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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELECTRONS

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Atom, 34:- just as is the sun by the planets - with many electrons or negative corpuscles, thus subdividingAtom, 34:to the number and arrangement of these negative electrons around their positive nucleus, and theyAtom, 35:discovery may reveal to us the fact that the electrons themselves may be worlds within worlds. AnAtom, 36:then, can be predicated as resolving itself into electrons, and can be expressed in terms of forceAtom, 39:life; just as the atom is composed of myriads of electrons. The human being acts as an assemblageAtom, 48:we naturally belong (in which we are as the electrons to the positive charge), and of our thenAtom, 48:the cells of our bodies, for instance, are the electrons which we hold coherently together, and ifAtom, 61:which holds rotating around it the negative electrons, so all forms in all the kingdoms of natureAtom, 78:their definite orbits, might be seen the electrons. We noted, also, the fact that the elementsAtom, 79:to the number and the arrangement of these electrons around the central positive charge. From thisAtom, 79:and physical, in exactly the same way as the electrons were held revolving around their centralAtom, 81:central points, becoming in their turn [81] electrons. Thus, every form is but an aggregate ofAtom, 91:within its periphery other lesser spheres or electrons. We have seen that man is the positiveAtom, 122:a positive center, or central sun, with the electrons, or the negative aspect, revolving in theirAtom, 146:these atoms of substance, in turn, become then electrons. We found, then, how in your case andAtom, 147:atoms are to us, the central life, what the electrons are to the central positive charge in theDiscipleship1, 703:functions through one firm organization (like electrons around the positive nucleus in an atom),Fire, 4:composed of a positive nucleus, the negative electrons, and the totality of the outer [5]Fire, 321:as: Involution, wherein the negative electrons of matter preponderate. The percentage of theseFire, 321:preponderate. The percentage of these feminine electrons is one of the secrets of initiation and isFire, 477:positive center, and which are at present termed electrons by science, are the negative aspect, andFire, 478:teach - in the arrangement and the number of the electrons. 57 The electron itself will eventuallyFire, 478:of vibration, that it eventually scatters the electrons or negative points which compose its sphereFire, 478:if I might so express it, dissipates, the electrons come under the Law of Repulsion, and theFire, 479:wall of the atom is eventually broken down. The electrons or negative units seek a new center. TheFire, 482:works with the negative aspect, with the electrons, if I might so term it, with the sheath, and notFire, 514:upon these points or circles (analogous to the electrons in the atoms of science) and at this stageFire, 514:as if the two points blended, or the two electrons merged, and (in merging) produce such anFire, 704:cell or subhuman form, for instance, while the electrons or lesser lives within the form areFire, 918:that which is understood by the words, atoms, electrons, and ions. All that manifests (from God toFire, 1186:Sphere. Plane Devas. Balancing. Solar Fire. 3. Electrons. Nuclei. Elementals. Negative. Fire byFire, 1235:which we call - for lack of a better term - the electrons; these electrons are largely responsibleFire, 1235:for lack of a better term - the electrons; these electrons are largely responsible for the qualityPatanjali, 91:seen in the other. The activity which holds the electrons gathered around their center is
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