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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELAPSES

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Atom, 67:are diverse, and ever prove inadequate as times elapses. What, then, is the purpose back of thisDestiny, 32:one of the secrets of initiation, but - as time elapses and the nature of time itself is betterDiscipleship1, 8:and life which will become more clear as time elapses. The first objective is, therefore, to weldDiscipleship1, 16:opinions you may hold or what may occur as time elapses. If you can hold together down the yearsDiscipleship1, 356:an be ready for increased service as time elapses. [357] The gift of wise teaching is your gift toDiscipleship1, 434:and for it I ask on behalf of those who (as time elapses) I shall send to you. Watch for them;Discipleship1, 546:for you and realization may eventuate as time elapses. For a year you must proceed with care inDiscipleship1, 549:bring in a fuller tide of soul force as time elapses. Your astral body is on the sixth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 754:group with which he is thus affiliated. As time elapses, the Ashram of a Master becomesDiscipleship2, 484:upon which I would ask you to reflect as time elapses, and from which you can expect definiteDiscipleship2, 638:See that it is not yours as the next decade elapses. The recognition that the soul, enjoying theEducation, 136:and an analogy between the two which, as time elapses, will become more clear. There can be no newExternalisation, 220:for the increasingly right action as time elapses. This will involve right action on the part ofExternalisation, 676:be focused. From these points, as time elapses, other Ashrams, subsidiary [677] in nature, will beFire, 124:ever increasing activity and rotation. As time elapses between the first and fourth Initiation, theFire, 329:and not in literal identity of form. As time elapses the work of the Heavenly Men in the cosmicFire, 359:is little utilized or comprehended. As time elapses this interplay of force will become moreFire, 776:depth and number of sounds involved as time elapses) the force is directed, the petals concernedFire, 787:towards descent, and not with the time which elapses between two incarnations. This work of passingFire, 797:and eventually his ray or group center. As time elapses, the true study of heredity and esotericGlamour, 219:absorbed by it. Dissipating it slowly; as time elapses the glamor will never again be so powerfulHealing, 395:change. This will be paralleled, as time elapses, by a rapport between men upon telepathic levels;Initiation, 81:the different points of view of others. As time elapses, and they are brought into closerInitiation, 123:with them with ever greater ability, as time elapses, he becomes ready for the sixth Initiation,Magic, 288:the few, and their numbers will increase as time elapses. The complexity of the subject is alsoMagic, 335:which will become apparent only as time elapses. Some forms of life in the animal kingdom, butMagic, 413:idea and not its expression controls. As time elapses and the energy of the thought makes itsMagic, 604:in the early stages of development. But as time elapses and a man grows spiritually, this dailyMeditation, 116:race. He serves through love, becoming, as time elapses, one of the saviors of men, spending hisMeditation, 134:to the majority, but more and more as time elapses shall we find it necessary to teach you, theMeditation, 293:through power developed in meditation. As time elapses this ability to contact increases until thePatanjali, 262:more informative and less interrupted as time elapses, until a rhythmic response is set up betweenPsychology2, 48:as far as in them lies, they will find as time elapses, and their reason and intuition awaken, [49]Psychology2, 201:evolving self, conveying life and, as time elapses, awareness; it is regarded as being conditionedPsychology2, 244:must demonstrate. Every aspirant must, as time elapses, develop the power to see the whole and notPsychology2, 370:takes much wise handling, and frequently time elapses before the disciple emerges on the other sideRays, 187:the Hierarchy and increasing in potency as time elapses. The impelling power of material desire,Rays, 277:the mental plane; this will be followed, as time elapses, by concrete manifestation upon theRays, 281:disappear" for all disciples as time elapses, and that with speed - owing to the great need today
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