energy many groups of Egos, and the initiate is therefore made aware notMagic, 84:bodies fitted to be vehicles for highly evolved Egos. They patiently await the turning of theMagic, 114:the secret of the present crisis. Groups of egos come together to work out certain karma involvedMagic, 118:and aiming at the helping of their group. When egos and personalities clash, the victory of theMagic, 157:into manifestation by a paralleling group of egos. Man, as he creates those thought-forms by whichMagic, 159:secondary and less important thought is that as egos, preparing to take human bodies, are deeplyMagic, 361:shift in the entire process took place; certain egos came in, as you know, as related in the SecretMagic, 554:all the way from a family group to the group of egos who, closely interlinked, form a group on theMeditation, 17:the egoic note is sounded in harmony with other egos, the result is the shattering of the causalMeditation, 19:frequency than the egoic ray. With evolved egos such as may be contacted among the thinkers of theMeditation, 23:on its own plane and its relationship to other egos and to the Hierarchy. Keep this clearly inMeditation, 32:auric egg that permits of contact with other egos, yet retains identity; that merges itself withMeditation, 33:of that Self to the Hierarchy, to surrounding egos, and to the Spirit. It will be difficult to doMeditation, 34:its own plane has direct relationship with other egos on the same ray, and on a correspondingMeditation, 34:by individuals from time to time. These egos at different stages of development are all linked withMeditation, 34:of the Planetary Spirits. On egoic levels, the egos are in a similar condition. An Adept of theirMeditation, 35:levels and aid in the development of those egos whose causal bodies are less developed than theirMeditation, 38:Meditation Relationship of the Ego to other Egos Certain things need to be remembered: The factorMeditation, 38:to be remembered: The factor of periodicity. Egos that are in incarnation, and egos that are out ofMeditation, 38:periodicity. Egos that are in incarnation, and egos that are out of incarnation are differentiatedMeditation, 38:differentiated and capable of different work. Egos whose reflections are in incarnation are moreMeditation, 38:to three-dimensioned existence, whereas the egos out of incarnation are not so limited but work inMeditation, 38:clearly. It is perhaps as if the incarnating egos were more positive, and the non-incarnating egosMeditation, 38:egos were more positive, and the non-incarnating egos more negative. The factor of activity. ThisMeditation, 38:and affects closely the relationship between egos. Those on similar rays coalesce and vibrate moreMeditation, 38:On the third subplane of the mental plane egos are separated into groups - individual separationMeditation, 39:and its content; its relationship to other egos must be duly considered, for all is in groupMeditation, 106:This was the rule for the average. With advanced egos, pupils and disciples, it is not so, and eachMeditation, 212:[212] the answer to the question as to why some egos seem to make more rapid progress than do someMeditation, 230:manifestation. These rays necessarily affect the egos in incarnation; they cause a change ofMeditation, 288:or distance from initiation. Some very advanced egos may be working at this problem, and be closeMeditation, 309:planned a preparatory school for the advanced egos of the fourth root-race. This will be under theMeditation, 311:manner, and those pupils and advanced egos whose work it is to make the necessary beginning mustMeditation, 339:at night under the direction of more advanced egos, working under the guidance of a Master.Patanjali, 297:Prajapatya - the great World. 3. Mahendra (the Egos) - the home of the Agnishvattas. 2. Antariksa -Patanjali, 299:peopled by six groups of Gods (the six groups of egos and their six rays, the six subrays of thePatanjali, 318:separate identity; it is this which makes them egos. In the center of the brain, seated in thePatanjali, 410:group plan. It must never be forgotten that all egos work in group formation and under the directPsychology1, 26:six of the rays in the position of having their egos in manifestation. There are however very fewPsychology1, 26:There are however very few of the fourth ray egos on the Earth at this time, and a very largePsychology1, 26:this time, and a very large number of sixth ray egos, for it will be about two hundred years beforePsychology1, 26:about two hundred years before all the sixth ray egos pass out of incarnation. As to the first rayPsychology1, 26:pass out of incarnation. As to the first ray egos, there are no pure first ray types on the planet.Psychology1, 27:on the planet. All so-called [27] first ray egos are on the first subray of the second ray, whichPsychology1, 63:power are much fewer in number than any others. Egos upon the power ray are relatively not so few.Psychology1, 63:We shall see as we continue to study first ray egos and personalities [64] that death andPsychology1, 125:causal level who works with, or through, their egos. As men learn to sense and recognize thesePsychology1, 297:good and fair and healthy bodies for incoming egos. This is not possible today, under ourPsychology1, 386:as we understand the term, yet the bulk of the egos now in power in Germany are on the first subrayPsychology1, 401:fourteen in number. They are as follows: The egos of all human beings are to be found upon one orPsychology1, 402:upon one or another of the seven rays. [402] All egos found upon the fourth, the fifth, the sixthPsychology2, 82:electrified and from this all first ray egos choose the material needed in the three worlds.Psychology2, 82:electrified, and from it all second ray egos select what they, in time and space, require in orderPsychology2, 82:word to express the intent), and all third ray egos take from it their needed quota of substancePsychology2, 142:at the time and therefore few fourth ray egos are available in world service. There are, however,Psychology2, 201:humanity into the following groups: Lemurian Egos - our true Earth Humanity. Egos which came in -Psychology2, 201:groups: Lemurian Egos - our true Earth Humanity. Egos which came in - on Atlantis. Moon chain EgosPsychology2, 201:Egos which came in - on Atlantis. Moon chain Egos - from the moon. Egos - from other planets. RarePsychology2, 201:- on Atlantis. Moon chain Egos - from the moon. Egos - from other planets. Rare and advanced Egos -Psychology2, 201:Egos - from other planets. Rare and advanced Egos - awaiting incarnation. We enter, therefore, uponPsychology2, 209:our earth that we know nothing about it. These egos, therefore, did not individualize on our [210]Psychology2, 210:is concerned, but somewhat higher than the egos which individualized upon ancient Lemuria. It mightPsychology2, 210:stands uniquely alone. Just how and why egos come into our planetary evolution from earlier cyclesPsychology2, 211:facts must, therefore, be remembered: That egos of all types individualized upon the moon chain,Psychology2, 211:individualized upon the moon chain, but that the egos of active intelligence constituted 75% of thePsychology2, 211:the other two. That in Lemurian times, the egos of love-wisdom preponderated, and in their turnPsychology2, 211:75%, with the remaining 25% being the egos of active intelligence. Very few indeed, practically aPsychology2, 211:There was a very large influx of individualizing egos in early Atlantean days and they werePsychology2, 211:who entered human evolution at that time were egos who were expressing the will aspect of deity,Psychology2, 211:the line of love-wisdom. These all, with the egos which individualized upon the moon chain andPsychology2, 212:the bulk of our modern humanity, plus some rare egos which drift into our planetary evolution forPsychology2, 214:types at present found amongst men everywhere. Egos of will are relatively and naturally few; egosPsychology2, 214:Egos of will are relatively and naturally few; egos of love are becoming more frequent in
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