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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELEMENTS

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Astrology, 224:and Leo) must also be blended and thus the four elements as well as six out of the seven rays mustAstrology, 285:produced fusion and blended together the various elements in the German race. This activity isAstrology, 287:the purificatory nature of fire. There are two elements in nature which are connected in the publicAstrology, 374:purified by the elimination of the undesirable elements which hinder the new era and theAstrology, 418:triads, each conditioned by one of the basic elements and thus qualified. These constitute a seriesAtom, 33:all known substances to their very simplest elements, and it was thought not long ago that this hadAtom, 33:of the chemist placed the number of the known elements between seventy and eighty. About twentyAtom, 34:earlier science into numerous lesser bodies. The elements differ according to the number andAtom, 37:matter before the evolution of the chemical elements. The word I have ventured to use for thisAtom, 39:of hydrogen combine [39] with those of other elements, forming the most diverse substances. Do youAtom, 78:not with the differentiated substances or elements, but with the concept of a primordial substance,Atom, 78:the electrons. We noted, also, the fact that the elements differ [79] only according to the numberAtom, 80:of truth in our idea of the atom from which the elements are compounded, it is to be recognized asBethlehem, 39:the past is comprised and its best religious elements are included. The soul of man stands at theBethlehem, 87:as the arrangement without, and as both elements expand, the soul moves towards greatness."Bethlehem, 89:what Dr. Sheldon calls "the three cardinal elements of a great mind, namely, enthusiasm, intuitiveBethlehem, 177:But in so doing, it is possible that the real elements of the story and their highest meaning haveBethlehem, 181:signs themselves represent the basic fundamental elements of life, Fire, Earth, Air and Water." -Bethlehem, 199:to God to appease His wrath, displayed in the elements through storms and earthquakes and physicalBethlehem, 204:that a separative attitude has in it the elements of sin and of evil. When we are separative in ourBethlehem, 250:It was this command of Himself and of the elements of nature, and the undeviating direction of HisBethlehem, 263:for us to begin to blend and unify the deeper elements of the world of reality with the outer life.Destiny, 9:the world and will embody in itself the best elements of the monarchial, the democratic, theDestiny, 53:her effort to standardize and harmonize all the elements within her borders to the point ofDestiny, 118:and the teaching as to the three basic mineral elements. They were driven esoterically and from theDestiny, 118:man - physical, astral and mental. When to these elements the Philosopher's [119] Stone is addedDiscipleship1, 7:remembered, otherwise work will not be possible, elements of danger may enter in and the presentDiscipleship1, 163:Every perfecting organism must have in it those elements of life and power which embody the energyDiscipleship1, 277:bringing together in the bonds of service many elements which might not otherwise fuse and blend.Discipleship1, 279:love of beauty have been the principal training elements in your life. Oft you have been bewilderedDiscipleship1, 406:are a good conductor of force and of the pranic elements and through you unimpeded (relativelyDiscipleship1, 573:you to eliminate out of your consciousness all elements of hurry and thus begin to deal with thatDiscipleship2, 6:endeavored to remove out of this group those elements which might perchance have handicapped it,Discipleship2, 107:of all degrees. It is this interplay of diverse elements that enriches an Ashram and tendsDiscipleship2, 205:meditation is entirely devoid of personality elements. It is in the nature of a constant andEducation, viii:will find its proper setting. Here we have the elements of a complete theory, as follows: (a)Education, ix:things through" is good Dewey doctrine. As the elements of unfamiliarity diminish, understanding isEducation, 8:what he sees and hears. Thus are laid the elements of the arts and crafts, of drawing and of music.Externalisation, 122:and master the forces of nature and of the elements, but none of it was the result of humanExternalisation, 131:itself in an ability to absorb vastly divergent elements and yet to present equal opportunity toExternalisation, 132:out in these three groups of interrelated elements and differing national ideals. The U.S.S.R. willExternalisation, 192:religions. It is surely to foster the best elements in any national government to which the peopleExternalisation, 290:is the symbol. Man is rapidly mastering the four elements. He cultivates the earth; he rides theExternalisation, 301:I deal here. Such leadership is called forth by elements present in humanity itself. I deal nowExternalisation, 453:churches, through their conservative elements (their most powerful elements), are already girdingExternalisation, 453:their conservative elements (their most powerful elements), are already girding themselves. ThoseExternalisation, 453:it will also be precipitated by the enlightened elements who exist in fair numbers already, and areExternalisation, 665:vociferously fought by the selfish and ambitious elements. Nevertheless, the work of this Master isExternalisation, 668:by the warring and