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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELECTRICAL

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Healing, 376:made which will reveal some hitherto unrealized electrical potencies. I know not what other word toHealing, 376:I know not what other word to use for these electrical rays which will make their presence felt andHealing, 376:so. Along this line of thought-photography and electrical equipment, will come the solution. It isHealing, 377:in The Secret Doctrine. Everything in Nature is electrical in nature; life itself is electricity,Healing, 378:with the "spirit world," the present electrical instruments are too slow in vibratory activity (ifHealing, 378:on my part, but a simple statement of fact. Electrical discovery is only in the initial stage andHealing, 379:of A.A.B. on these matters which involve electrical knowledge and terms. There is no seed thoughtHealing, 379:treatise on electricity such as is studied by electrical engineers would have been completelyHealing, 379:are closely related because the human being is electrical in origin and nature? This must beHealing, 714:body is not yet generally recognized as an electrical unit; its nature as pure atomic energy is notHealing, 714:new presentations of truth; the language of the electrical engineer or of the automobile draftsman,Initiation, 45:nature, and is largely the emanating source of electrical energy as we know it. Being theInitiation, 94:instructions, and the application of the dynamic electrical force of the Rod is employed on threeInitiation, 95:prior to or between each initiation. The electrical phenomena produced on the higher planes, asInitiation, 111:is to pass through their bodies the force or electrical energy emanating from the Rod ofInitiation, 116:exalted Hierophant than the Bodhisattva, the electrical fire of pure Spirit, latent in the heart ofInitiation, 118:in words, and concerns the relation of the electrical point of fire, which is the Monad, to theInitiation, 126:wielded by the solar Logos, is charged with pure electrical force from Sirius, and was received byInitiation, 129:it is not generally appreciated that they are of electrical origin, and that their trueInitiation, 133:and which vary with each initiation, the electrical force to be employed descends upon the Rod,Initiation, 169:at the first two initiations by the Bodhisattva. Electrical phenomena are scientifically recognizedInitiation, 186:Those who do the work of wielding forces, or electrical magnetism for the use of the Great Ones onInitiation, 218:electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propelling vitalInitiation, 218:power; the synthesis of the many forms of electrical phenomena. Guru Spiritual Teacher. A Master inIntellect, 12:that mankind did not fail to go forward. The electrical age was inaugurated and the wonders of theMagic, 325:more grateful living conditions. We have had the electrical storm of the world war, and the periodMagic, 421:flashing forth of the light, an instantaneous electrical interplay, a sudden sensing of aMagic, 524:to comprehend the nature of those units of electrical energy which embody what we call the soul ofMeditation, 64:the dense physical and the vehicle for prana or electrical vitality as two units. More I cannot sayMeditation, 104:the necessary triangles are not made, and the electrical fluid rushes with ever increasing speedMeditation, 104:will study with greater care and accuracy the electrical condition of the spinal column, andMeditation, 121:and with the aid of his Teacher, to wield the electrical fluid of the inner planes. He becomes thenMeditation, 179:occult significant of force in nature, of the electrical [180] currents of the universe, and of theMeditation, 180:those magnetic currents, that vital fluid, those electrical rays (no matter what the terms used)Meditation, 336:of the etheric. The heat of the sun is electrical force adapted to the need of the great averageMeditation, 340:results of many years. At each initiation, the electrical or magnetic force applied has aMeditation, 353:electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propelling vitalMeditation, 353:power; the synthesis of the many forms of electrical phenomena. Guru Spiritual Teacher. A Master inPatanjali, 333:will be irradiated by the vibrant centers of electrical force distributed throughout the body. Patanjali, 350:expressive, conveying as it does the idea of electrical force. All that we can know of God or ofPsychology1, 120:about the outer form, or matter aspect, and its electrical nature. Esoteric science knows muchPsychology1, 183:revelation, through the right understanding of electrical phenomena. There lies the clue to the newPsychology1, 332:and fundamental science of that age, just as electrical science (the electricity of matter) is thePsychology1, 353:in the Aryan race. Of this, man's control of the electrical forces of the physical plane is anPsychology1, 360:ray differentiates that aspect of the universal electrical energy which we know as modernPsychology1, 360:period will familiarize man with that type of electrical phenomena which produce the coordinationPsychology1, 373:coordinated and vitalized. There is an aspect of electrical phenomena which produces cohesion, justPsychology1, 374:and studying the theory of the electrical nature of the human being. They are working rapidlyPsychology1, 390:attraction or inclusiveness (Ray II), the ray of electrical phenomena (Ray III), and the fifth rayPsychology2, 82:mystery of electricity and the true nature of electrical phenomena (than which there is naughtPsychology2, 83:that the entire universe is a manifestation of electrical power, - all this may be stated and is,Psychology2, 83:be thrown upon the nature of the seven types of electrical phenomena which we call the seven rays.Psychology2, 101:total. The units of divine life and the atoms of electrical energy who pass through these threePsychology2, 488:for help. This is largely a brain relationship, electrical in nature, established by consciousPsychology2, 524:the point at the center is, however, more electrical and dynamic. At this stage, the man is theRays, 143:gradually before our rapt [143] eyes and the electrical nature of man is being slowly proven andRays, 331:to man, will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed. The Mysteries are, inRays, 351:"mystery of electricity"; the door is itself an electrical phenomenon essentially. Having saidRays, 351:can, however, grasp the possibility that (being electrical in nature) it can easily present anRays, 351:correct way to look at it. It is only when the electrical energy of which the door is constitutedRays, 351:a better understanding of the human being as an electrical unit of power and light, and of hisRays, 351:The three fires of which all things are made are electrical in nature and - speaking symbolically -Rays, 351:stands before the door, seeking initiation. That electrical unit or phenomenon of electricity [352]Rays, 352:for the first four initiations. It is the electrical fire which forms the door of initiation forRays, 352:it is essentially created. These are as follows: Electrical energy, composed of two forces ofRays, 352:hitherto needed but are no longer required. The electrical energy of the astral or emotional bodyRays, 353:on to the next phase of the Path. With this electrical energy he must deal before he takes theRays, 353:or the initiation of "entering the stream." The electrical energy of the mind now creates the doorRays, 353:which confronts the initiate is that of the electrical figments of his own thinking, shining with aRays, 353:in full force at this third initiation), and electrical fire from the Spiritual Triad, making itsRays, 356:are familiar; these four are related also to the electrical "fire by friction" of which that doorRays, 427:star mounting towards the sun Quality gained Electrical velocity PATH III. PATH OF TRAINING FORRays, 427:The first and the second Method A process of electrical insulation and the imprisonment of polarRays, 735:every initiation charges the initiate with electrical force, and this charging and recharging isRays, 736:redemption. When the spiritual and the [736] electrical charging of the three major centers on theRays, 737:link is related to the smallest through the electrical interplay of spiritual energy. There isReappearance, 123:to the world, will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed. The MysteriesSoul, 79:transportation, the transmission of sound, electrical energy, and many such phrases are theSoul, 93:the energy factor in connection with man. The electrical nature of the human unit is a naturalSoul, 155:man who should refuse to make practical use of electrical energy until he is certain he has anTelepathy, 26:contact must be that of mental energy and brain electrical energy. The magnetic power of love toTelepathy, 129:again transmitted or stepped down: The dynamic electrical energy of Life itself or divine potency,Telepathy, 140:the growing recognition that man is electrical in nature, and the realization that even the atom in
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