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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELEMENTS

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Healing, 691:the personality has achieved his goal, and those elements which have composed his three vehiclesHercules, 29:a complete story which is full of instructive elements. I would like to point out for the sake ofHercules, 44:cosmical and spiritual, they represent the basic elements resembling our human principles. The signInitiation, 32:for instance, certain of the minerals or elements received an added stimulation, and becameInitiation, 200:difficult one, and one which holds in it the elements of danger for the man who undertakes tooInitiation, 217:Ego involved. Elementals The Spirits of the Elements; the creatures involved in the four kingdoms,Initiation, 217:the creatures involved in the four kingdoms, or elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Except a fewIntellect, 4:taking place... Out of this meeting of elements is already arising the dim outline of a philosophyIntellect, 5:is seeking to bring these hitherto discordant elements together, touches on this in the followingIntellect, 5:to take place through the development of those elements of our psyche which are analogous to thoseIntellect, 5:such discipline as the Yoga joins with the sober elements of Western psychology and a sane systemIntellect, 185:within, he overcame all dangers from the elements without..." "He was a being perfect in theIntellect, 187:that is to say, we cut up realities into elements in order to understand them; but when they areIntellect, 187:are put together to make the original whole, its elements stand out too conspicuously defined, andMagic, 29:and dependencies. The [29] chemicals and elements, and the functions and parts they play, and theirMagic, 30:this produces a falling apart into its essential elements of that which has hitherto been regardedMagic, 34:forms; names have been selected and given to the elements, and the minerals, the forms of vegetableMagic, 215:(the one Master in the head) upon it. The gross elements constituting that body are "driven forth"Magic, 450:and dependencies. The chemicals and elements and the functions and parts they play, and theirMagic, 451:produces that falling apart into its essential elements of that which has hitherto been regarded asMagic, 549:the significance and purpose of the four elements - earth, water, fire and air, and, esotericallyMagic, 637:a group, which has been devitalized of its best elements and which has in it only those people whoMeditation, 14:a plan for practice that carries in it the elements of safety and of universality. When a teacherMeditation, 65:should the groups contain undesirable elements. Certain things, therefore, have to be ascertainedMeditation, 88:reasoning of lower mind; they also contain elements of danger if submitted to the unready. SomeMeditation, 119:is not adjusted to a man's need carries with it elements of danger, for the vibrations set up onMeditation, 151:how the two have to merge and their individual elements be fused into one. The line of form is, forMeditation, 181:who can constructively control the destructive elements, bending them into line with theMeditation, 352:Ego involved. Elementals The Spirits of the Elements; the creatures involved in the four kingdoms,Meditation, 352:the creatures involved in the four kingdoms, or elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Except a fewPatanjali, 35:or principles, or upon the tanmatras or [35] elements composing spirit-matter, a knowledge of thePatanjali, 98:the occultist and is the result of the subtler elements producing its manifestation. The grosserPatanjali, 98:producing its manifestation. The grosser elements produce the form; but within that gross form is aPatanjali, 98:atom of earth is produced by the five fire elements, among which the fire element of odorPatanjali, 98:the atom of water is produced from the four fire elements among which the fire element of tastePatanjali, 98:the atom of fire is produced from the three fire elements, excluding the fire element of odor andPatanjali, 98:the atom of wind is produced from the two fire elements beginning with odor and of which two thePatanjali, 99:as follows: "The grosser objects are only the elements and everything manufactured out of them. ThePatanjali, 112:mobility and inertia); it consists of the elements and the sense organs. The use of these producesPatanjali, 140:and the four noble truths and the four basic elements form the sum total of this knowledge. ThePatanjali, 141:more becoming when Ill's root is cut." The four elements have been stated for us in the followingPatanjali, 141:"The Golden Egg was surrounded by seven natural Elements, four ready (ether, fire, air, water),Patanjali, 153:and molecular construction and as to the basic elements which give to that substance its specificPatanjali, 153:we call matter: Atoms, Molecular matter, The elements, The three gunas or qualities, The tattvas orPatanjali, 153:mobility and inertia); it consists of the elements and the sense organs. The use of these producesPatanjali, 154:sentence, and the words, "the qualities," "the elements," "the senses," "evolution" andPatanjali, 154:later intelligently appreciates