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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELEMENT

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Astrology, 37:(on chart 9-IV-4) is assigned no particular element as it has to fuse and synthesize them all. ThisAstrology, 280:signs and each of them represents a different element out of the four which are expressingAstrology, 373:on all sides. Again, however, the time element comes in (that brain-conditioned sense of awareness)Astrology, 695:itself with the development of the desire element and its graduates are called the 'Sons ofAtom, 33:About twenty years ago, however (in 1898), a new element was discovered which was called Radium,Autobiography, 145:and [145] human folk. Of course there is a bad element but I would like to know in what section ofAutobiography, 145:section of human society you will not find a bad element? There are evil people in all groups andBethlehem, 7:aspects of the Gospel narrative, over the time element, and over the verbal accuracy of the manyBethlehem, 91:enough, ideas constitute the one unpredictable element of the future. Some individual ofBethlehem, 206:we do not enter alone. This is the subjective element in all religious aspiration, and this all theDestiny, 12:a multiplicity in form. As the destructive element in world affairs. This refers to man's use ofDestiny, 35:world thought today is to be found the religious element. Destiny, 65:is not neutral. It is one with the right element in every nation and set against all separate,Destiny, 73:to world thought. If the true Piscean element can be drawn forth and the selfishness and theDiscipleship1action upon the part of the disciple. The time element is also different. In the old days, theDiscipleship1, 50:outer plane. A true comprehension of the time element, with its cyclic ebb and flow and the rightDiscipleship1, 535:you through the right comprehension of the time element and due discrimination between theDiscipleship1, 552:them. In the work of the disciple, the time element counts not. Growth, deep rooted andDiscipleship2, 4:lie ahead, for it is the fusing and illuminating element in the life of the disciple. Let not yourDiscipleship2, 64:pessimism. Desperation is related to the time element and to a correct and discriminativeDiscipleship2, 338:a factual perception of such a nature that the element of time - as evidenced by remoteness, by theDiscipleship2, 339:teaching on Karma (particularly as to the time element) has been terribly prostituted by the purelyDiscipleship2, 376:whole" that which provides the most disturbing element in the existence of mankind. [377] I cannotDiscipleship2, 492:may (I do not say it will, for the constant element of free will must enter in) force each discipleDiscipleship2, 545:which is due to the dominance of the first ray element in your nature, for it conditions your soulDiscipleship2, 590:with Time. This right comprehension of the time element requires the eye of vision, plus rightDiscipleship2, 595:second ray, or first ray people in whom the love element is highly developed, but notDiscipleship2, 734:but its very presence constitutes a disturbing element to you. You neither like nor desire thisEducation, 25:naturally respond to this evocation of the mind element. One of the major functions of those whoEducation, 128:is responsible for him for many years - the time element varying according to the country of birthEducation, 137:for it is in the relation of the sexes that the element of time enters into the experience of theExternalisation, 96:- intuitional and acting as a cohesive element and a fusing factor between humanity and theExternalisation, 118:material forms, and had the positive spiritual element not attached itself to the negative materialExternalisation, 120:to be more clearly defined. Gradually the mental element unfolded among these pioneers just as theExternalisation, 120:among these pioneers just as the intuitive element is today unfolding among the mental types; menExternalisation, 677:is not too harmful in view of the time element, as divinely conceived, and from the point of viewFire, 44:some of them here: There is one universal element with its differentiations. HomogeneousFire, 263:- That blending of the mental and desire element that forms the personality or commonFire, 283:with the attractive measure. It is the psychic element. The physical is the meeting ground ofFire, 363:Mind. The Fourth Race - Kama-manas. The Fourth Element - Water, S. D., I, 95. I, 640. The FourFire, 402:with their transformation into a primal element through the medium of an intermediate stage. 1. InFire, 472:of his prior karma constitutes an important element. For the accomplishment of every action, says,Fire, 490:ease seek to stimulate the radioactivity of the element or atom with which he is working and willFire, 560:Purpose We touch here upon the most vital element in the building of thought-forms. In our firstFire, 653:or Divine Self. Man contains in himself every element found in the universe. S. D., I, 619; III,Fire, 917:and only when they are willing to consider each element and form of every degree as constitutingFire, 966:By means of the pituitary body, the second element of desire or of the form-building energy,Fire, 972:unduly assume too large proportions. The manasic element and the kamic element must be justlyFire, 972:proportions. The manasic element and the kamic element must be justly proportioned, or else will beFire, 1014:in this rule, no mention is made