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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELEVATION

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Astrology, 627:the consummation of the task of matter and its elevation into heaven. In Pisces, you have theDiscipleship1, 23:- will have a wider objective than just the elevation of humanity. The potent rhythm which animatesDiscipleship2, 122:will directed from the head and resulting in the elevation of all the energies to the head, just asEducation, 44:his present struggle for world betterment, group elevation and natural self-determination with aEducation, 58:and [58] unusable, yet it tends to the general elevation of the mental process. The output of men'sFire, 815:problem may be regarded as one calling for the elevation of the inner consciousness of the humanFire, 874:by the spiritual aspect. It signifies the elevation of the material aspect through the influence ofFire, 1217:Progress. This is sometimes called "the Law of Elevation" for it concerns the mysteries of groupFire, 1218:much to the general nature of his own group. The elevation of a unit results in the raising of theFire, 1220:factor. 5. Law of Group Progress. The Law of Elevation. The Mountain and the Goat. ProgressiveGlamour, 258:to centers which should be in "process of elevation" as it is esoterically called; this increasesHealing, 127:It is that process of decentralization and "elevation" of the lower consciousness to the higherHealing, 672:on the summit of a high mountain; from that elevation both time and space are totally negated, forHercules, 228:symbolism of the three-headed dog portrays the elevation of the personality, the triple matterPatanjali, 29:either supernormal or not, it be, by virtue of elevation, aware of the inadequateness of objects -Psychology1, 306:the animal nature under rhythmic discipline, the elevation of the emotional and the instinctualPsychology1, 315:which will greatly hasten the evolution and elevation of humanity, and the unfoldment of the humanPsychology2, 174:Energy 5. The Law of Group Progress The Law of Elevation The Mountain and the Goat ProgressivePsychology2, 179:more rapidly. Hence this law is called that of Elevation. The time has now come when this method ofPsychology2, 545:of the awakened energies which are in process of elevation and those of the center into which thePsychology2, 546:to hasten and facilitate the processes of elevation. Then (under right direction and guidance plusPsychology2, 548:disease. The stage wherein the "processes of elevation" are taking place, producing intensePsychology2, 549:be found. Occultly speaking, any process of elevation or of "raising up" automatically involvesTelepathy, 117:energies there, prior to their transmutation and elevation to the higher center, the heart center.
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