them. The great elements of earth, water, fire and air play theirPatanjali, 154:in the phenomenal world, the same qualities and elements as in himself, and his knowledge rapidlyPatanjali, 155:from the control of the world of form, of the elements and of the senses. He uses them; they noPatanjali, 155:are divided into: 1. The specific manifested elements, form, 2. The unspecific the senses, forcePatanjali, 157:to the tangible objective world. The five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. These arePatanjali, 342:must remember that this does not refer to the elements as we have them, but has relation to thePatanjali, 342:of each plane as well as to the mastery of elements composing that plane. It has reference to thePatanjali, 342:are named 'gross.' This is the first form of the elements. The second form is their respectivePatanjali, 342:and which runs as follows: "Mastery over the elements, from the sanyama with the reference toPatanjali, 344:nature of the specific characteristics of the elements. Subtlety, or quality. The basic atomicPatanjali, 344:upon the five distinctive forms of all the elements, the knower has arrived at a knowledge of allPatanjali, 347:aspect of divinity, the mental plane. All the elements obey this force of will as used by thePatanjali, 347:concerns the power of the adept to deal with the elements in their five forms and produce with themPatanjali, 347:Creative power, the seventh siddhi, concerns the elements and their vitalizing, so that they becomePatanjali, 352:five methods put him en rapport with the five elements and when this is realized, the infinitePatanjali, 352:When the relation of the five senses to the five elements is understood, and the Law of VibrationPatanjali, 368:the pradhana (spirit-matter A.B.) to the bhutas (elements, forms A. B.), as also to all conditionsProblems, 12:all nations have within them these anti-social elements. Self-interest distinguishes most men atProblems, 16:the old order and the demand of the reactionary elements can be heard in every country, plus theProblems, 21:of the world, particularly by its conservative elements, and this for two reasons: first, theProblems, 68:the three Great Powers, the fusion of the many elements composing their nationals into a unitedProblems, 68:without exception there are the good and the bad elements; there are progressive and reactionaryProblems, 74:19th centuries, the condition of the laboring elements of the population became acutely bad; livingPsychology1, 131:would see the dim glow of the light within the elements which constitute the body, and the lightPsychology1, 174:the country (by death or exile) some of its best elements. Yet behind all the mistakes and cruelty,Psychology1, 200:and thus earth, air, fire and water (the four elements) prepare him for the great liberation andPsychology1, 219:hold latent those sustaining and vitalizing elements from which other forms draw their sustenance.Psychology1, 221:and geometrically perfect structure of the elements, as revealed by the microscope and by a studyPsychology1, 224:must remember that we are not dealing with the elements and atoms, as we study this kingdom. TheyPsychology1, 225:Just as science has discovered the ninety-two elements so that the list of the possible elements isPsychology1, 225:elements so that the list of the possible elements is relatively complete, so eventually sciencePsychology1, 229:wrought into the consciousness of its atoms and elements through the experience of externalization.Psychology1, 386:her effort to standardize and harmonize all the elements within her borders, to the exclusion,Psychology2, 90:An increasingly scientific control of the elements in which we live, and of the forces of nature.Psychology2, 245:Though this Hierarchy has in it all the seven elements which constitute the primary differentiationPsychology2, 498:occupation and so drive out the undesirable elements in the life through the dynamic expulsiveRays, 30:grasp and realize it) it destroys as by fire all elements of self-will. As the energy of ShamballaRays, 72:aloofness and which in no way feeds in him those elements which are of a personality nature; heRays, 324:or recommendation. In these institutions the elements of true esotericism will be taught, thoughRays, 671:active; the negative and the positive elements affect each other, and the light in the head shinesReappearance, 114:but Thine be done." Submission has in it the elements of conquest by circumstances and of aSoul, 63:descriptions they make of their first and second elements I shall not here discuss, though diversSoul, 67:and intelligence, and endows all chemical elements it forms with the properties they are known toSoul, 71:such discipline as the Yoga joins with the sober elements of Western psychology and a sane systemSoul, 98:disintegrates and is resolved to its original elements, each atom takes with it sufficient Prana toSoul, 149:towers high above all the other differentiating elements; it is the spiritual element. The creativeTelepathy, 125:in nature, the human kingdom. These are the elements of the occult science and - for students suchTelepathy, 188:men work with outer forms, with the tangible elements and with material factors. The "units" in the
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