of the fourth element, fire. The reason for this is that theFire, 1062:radiating centers will be found. The word "element" is yet confined to the basic substances in whatFire, 1064:central essential life of the form in which the element under consideration may have place. It isFire, 1179:with the development and fostering of the desire element and its graduates are called "the Sons ofHealing, 21:World thought, strongly tinged with the desire element, and with little in it of real thought. MenHealing, 101:work there is no risk to the healer, but if the element of will enters into his thought or theHealing, 167:themes and subjects as a whole. The synthetic element is as yet lacking. At present, the teachingHealing, 484:by the state or the municipality. This time element has reference mainly to those who are leftHealing, 493:part in the group experience of which he is an element, consciously or unconsciously. The relationHercules, 74:has always been regarded as the symbol or the element related to the Christ plane, called in theHercules, 134:and unity. There is a strongly feminine element in the Libran, and this is natural, since VenusHercules, 211:study and quick reference. Aries, the Ram Element: Fire sign (as are also Leo and Sagittarius).Hercules, 211:the plane of mind, I rule". Taurus, the Bull Element: Earth sign (as are also Virgo and Capricorn).Hercules, 211:is opened, all is illumined". Gemini, the Twins Element: Air sign (as are also Libra and Aquarius).Hercules, 212:of that self I grow and glow". Cancer, the Crab Element: Water sign (as are also Scorpio andHercules, 212:lighted house and therein dwell". Leo, the Lion Element: Fire sign (as are also Aries andHercules, 212:"I am That and That am I". Virgo, the Virgin Element: Earth sign (as are also Taurus andHercules, 213:I, God, I, matter am". [213] Libra, the Balance Element: Air sign (as are also Gemini andHercules, 213:two great lines of force". Scorpio, the Scorpion Element: Water sign (as are also Cancer andHercules, 213:I emerge triumphant". Sagittarius, the Archer Element: Fire sign (as are also Aries and Leo).Hercules, 214:then I see another". [214] Capricorn, the Goat Element: Earth sign (as are also Taurus and Virgo).Hercules, 214:I turn my back". Aquarius, the Water Carrier Element: Air sign (as are also Gemini and Libra).Hercules, 214:forth for thirsty men". Pisces, the Fishes Element: Water sign (as are also Cancer and Scorpio).Initiation, 74:that as the race progresses, the love element between the sexes and its expression will beIntellect, 23:- Jones, Rufus M., The Need for a Spiritual Element in Education, World Unity Magazine, OctoberIntellect, 31:materialistic age is the lack of the spiritual element in our formal education." Some of us feelIntellect, 124:the necessity for what he calls the non-rational element in the answers which we give to theIntellect, 157:or Meister Eckhart, in whose writings the element of the intellect is strongly stressed, and theMagic, 14:on authoritative statements and has in it the element of trust in the writers and speakers, and inMagic, 33:is that subtle something which distinguishes one element from another, one mineral from another. ItMagic, 206:subtle effect of prana (which is the subjective element underlying the air breathed in and out)Magic, 251:by a process that does not involve the time element or spatial concepts at all. Secondly, the mindMagic, 389:plane, and, in this mental age, we have the element of fire entering into the mechanics of livingMagic, 552:work of the retro-active forces and the material element. They will be of the nature of blackMagic, 612:three fires can produce moisture or the watery element. This problem and this phenomenon constituteMeditation, 18:the higher knowledge. It involves also the will element (as might be expected) and results in thePatanjali, 98:by the five fire elements, among which the fire element of odor predominates. Likewise the atom ofPatanjali, 98:from the four fire elements among which the fire element of taste predominates. Likewise the atomPatanjali, 98:from the three fire elements, excluding the fire element of odor and of taste, and among which thePatanjali, 98:of odor and of taste, and among which the fire element of color predominates. Likewise the atom ofPatanjali, 98:beginning with odor and of which two the fire element of touch predominates. Likewise the atom ofPatanjali, 98:Likewise the atom of air from the fire element sound alone." If this idea is extended to thePatanjali, 109:part, even by the vision of a sage, has still an element of illusion, a thin psychical veil,Patanjali, 158:consciousness" (Ganganatha Jha). They are: The element of hearing, or that which produces the ear,Patanjali, 158:produces the ear, - the rudiment of hearing, The element of touch or that which produces thePatanjali, 158:the skin, etc., - the rudiment of touch, The element of sight, or that which produces the eye, ThePatanjali, 158:of sight, or that which produces the eye, The element of taste, or that which produces thePatanjali, 158:that which produces the mechanism of taste. The element of smell, or that which produces thePatanjali, 190:that no problem, no darkness and no [190] time element can hinder, is a man permitted to become thePatanjali, 208:streams upward through the system, as the fiery element makes its presence felt, that which isPatanjali, 224:as subject to the space-idea and the time-element. It should be borne in mind, in this connection,
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