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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELDER

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Astrology, 626:two in manifestation. Their real nature as the "elder brother and the prodigal son" is revealed byAstrology, 663:race. A.A.B.) (Vol. II, 32) "Mercury is the elder brother of the Earth." (Vol. II, 48) "MercuryAtom, 87:manifest, and he will be able to say with his elder Brother, the Christ, in reply to the demandBethlehem, 25:called in the West, Christ and His Church, the Elder Brothers of Humanity. Initiation is thereforeDiscipleship1, 18:secondly, those who act as links between the Elder Brothers of the race, the Masters of the WisdomDiscipleship1, 526:you. Ancient karmic ties with me, your [526] elder Brother, and the deep love which D. R. S.Discipleship2, 461:which is the hallmark of the salvaging Elder Brothers of Humanity. Such is your basic problem.Externalisation, 21:appeal was from the side of the watching Elder Brothers. Today, so numerous are the inner and outerExternalisation, 61:will help humanity and aid the efforts of the Elder Brothers. They are those who love and do notExternalisation, 80:same group of spiritual Forces and the [80] same Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found asExternalisation, 119:the Prodigal Son and his relationship to his elder brother, who had not left the Father's home. ItExternalisation, 148:to the directed thought of the guiding Elder Brothers of the race, but will be free at all times toFire, 53:which in their nature reflect the Sun, their elder brother. Human, or the Microcosmic Man: HumanFire, 63:are substance, but in the past one Lord was the elder Son, in the present another Lord comes to theFire, 65:one of these Brothers holds sway, and the three elder Brothers (for always the three will be seen,Fire, 288:lesser sons of mind - human beings who are the elder brothers of the animals, as the Masters of theFire, 288:animals, as the Masters of the Wisdom are the Elder Brothers where humanity is concerned. So theHerculesin ancient days and caught the great presiding Elder's watching eye, he who eternally presidesHercules, 160:love, devotion to the Christ, devotion to the elder brothers of the race, to the soul; and as weInitiation, 24:every difficulty, and have won out. These elder brothers of the race have one and all undergone theInitiation, 25:it is founded on patience and experience. These elder brothers of humanity are characterized by aIntellect, 16:great cloud of witnesses; they commune with the elder brothers of the race who work in otherMagic, 153:and wisdom and understanding of the watching Elder Brothers are back of every aspiring Son of God,Magic, 174:the vibrations of the senior disciples and the Elder Brothers of the race, and who can bring downMagic, 175:learning, through telepathy, that which the Elder Brothers of the race and their own souls have toMagic, 192:a server of humanity and a fit associate of the Elder Brethren of the race. When these threeMagic, 204:by devotion to one of the Great Ones, the Elder Brothers of the race. He bends all his powers andMagic, 231:plus the black forces arrayed against the Elder Brothers, can call upon the spiritual energies ofMagic, 232:has gained the vital power and stands forth an Elder Brother. Such is the path ahead of each andMagic, 280:been carried in the minds of the architects (the Elder Brothers) who - in Their turn - are in touchMagic, 372:time on the part of those whom you call the Elder Brothers of the race, is to stimulate, purify andMagic, 402:of affairs for another one hundred years, the Elder Brothers of the race called a conclave of allMagic, 414:The personnel of the group is known only to the Elder Brothers of the race, and no register ofMagic, 425:Such are not the methods approved by the Elder Brothers of the race, nor is it the way that TheyMagic, 503:much work now being done by all aspirants. The Elder Brothers of the race who have guided humanityMagic, 608:whether these liberated souls are recognized as Elder Brethren of the race, as Masters of theMeditation, 257:with those radiant Souls Who call Themselves our Elder Brothers. Only by trampling on the externalPsychology1, 325:is that of the higher initiates, the perfected Elder Brethren and Great Companions. They arePsychology1, 351:are all the children of the same Father, but the elder three partake of the Father's nature. ThePsychology1, 351:The younger four resemble the Mother. The three elder sons go forth into the universe of stars, andPsychology1, 385:and hence its bitterness - the bitterness of an elder brother who sees the younger usurping his
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