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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELECTRICITY

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Astrology, 39:the first aspect of the sixth type of cosmic electricity, and wields special power, therefore, inAstrology, 669:of vital force which is the noumenon of electricity." (S.D. Vol. I, 579) "The sun was not a sacredAstrology, 688:is a definite occult reason, under the Laws of Electricity, behind the known fact that everyAtom, 34:rotate or move around this central charge of electricity as our planetary system rotates around theAtom, 60:room had appeared to be lit up momentarily by electricity. Again, not long ago, several of theAtom, 78:or energy consisting of a positive charge of electricity energizing a number of negative particles.Atom, 156:will go to the dictionary and look up the word "electricity," you will find it suggested that itAtom, 156:The Eastern teachers say that in the mystery of electricity is hidden all knowledge, and that whenFire, 42/43:planes is known as aether, air, fire, water, electricity, ether, prana and similar terms. 9, 10, 11Fire, 44:2. Sea of fire. 3. Primordial electric entity 3. Electricity. 4. Akasha 4. Prakriti. 5.Fire, 44:ray in manifestation in the same sense that electricity is the manifested effect of the primordialFire, 51:and is hidden in the mystery of physical plane electricity, which is an expression of the activeFire, 52:might be expressed in terms of physical plane electricity, of light rays, and of etheric energy.Fire, 59:matter, or substance animated by latent heat. Electricity, substance of one polarity, and energizedFire, 61:more closely studied. It corresponds to systemic electricity, and to planetary electricity. PranicFire, 61:to systemic electricity, and to planetary electricity. Pranic emanation. The emanation, via theFire, 69:- Some Thoughts on the Gita, p. 26. 23 Fohat, or electricity, is an Entity. He is the primordialFire, 210:is a definite occult reason, under the Laws of Electricity, behind the known fact that everyFire, 259:mystery spoken of by H. P. B. as the mystery of electricity. (S. D., I, 439, 221, 107.) It isFire, 269:6. The heat of the emotions. 7. Physical plane electricity 7. Kundalini and prana. Spiritually ThisFire, 269:is hid in a threefold mystery: The mystery of electricity. The mystery of the seven constellations.Fire, 310:A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 2. Manas is Electricity 21 The fire of Mind is fundamentallyFire, 310:Electricity 21 The fire of Mind is fundamentally electricity, shown, in its higher workings, andFire, 311:not considered so much as [311] force in matter. Electricity in the solar system shows itself inFire, 311:forms, which might be expressed as follows: Electricity on the first plane, the logoic or divine,Fire, 311:first cosmic etheric, or the solar plane of adi. Electricity on the monadic plane demonstrates asFire, 312:to vibrate and His life activity can be seen. 21 Electricity: ..."We know of no phenomenon inFire, 312:- entirely unconnected with either magnetism or electricity - since, where there are motion, heat,Fire, 312:Alter Ego (according to our humble opinion) - electricity will always appear, as either cause orFire, 312:currents, terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity, are due to the fact that the earth isFire, 312:this juncture considering the manifestations of electricity on the different planes of the cosmicFire, 312:seen in manifestation is fundamentally physical electricity. We have seen that the primaryFire, 313:not been expressed or considered in terms of electricity) the analogy has been lost sight of. TheseFire, 316:fire, and electric fire. Fire by friction is electricity animating the atoms of matter, or theFire, 316:of all atoms one from another. Solar fire is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms, andFire, 316:groups. The synthesis of form. Electric fire is electricity demonstrating as vitality or theFire, 318:sounding as the threefold Sacred Word, or electricity manifesting as sound. We have here anFire, 318:vision, involving the planes, as we know them: Electricity as vibratory impulse. This causes theFire, 319:This is the first syllable of the Sacred Word. Electricity as Light, causing spheroidalFire, 319:of the second syllable of the Sacred Word. 23 Electricity as Sound. Here we have the completed,Fire, 320:and in healing. These four adaptations of electricity: [ 321] For mechanical uses, ForFire, 321:is spoken of as the buddhic manifestation of electricity. We are employing the word "color" here inFire, 321:of the meeting of the seven streams of force or electricity, which causes that apparent congestionFire, 325:hence he is the central unit of positive electricity that draws and holds to him atoms of anFire, 331:out. In connection with the manifestation of electricity on the mental, astral and physical planes.Fire, 380:of logical speculation, into the study of cosmic electricity, and the universal Law of attraction,Fire, 404:a great mystery and is allied to the mystery of electricity (or of fohatic life) which H. P. B. (S.Fire, 405:[405] work blindly and under the laws of cosmic electricity. (We must differentiate with careFire, 405:(We must differentiate with care between cosmic electricity, and the electrical akasha of theFire, 426:the force. This is all hidden in