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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELECTRIC

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Fire, 538:being brought into conscious contact with the electric spark of his own particular Heavenly Man,Fire, 539:He receives Himself in contacting the logoic electric spark, or the pure Spirit aspect of theFire, 542:petals) becomes equally fierce, and when the electric spark at the innermost center blazes out andFire, 604:firmament, i.e. the fire of the lightning, or electric fire. The sources of these three fires, IFire, 607:of Energy Objective Manifestation First Will. Electric Fire. Activity of Spirit. The One Life.Fire, 608:and Fire Elementals Man, a Fire Monadic fire. Electric fire. Spirit Will. The Central SpiritualFire, 608:and under three aspects. The Monad Will aspect. Electric fire. Flame. Spiritual Will. Love-Wisdom.Fire, 608:Spiritual Intelligence. The Ego Will. Atma. Electric fire. The Spark. The Jewel in the Lotus.Fire, 608:Activity. The Personality Will. Mental body. Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought. Love. Astral body.Fire, 628:in the solar system is as follows: Agni Electric fire Spirit Central Spiritual Sun Energy SuryaFire, 628:Fire by friction Physical visible Sun Fohat As electric fire the Logos manifests as the sevenFire, 628:Who form their total manifestation. Sevenfold electric fire. The seven types of spiritualFire, 712:body of the Ego on the mental plane. In ordinary electric light, we have a faint illustration ofFire, 714:permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested. As thisFire, 729:and the Spark in essential manifestation. He is electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction.Fire, 731:a stage of energetic heat and light, can the electric fire of Spirit show forth in its glory. OnlyFire, 761:or heart of the lotus is a brilliant point of electric fire of a blue-white hue (the [762] jewel inFire, 762:three fires demonstrating in the causal body - electric fire at the center, solar fire enclosing itFire, 763:the egoic body has the appearance of a bud. The electric fire at the center is not apparent, andFire, 763:the action of the Hierophant wielding the electric Rod of Power, the three fires are suddenlyFire, 763:fires are suddenly stimulated by a downflow of electric, or positive force, from the [764] Monad,Fire, 764:and the causal body are no more. The central electric fire becomes centralized in atma-buddhi. TheFire, 767:have gradually taken form, as the point of electric fire at the heart has begun to make itself feltFire, 771:each case are affected by this flashing forth of electric fire, or energy. Each point concernedFire, 771:the Word the first aspect, represented by the electric fire at the center of the lotus, sinks backFire, 799:dual activity produces the objective universe. Electric fire and fire by friction when brought intoFire, 802:before man some aspects of the central idea. "Electric fire, or will-impulse" in conjunction withFire, 802:by friction" produces light or "solar fire." Electric fire is force or energy of some kind, andFire, 803:of the number five, esoterically considered. Electric fire, being an emanation is essentially dualFire, 807:the next round, prior to the great separation. Electric fire is beginning to make its radiationsFire, 816:point, or heart of the lotus - that spark of electric fire which by its action or innate vitalityFire, 818:pondered upon by the student of this Treatise: Electric fire - Spirit - Will aspect - Jewel in theFire, 819:aspect - The three permanent atoms. [819] In electric fire, the Monad is represented in itsFire, 819:of the forms. Third. The stage in which electric fire is revealed, and through the intensity of itsFire, 831:then be the planetary Logoi. The central Life electric returns to its source, escaping out ofFire, 833:energy have been called, as has been often said: Electric fire - positive energy - Father. Fire byFire, 835:cases of the positive life and energy and of the electric fire which is the animating principle ofFire, 883:permitting an ever freer display of the central electric point. At the fourth Initiation, the jewelFire, 888:negative Vishnu Aspect, the second Aspect. Electric Fire, or the positive Shiva Aspect, the firstFire, 920:with the Father aspect, and embodiments of electric fire. They are all fully self-conscious, havingFire, 946:These again are the sumtotal of the three fires, electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. InFire, 947:in the following tabulation: Dynamic energy - electric fire - atomic subplane. First ethericFire, 963:in fact: That much of the fire of spirit, or electric fire, which any particular Ego is embodyingFire, 996:him, only the highest heaven awaits the spark electric, seeking vibration synchronous from thatFire, 1047:types of energy: Monadic - dynamic energy - electric impulse - pure fire. Egoic - magnetic energy -Fire, 1049:the heat perform its part. Later again the fire electric flashes forth, and turns the steam to thatFire, 1066:that that which "seeks liberty" is the central electric spark; that this liberty is achieved firstFire, 1066:Awakened internal response, until finally electric fire is contacted. This is true of all atoms:Fire, 1077:every case it is the central positive life, the electric spark or that which is its correspondence,Fire, 1081:Points of light of the fourth progression, Electric sparks, Units of negative