conflicting ambitious elements in every nation (without exception) - these areExternalisation, 668:major Ashram is therefore confronted with two elements in every land and nation: those people whoFire, 148:or to that synthesis of the spiritual elements that will result in their conscious return (theFire, 188:and note 123; S. D., II, 600, 674, 675, 676. The elements are the progenitors of the senses. - S.Fire, 193:which of course rules the lower quaternary of elements, air, fire, water and earth. Human sound orFire, 193:sound or language contains therefore all the elements required to move the different classes ofFire, 193:to move the different classes of Devas and those elements are of course the vowels and theFire, 219:which of course rules the lower quaternary or elements, air, fire, water and earth. Human sound orFire, 219:sound or language contains therefore all the elements required to move the different classes ofFire, 219:to move the different classes of Devas and those elements are of course the vowels and theFire, 288:The atomic school - System of particulars. Elements. Alchemy and chemistry. The Sankhya school -Fire, 402:of divine alchemy, which is based on the five elements, and is concerned with their transformationFire, 402:between the process of transforming the five elements, esoterically understood, and the finalFire, 486:intellectual development to that of the mineral elements, and builders whom they would control, isFire, 486:the setting loose of the power inherent in all elements and all atoms of chemistry, and in all trueFire, 486:is possible only when a man has transmuted the elements in his own vehicles; then only can he beFire, 488:reaction visualized in connection with different elements, atoms, and forms. To return to ourFire, 524:and thus temporarily 'purify' the Earth from elements which would tend to hinder the evolutionaryFire, 640:[640] statement that man is at the "mercy of the elements." Man can physically be burned andFire, 640:forces which will control the fiery destructive elements. 8 The "entified" nature of all substanceFire, 679:as: The furnaces of purifications. The melting elements. The gods of incense. It is impossible toFire, 702:particularly, and its relation to these gaseous elements. The heart will be found to be not onlyFire, 716:kingdom it affected certain of the minerals and elements, and the radioactive substances made theirFire, 735:into corruption," and becoming "scattered to the elements." Objective man fades out, and is no moreFire, 748:dissipation. The noise discordant of the warring elements greets the oncoming One, and deters HimFire, 764:of equilibrium, or of suspension, in which the "elements are consumed with fervent heat." TheFire, 882:The atomic school - System of particulars. Elements. Alchemy and chemistry. The Sankhya school -Fire, 882:The four basic admissions. The four ready Elements. The four grades of Initiation. Yajna Vidya -Fire, 917:or the key to the processes whereby the elements as we know them can be disintegrated andFire, 931:are in many groups connected with the differing elements, metals, chemicals, and minerals, and withFire, 1021:independent and fix the place of the vitalizing elements within the form, and give them an impetusFire, 1060:and physicist deal, when working with the elements, as it is of the forms in the vegetable kingdom,Fire, 1062:between the different forms of life, and the "elements" in every kingdom, and those unifyingFire, 1067:This process of rendering radioactive all the elements has, as we have seen, occupied students downFire, 1067:of the middle ages beginning with the simpler elements and starting with the mineral kingdom soughtFire, 1071:furnaces which exert an influence upon the elements in the mineral world, and which resolve theseFire, 1071:the mineral kingdom to that which converts the elements into those wondrous jewels, the diamond,Fire, 1077:or the central positive nucleus in all atoms and elements. The monad in the vegetable kingdom, orFire, 1141:for in them men and angels, minerals and elements, animals and vegetables, kingdoms and groups,Fire, 1168:marriage of the atoms, and the romance of the elements. It serves to perpetuate the life of theFire, 1209:enlightenment regarding the constitution of the elements of the human kingdom and its principles,Glamour, 142:Glamor It will be apparent to you that there are elements of danger in this work. Unless theHealing, 197:indicating that the blood stream conveys certain elements released by the glands. It does not yetHealing, 240:to every part of the body those essential elements of which we know so little and which areHealing, 246:organism and its reduction to its essential elements - chemical and mineral, plus certain inorganicHealing, 390:back the body to the source of its constituent elements and of restoring the soul to the source ofHealing, 414:into corruption" and becoming "scattered to the elements." Objective man fades out and is no moreHealing, 434:dissolution of the body and the return of its elements, atoms and cells, to their originatingHealing, 435:and connote the return of the physical body elements to the original reservoir of matter, and ofHealing, 462:of the coma prevailing will be known, and the elements of hope or of despair will no longerHealing, 470:entire process of the focusing of the spiritual elements in the etheric body, with the subsequentHealing, 635:together again eventually and reabsorbs those elements of its life which were temporarily isolated
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