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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELIMINATIVE

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Autobiography, 196:I added that we made our work deliberately eliminative, only keeping those who would really workAutobiography, 282:working disciples, its curriculum is definitely eliminative. The work you are asked to do is notDiscipleship1, 685:that its effect upon him, as a personality, is eliminative and evocative. Those two words cover theDiscipleship2, 87:trains disciples. Its curriculum is therefore eliminative. Its standard cannot be lowered. It isDiscipleship2, 198:attained. Think on this. Meditation is also eliminative in its effects and (if I may use such aHealing, 488:emotion. These three types of people all use an eliminative process of a similar nature, but employHealing, 496:dense physical and etheric bodies, and as the eliminative process is undertaken, the man is awareHealing, 497:my intention to elaborate the technique of the eliminative process. Humanity is at so manyIntellect, 169:of communication eventually is direct and eliminative from the soul to the mind, and from the mindMagic, 68:concerned. But having through this triple eliminative process arrived at a certain position casesMeditation, 199:three bodies will be clairvoyantly studied; the eliminative effect on the matter of those bodiesPatanjali, 202:the Path of Purification or of Probation, this eliminative process is commenced; on the Path ofPatanjali, 309:Sacral - generative organs, Base of spine - eliminative organs, kidneys, bladder. [310] TheseRays, 605:of conflict, its naturally separative and eliminative effect and its power to condition not onlyRays, 735:force of the initiate, and at the same time are eliminative in their effects. In this fact lies a
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