resistance, TheFire, 1118:be revealed for it is hid in the nature of the electric Fire of Spirit itself. Fire, 1119:fire is absorbed, and only the radiant point of electric fire persists. Then a curious phenomenonFire, 1119:seven jewels within the one, or as the sevenfold electric spark, and in the intensity of the blazeFire, 1153:first aspect. It deals with the transmission of electric fire. It is important to bear this inFire, 1153:the negative basis for the reception of positive electric energy. This electric energy is able toFire, 1153:the reception of positive electric energy. This electric energy is able to circulate through theFire, 1154:"solar flames," and Uranus as the home of "fire electric." When, through extra-systemic activityFire, 1186:Body. Jewel. Central Spiritual Sun. Cosmic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Causal Body. LotusFire, 1186:Heavenly Man (on his own plane). Systemic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Planetary Causal Body.Fire, 1186:Causal Body. Jewel. Monad. Spirit. Atma-Buddhi. Electric Fire. Positive Force. 2. Human CausalFire, 1186:ATOMS: 1. Atom. Nucleus. Plane Deva. Positive. Electric. 2. Atomic Unit of Form. Sphere. PlaneFire, 1199:This third Hierarchy wields the third aspect of electric force of the first type of cosmic energy.Fire, 1199:cosmic energy. Cosmic prana. Solar energy or electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. EachFire, 1226:atom, or what we call in this [1226] system, electric fire. For the positive central life of everyFire, 1229:A - Certain Basic Statements SECTION THREE - THE ELECTRIC FIRE OF SPIRIT SECTION THREE - DIVISION AFire, 1229:of the Treatise on Cosmic Fire, dealing with the Electric Fire of Spirit it should be rememberedFire, 1260:whole. These wheels are portrayed as manifesting electric blue flame, rotating and revolving withFire, 1261:upon the square. [1261] Symbol - two wheels of electric fire, revolving around an orange Cross,Fire, 1270:to warm Himself within its waves of radiant fire electric. A center at the midway point within theHealing, 145:It registers purpose, corresponds to the "electric fire" of the solar system, and is dynamic inHealing, 147:and the basic center produce the individual "electric fire" which, when fully expressing itself, weHealing, 185:These three paths of life are the channels for electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction, andHealing, 197:the body, there will then be present a highly electric nervous system, responsive with immediacy toHealing, 211:fire of matter, the fire of the soul, and the electric fire of spirit - are blended, and there isHealing, 294:and demonstrate the clear cold light, the white electric light of perfect wholeness." All that youHealing, 340:The work done by the prevailing use of electric light and the general glare in which humanity nowHealing, 446:destruction and something closely approaching an electric shock. No more. For the unevolved, deathHealing, 470:There follows a brilliant flaring-up of pure electric light, and the "body of light" finally breaksHealing, 565:we are told also, is [565] expressed through electric fire, through solar fire and through fire byHealing, 670:will-to-good and involves the use of dynamic, electric energy under intuitive direction; this typeInitiation, 127:secret which enables them to draw down the pure electric force with which their rods of office mustInitiation, 127:planes. By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness onInitiation, 128:initiation, and represents two polarities of the electric All. Part of their function is to standInitiation, 128:the stated seasons, they act as transmitters of electric force from very high levels, so highInitiation, 129:mighty Rod, causing a fresh recharging of its electric capacity. This ceremony takes place atInitiation, 131:through the Bodhisattva. In this case, the electric force in the Rod is wielded in order to drawInitiation, 133:knows past all gainsaying that fiery energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal of all thatInitiation, 141:permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested. As thisIntellect, 171:at the center of the radiance, a point of vivid electric blue appears (perhaps the "living light"Intellect, 220:he tells us that the human body is really an electric battery, then perhaps his Oriental brother isMagic, 107:Later they become aware of an intensely bright electric light; this is the soul light, plus theMagic, 289:am." Fifth Ray: - Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the Place of Power. Let theMagic, 300:and something closely approaching an electric shock. No more. For the unevolved, death is literallyMagic, 325:then the end is near. In nature, a general electric storm serves to clear the atmosphere, andMagic, 478:ancient tallow dip in the field of illumination. Electric light has superseded it, and some day theMagic, 526:of the Ageless Wisdom, these three are called electric fire, solar fire, and fire by friction, andMagic, 591:it blends with the fire of matter and with the "electric fire" of the highest divine aspect, thenMagic, 611:borrowed the terms from the ancient Scripture. Electric Fire, Solar Fire and Fire by Friction, whenMeditation, 84:or vortex is seen as a radiating whirlpool of electric light, more blue than golden. Build therePatanjali, 350:the highest aspect of divinity is called electric fire.
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