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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELIMINATION

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Astrology, 374:learnt; whereby the world may be purified by the elimination of the undesirable elements whichAstrology, 516:of their [516] assimilation and transference or elimination. Unless, however, there is someAstrology, 588:To offset this and eventually bring about the elimination of the influence of the dark forces fromDiscipleship1, 50:through the use of patient waiting and the elimination of hurry. All these powers, the discipleDiscipleship1, 148:holds for you much successful work, if right elimination of non-essential activities (with aDiscipleship1, 192:A wise conservation of energy and the elimination of non-essential activity is for you desirable atDiscipleship1, 242:therefore, at self-improvement and at the elimination of those personality faults which stand inDiscipleship1, 247:in your group of fellow disciples and in the elimination - as I have earlier told you - of yourDiscipleship1, 332:Yours is by the right control of speech and the elimination of all reference to personalityDiscipleship1, 388:you to enrich your service through the wise elimination of those factors which produce a uselessDiscipleship1, 514:a harmless handling of the personality. The elimination of criticism will render you harmless whereDiscipleship1, 568:you in their application and are not simply the elimination of those things which it hurts you notDiscipleship1, 569:to the higher impression. Fourth month...The elimination of those habits which tend to cloud theDiscipleship1, 586:months, I have noted your earnest efforts at the elimination of criticism. A great facility forDiscipleship1, 617:attention, a controlled personality life and the elimination of all feverish effort along any lineDiscipleship1, 685:fuller recognition by mankind, there must be the elimination of all hate and all sense ofDiscipleship2, 402:must also be remembered that a great process of elimination is forever going on, accompanied by aDiscipleship2, 458:Earth. A great safeguard for you exists in the elimination of all personality problems - yours orDiscipleship2, 489:the recognition of your surroundings, plus the elimination of all surprise or the expectation ofDiscipleship2, 512:problem - simplification. This involves the elimination of imaginative reactions, all hintedDiscipleship2, 551:and when to be silent, remembering that the elimination of possessiveness and of self-referenceDiscipleship2, 678:the work and rob it of all potency by a drastic elimination of any word or phrase or paragraphDiscipleship2, 735:to the growth of glamors) and [735] in the elimination of non-essentials. Go forward, therefore, inEducation, 74:our immediate educational objectives must be the elimination of the competitive spirit and theExternalisation, 45:of death is not contingent upon the [45] elimination of bodily ills, but upon the establishing ofExternalisation, 103:impossible. I have not been interested in the elimination of hindering faults for the individual'sExternalisation, 221:inevitably with it the seeds of its own eventual elimination and the unavoidable results of pain,Externalisation, 243:sacrifices are essential attitudes, prior to the elimination of the hindrances which stand in theExternalisation, 244:selfishness. The practical aspect of the mode of elimination of the hindrances can also be simplyFire, 184:a dual effect of great interest: It causes the elimination of all matter that is coarse andFire, 813:its scientific development; it will cause the elimination of marital troubles, and the abolition ofFire, 910:in the future will be a tendency towards the elimination of noise, owing to the increasedGlamour, 24:it as giving us seven keys to the secret of the elimination of glamor. The formula (which is notGlamour, 66:This mastery is achieved by mastering. This elimination of desire is brought about by consciousHealinggrowing interest. Processes of adjustment, of elimination and of cure engage the minds of allHealing, 41:also that sometimes this working out and elimination may well bring about the death of thatHealing, 76:the process of intake, of assimilation, and of elimination. The etheric body itself and theHealing, 107:primarily through the organs of assimilation and elimination. I seek here to emphasize one point.Healing, 109:of right methods of assimilation and elimination will come the healing of diseases connected withHealing, 109:are only another system of assimilation and elimination, centered this time in the feminine aspectHealing, 138:in the body, via the soul, through stimulation, elimination and eventual stabilization. ThisHealing, 193:begin with any physical emphasis to work at the elimination of disease or disharmony. He beginsHealing, 313:and is a basic way of purification and of elimination. It is an indicator and not a disease inHealing, 323:definite prolongation of human life, and in the elimination of many dire physical scourges whichHealing, 334:for himself. There is no group diet. No enforced elimination of meat is required or strictHealing, 373:such as the allopathic, call for a process of elimination in order to arrive at the vital and trueHealing, 375:of it will persist; all that is needed is the elimination of the undesirable and the misunderstoodHealing, 391:body, are dealt with in this first point. The elimination of the life principle and theHealing, 394:concepts are therefore forgotten; the idea of elimination also enters in so that right focus isHealing, 