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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELEVATED

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Astrology, 385:on sometimes under the impulse of love) is elevated into its rightful plane as the divine marriage,Discipleship1, 48:that your motives and attitudes could be more elevated or purer. And even if they are - for you -Discipleship1, 766:which lies beyond himself, to attain to the more elevated states of consciousness in the life ofDiscipleship1, 767:He is an initiate of high standing and of elevated degree and has passed out of the supervision andDiscipleship2, 108:primarily value spiritual status, kudos or an elevated position? We cannot. All we can do is toDiscipleship2, 545:ground whereas the whole problem should be elevated to mental levels. Think this out and then carryFire, 585:sex expression, as we know it, is transmuted and elevated; sex is only the physical planeFire, 1073:the kingdom in which it has been, and is elevated into another kingdom in which the cycle is againGlamour, 75:potent a teacher in life expression as the more elevated and less material requirements of theHealing, 451:in conflict which has, figuratively speaking, elevated the mineral kingdom into the skies and whichHealing, 688:or receive as coming to them from some high and elevated source, whereas they are in allHercules, 143:his dilemma in the light of wisdom and in the elevated atmosphere of searching [144] thought. FromMagic, 405:of all, humanity must have its consciousness elevated to the mental plane; it must be expanded soMeditation, 136:of pure living and controlled pure emotions and elevated thought. You will notice that I said thatPatanjali, 96:the level on which the adept works the more elevated the ideas touched and the simpler or morePatanjali, 137:in the highest planetary Spirit and the most elevated spiritual existence. All that is possible inProblems, 77:Unions have done noble work. Labor has been elevated into its rightful place in the life of thePsychology2, 30:into the One Life is the nature of this elevated state of consciousness. Freedom from all that isPsychology2, 91:and abstract concepts of which the most elevated human consciousness is capable? I commend thisPsychology2, 142:the third ray aspirant, as they emerge from the elevated consciousness of Those for whom the firstPsychology2, 544:the energies are finally gathered up and "elevated" as the esoteric term usually employedPsychology2, 548:and is then reabsorbed into the lower only to be elevated again and again until the higher centerPsychology2, 554:all the forces of the body which have been "elevated" are driven downwards again, putting the manRays, 130:those Members of the Great Council Who are of so elevated a consciousness and vibration that onlyRays, 134:in a conflict which has, figuratively speaking, elevated the mineral kingdom into the skies andRays, 277:written these opening remarks because it is this elevated understanding of brotherhood whichRays, 285:of Rule XIII. Its meaning lies beyond your most elevated comprehension. It concerns theRays, 285:past) that the obvious meaning - no matter how elevated - is not that with which we shall deal. ItRays, 432:where it either controls or is transmuted and elevated. It is this triple mechanism in the head -
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