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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELLISON

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Autobiography, 114:It was a larger community and I was closer to Ellison Sanford, one of the loveliest people andAutobiography, 114:fall I began to be ill again. My youngest girl, Ellison, was due in January and in one of his fitsAutobiography, 115:right. The doctor who had taken care of me when Ellison was born was very greatly concerned andAutobiography, 116:completely uncontrolled temper. In the meantime, Ellison had been taken frightfully ill withAutobiography, 116:hot summer's day, during that dreadful time. Ellison was lying dangerously ill on a quilt on theAutobiography, 116:as well as my physicians. I was advised to take Ellison after this up to San Francisco to theAutobiography, 116:Hospital and see if something could be done. Ellison Sanford took the two other children, in spiteAutobiography, 122:of the doctor who had looked after me when Ellison was born and who had seen me with bruises allAutobiography, 143:I found that my karma with my youngest daughter, Ellison, is largely physical. I had saved her lifeAutobiography, 143:today she is the strongest member of the family. Ellison shows no sign of needing me now. She isAutobiography, 161:close [161] ever since. His introduction to Ellison was making friends with a fat and very dirtyAutobiography, 226:very artistic and devoted to her husband. Later, Ellison married a fellow-officer of Terence's,
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