the science of electricity, and as exoteric science discovers how:Fire, 429:into two departments: Vitalization, by means of: Electricity. Solar and planetary radiation.Fire, 433:is felt at the sixth Initiation. The dynamic electricity of the first Logos is felt at the seventhFire, 436:or electrical manifestation, this "mystery of electricity" to which H. P. B. refers, (S. D., I,Fire, 456:know anent the physical plane manifestation of electricity during the fifth subrace. All that weFire, 482:energy, concerning Themselves with positive electricity, or with the energy of the positive nucleusFire, 492:mysterious angle. Fire by friction, the negative electricity of substance, has been for some timeFire, 492:and investigation of the nature of positive electricity has become possible through the discoveryFire, 494:broad and general manner with this question of electricity and have seen that fire essence orFire, 494:is due to ignorance of certain of the laws of electricity, and above all, ignorance of the setFire, 511:Here we have one of the clues to the mystery of electricity. The sacred planets, with certainFire, 520:archetypally that force manifestation of electricity which eventually causes the blazing forth ofFire, 521:from each other. It concerns the mystery of electricity, and the production of light. The threeFire, 524:be comprehended; then and only then will electricity be harnessed and utilized by man as a unity,Fire, 524:one of its aspects as at present; the negative electricity of the planet is all that is as yetFire, 524:in the sense of negative in relation to solar electricity. When man has found out how to contactFire, 524:out how to contact and utilize positive solar electricity in combination with negative planetaryFire, 524:in combination with negative planetary electricity, we shall have a very dangerous conditionFire, 528:Who is to the Logos the negative aspect of electricity. Every form 73 and aggregate of atoms, isFire, 604:in the Macrocosm and Microcosm. Fohat, Prana, Electricity, Magnetic Fluid, are all terms used f orFire, 608:under the aspects of light, flame, and heat, of electricity, radiance and motion, of will, desireFire, 608:Man's just apprehension of this mystery of electricity will only come about as he studies himself,Fire, 611:the nature of Agni as He shews forth as pure electricity. Even though this is not yet possible,Fire, 612:in mind here that we are studying the mystery of electricity and therefore must remember theFire, 612:facts: a. Introductory Remarks The Mystery of Electricity. The greater Builders are the positiveFire, 629:brothers of Fohat. The seven manifestations of electricity, or of electrical phenomena. These areFire, 645:of Agnichaitans who manifest as physical plane electricity. They are a group who are comingFire, 664:to a realization that there is a third type of electricity, which ever balances and forms the apexFire, 668:of electrical force, - the three types of electricity which are met with in occult books. It shouldFire, 690:appear. They blend in latency the three types of electricity, and are themselves electricalFire, 714:and the scientific application of the laws of electricity to the totality of existence on theFire, 715:the method of forced initiation. A third type of electricity played its part in bringing about thisFire, 808:century) of two great sciences: The Science of Electricity. The investigations of [809] scientistsFire, 809:the development of the many methods of utilizing electricity has also greatly aided. This scienceFire, 872:mysteries of the solar system: The mystery of Electricity. The mystery of Brahma. The secret of theFire, 873:Elementals and Fire Elementals The mystery of electricity has three keys, each of which is held inFire, 873:system. The mystery of this threefold type of electricity is largely connected with the lesserFire, 874:in his own self-recognition." The mystery of electricity deals with the "garment" of God, just asFire, 876:for the sustaining of cosmic generation. The electricity of substance, the electricity of form, andFire, 876:generation. The electricity of substance, the electricity of form, and the electricity of LifeFire, 876:of substance, the electricity of form, and the electricity of Life itself must blend and meetFire, 876:creator. Man at this stage knows somewhat of the electricity of substance, and is coming to theFire, 876:substance, and is coming to the belief as to the electricity of form (even though as yet he callsFire, 904:manifestation. As the nature of physical plane electricity is understood and studied, and its trueFire, 1038:of the atom was arrived at through the study of electricity, and of radioactive substances, and anFire, 1072:Much will be learned along this line when electricity and colored lights are more freely used inFire, 1081:initiates of certain degrees), Positive sons of electricity, Rotating units of the seventh order,Fire, 1197:the first aspect of the sixth type of cosmic electricity, and wields special power, therefore, inFire, 1236:will also ponder well the words "the mystery of electricity," which is the mystery surrounding thatFire, 1243:go and become what is called "a spark of mahatic electricity." These seven Paths are not concernedHealing, 48:the new types and a changing physical organism. Electricity, in relation to human ills, is as yet
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