395:both the heart and the head centers. The Art of Elimination. This refers to two activities of theHealing, 395:activities of the inner spiritual man; i.e., the elimination of all control by the threefold lowerHealing, 407:This concerns the Art of Dying. The Process of Elimination. This governs that period of the life ofHealing, 407:other worlds of human evolution. It concerns the elimination of the astral-mental body by the soul,Healing, 409:takes place. This phase covers the Process of Elimination. When these two phases of the Art ofHealing, 409:(temporarily by the phases of Restitution and Elimination) from all contamination by substance.Healing, 434:atoms and cells, to their originating source. Elimination, involving the same basic process inHealing, 471:or absorbs it, and there is then complete elimination of all that interferes with Sound. SilenceHealing, 472:dense physical body, leading eventually to an elimination of all soul contact in the three worlds. Healing, 477:and must be destroyed before the second stage of elimination is finally complete. We will touchHealing, 478:act to which I have given the name "The Art of Elimination." One thought emerges as we concludeHealing, 479:Before taking up our theme (which is the Art of Elimination), I want to answer two questions whichHealing, 486: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination CHAPTER VI The Art of Elimination To takeHealing, 486:- The Art of Elimination CHAPTER VI The Art of Elimination To take up again the thread of ourHealing, 486:of astral matter and committed to a period of elimination within the illusory area of the astralHealing, 487:body, they are faced with the problem of elimination of the astral body, but they have little to doHealing, 487:undeveloped and average persons who, after the elimination of the kamic or desire body, have littleHealing, 487:of its shadow in the three worlds. The art of elimination falls, therefore, into three categories:Healing, 490: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination Activities Immediately After DeathHealing, 493: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination Having completed this "isolating ofHealing, 494:pursued by man prior to the act or acts of elimination. These four activities cover varying periodsHealing, 494:is ready for the second death and for the entire elimination of the kamic body or of theHealing, 495:so. It may therefore be assumed that the Art of Elimination is practiced more definitely and moreHealing, 495:living, and they realize then that, prior to the elimination of the kamic, kama-manasic or manasicHealing, 496: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination The Devachan Experience I would also pointHealing, 496:that this conscious undertaking of the art of elimination, and this awareness of process andHealing, 496:the man is aware of past and present; when elimination is complete and the hour of [497] soulHealing, 499: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination Tenth Law of Healing I would like now toHealing, 501: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination We come now to the enunciation of a new lawHealing, 505:integration. The state of mind of the soul. The elimination of the thought-form of the personality.Healing, 515:- Chapter VII - The Processes of Integration The Elimination of the Personality Thought-form InHealing, 515:An opportunity for initiation. That the elimination of the thought-form of the personality, whichHealing, 518:Because of this happening, the death or the elimination of the personality is the first activity inHealing, 518:word "destroyed." The structure - at the time of elimination - persists, but its separate life hasHealing, 660:the form. The result of this can either be the elimination of the disease and the securing ofHealing, 665:man, and secondly, that the mode of their elimination will also become known. I deal not here withHercules, 9:work to be done has for its prime objective the elimination of all fear and the control of theHercules, 48:conduct where sex is concerned. We shall see the elimination of promiscuity, with its attendantInitiation, 198:- "Make haste slowly." A process of gradual elimination is usually the path of wisdom, and thisIntellect, 105:without wavering or distraction. It involves the elimination of all that is foreign or extraneousMagic, 14:method, and the utilization of test, the elimination of that which cannot be proved, and theMagic, 84:destiny. The time is not yet, and the work of elimination and adjustment must be slow and tedious. Magic, 99:In the animal kingdom the effect will be the elimination of pain and suffering and a return to theMagic, 163:constructive thinking there will be the gradual elimination of disease. As yet, though many desire,Magic, 166:bear upon the purifying of his vehicles and the elimination of all that he recognizes as liable toMagic, 187:valuable time will perforce be given to the elimination and nullifying of the effects of the chelasMagic, 205:disastrous to the neophyte. Assimilation and elimination are laws of the soul life as well as ofMagic, 345:can bring the [345] intellect to bear on the elimination of fear in the astral body. The mentalMagic, 428:sense, the growth of telepathic interplay, the elimination of the non-essentials which serve toMagic, 428:the work of world salvage may go forward, the elimination out of one's life of all that canMagic, 472:The necessity for clear thinking and the elimination of idle, destructive and negative thoughts
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