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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELABORATED

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Astrology, 105:Constellations There is much that could be elaborated along this line but the above will give aAstrology, 111:Wisdom as given in The Secret Doctrine and elaborated by me in my later books, that the Sun has toAstrology, 129:This subject is too vast and complicated to be elaborated here, but the point should be remembered.Discipleship2, 593:network of interrelated groups - should now be elaborated. The more subjective work, emphasizingEducation, 99:now proceed to take up these points. I have not elaborated the teaching of the Aquarian Age norFire, 560:point the more objective aspect was somewhat elaborated, and the tangible form dealt with, thusGlamour, 80:problem of glamor. In your last instruction, I elaborated somewhat upon the subject of the variousHealing, 64:Psychological Causes of Disease I have somewhat elaborated this matter as it is of use for you toHealing, 87:and, in some cases, lead to insanity. I have elaborated this matter somewhat because the relationHealing, 458:science of death will inevitably later be elaborated, but only when the fact of the soul isInitiation, 2:I - Introductory Remarks The ideas that are elaborated here find their corroboration in certainInitiation, 29:in advance of animal man. This will be somewhat elaborated in the next section of our subject. WithInitiation, 77:of violent action and interaction there may be elaborated tranquility. It is possible to reach aMagic, 18:being. They are indicated but not explained or elaborated. They serve simply as sign posts,Magic, 50:Logoi, focuses His energies. This will be later elaborated. The point to be noted here is simplyMagic, 148:the soul, mind and the brain. This cannot be elaborated here but the hint can be given for theMagic, 327:genius for scientific technique and method, has elaborated the ideas and differentiated the sixMagic, 506:science of death will inevitably later be elaborated, but only when the fact of the soul isPsychology1, xxiii:have been clearly sensed and its detail somewhat elaborated. It will be necessary for us toPsychology1, 421:See A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, where this is elaborated. Use the Index. Psychology2, 14:begin to make its presence felt. This will be elaborated later in the section dealing with the raysPsychology2, 49:experience. The foundation of what is here elaborated in relation to the cycles of appropriation,Psychology2, 287:some of the universal implications. This was elaborated in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. The secondRays, 82:(note that expression) is referred to as Fire. I elaborated this theme in A Treatise on Cosmic FireRays, 206:parallel and an analogy, and must not be unduly elaborated in the detail of relationship. The majorRays, 409:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In that volume I elaborated upon the very elementary information given
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