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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELUCIDATE

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Astrology, 99:life, which the orthodox horoscope seeks to elucidate. It only determines his little destiny andAstrology, 245:is better understood. This I shall further elucidate when we come to study the Science of TrianglesAstrology, 284:meaning clearly and there is no need for me to elucidate. On the ordinary wheel, the command goesAstrology, 298:concisely what it would take many pages to elucidate and because they have that note of esotericAstrology, 301:the influence of which she was endeavoring to elucidate. So potent was the influence of thisAstrology, 347:and the Omega. These points I will endeavor to elucidate in greater detail when taking up with youBethlehem, 175:of books and commentaries have attempted to elucidate its meaning and to explain the significanceBethlehem, 203:The question of evil is too large to elucidate at length, but it might be defined simply asDiscipleship1, 252:need not, after all your training, that I should elucidate: The focusing of attention in the head.Discipleship1, 390:physical plane man, and the Presence. It might elucidate matters if we considered for a moment whatDiscipleship1, 392:and fifth questions please answer in writing and elucidate as clearly as may be. Elucidate theDiscipleship1, 392:in writing and elucidate as clearly as may be. Elucidate the following phrases, taken from a veryDiscipleship2, 314:obvious meaning, and I would like somewhat to elucidate. Men are apt to think that the entireDiscipleship2, 333:the individual. This is not an easy matter to elucidate to a group of people who are still soDiscipleship2, 389:forth in the beauty of revelation. In seeking to elucidate these hints for you I am not doing workDiscipleship2, 434:the three words which I have been attempting to elucidate for you brings in, however, anDiscipleship2, 743:Now learn the reverse side of this truth. I will elucidate no further, for your own thinking shouldEducation, xii:methods and ideas. The objective is to elucidate the cultural unfoldment of the race and toExternalisation, 157:definitely fortunate for you. I may not further elucidate. The second thing which you do is then toFire, 51:and let us take them in order, leaving time to elucidate their significance. First we might sayFire, 79:much of illumination and much that will serve to elucidate problems both macrocosmic andFire, 136:is here essential, and it will be necessary to elucidate somewhat this rather abstruse subject. TheFire, 150:of fire another angle of expression may perhaps elucidate. The third Logos is fire in matter. HeFire, 161:with that which does not concern them. I seek to elucidate somewhat and to give a new angle ofFire, 223:clarified. The subject we are undertaking to elucidate is one of profound mystery, and is the basisFire, 296:certain facts, not pausing to elaborate or to elucidate, but simply making various statements whichFire, 323:this connection the question of sex may serve to elucidate. The karmic tie between the two HeavenlyFire, 414:a female chain. This is a mystery impossible to elucidate further, but it is dealt with in certainFire, 624:corresponds to the brain [624] in man. I can elucidate this no further, but the few words hereFire, 722:subject. For purposes of clarity and in order to elucidate a matter of extreme difficulty to theFire, 1196:concerning these hierarchies which may serve to elucidate that contained in the Secret DoctrineGlamour, 74:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor Let me now elucidate these glamorous for you a little more inHealing, 24:of disease and its forms; it seeks to elucidate the subject of and the vital causes of suchHealing, 30:my intention in this present short treatise to elucidate the primary laws. I but state them, and atHealing, 293:he shares. It is obviously impossible for me to elucidate this theme. All I can do or am permittedHealing, 471:subject at this time that I shall not attempt to elucidate. You do not know enough about the Law ofHealing, 706:to the healing work, and interpret them and elucidate them. They are susceptible of threeInitiation, 186:remember that words serve more to blind than to elucidate, and that the briefest details only areMagic, 5:public thought as to the constitution of man. Elucidate the problem of the supernormal powers, [6]Magic, 13:in the three worlds, and then will seek to elucidate the true nature of the soul of man and of theMagic, 512:will merit careful thought and which I will elucidate somewhat. God breathes and His pulsating lifeMagic, 543:for me to do full justice to this rule and to elucidate the work on etheric levels, and hence theMagic, 601:isolate, those subsidiary points which serve to elucidate and clarify the main essentials. AfterMeditation, 9:hence its institution. I would, in order duly to elucidate, take up the study of this topic underMeditation, 11:atom in the spiritual Triad. Later I will elucidate this further. [12] Hence may easily be seen theMeditation, 20:Let me illustrate, if in any way I can elucidate the matter; accuracy of comprehension is desired.Meditation, 56:wide of the mark and beside the question? Let me elucidate. The microcosm has but to repeat theMeditation, 140:four things which we will separately take up and elucidate. These things, if duly assimilated andMeditation, 170:and lay down certain rules which will serve to elucidate when the time comes. This first line isMeditation, 264:enumerate still other definitions, and further elucidate the matter for you, but that impartedPatanjali, 89:hidden scriptures runs as follows and serves to elucidate the idea of this sutra: "Within the speckPatanjali, 98:translation the following words may serve to elucidate, and, if meditated upon by the more advancedPatanjali, 389:of the great teacher Vyasa may serve to elucidate the meaning. It should also be borne in mind thatPatanjali, 394:place. A paraphrase of the sutra might serve to elucidate, and might be expressed as follows: NoPsychology1, 222:is intended to be a practical attempt to elucidate the new psychology, and as its objective is toPsychology1, 271:of the natural processes and of his mate, nor to elucidate his foolish misunderstanding of the LawPsychology1, 336:major initiation, and I may not further [336] elucidate here. Suffice it to say that the sacredPsychology1, 363:Incoming Seventh Ray It might be wise here to elucidate somewhat the idea underlying ceremonial andPsychology2, 85:of the world and those who have attempted to elucidate them, have been occupied with imparting toPsychology2, 119:motives, and oft fanaticism. This we will later elucidate. This law is the imposition upon thePsychology2, 325:Fire which, if duly studied, will serve to elucidate the early problem of the soul's impulse toPsychology2, 378:study of the Technique of Duality would serve to elucidate the relationship which should existPsychology2, 391:phrase for his ray. Let me paraphrase or elucidate each of them, inadequately perforce owing to thePsychology2, 468:time is brief and I seek to indicate and not to elucidate in detail. I can only point out to youPsychology2, 519:aid and liberate man. This we shall endeavor to elucidate as one of the points in Volume III of APsychology2, 521:I would like here to point out and will later elucidate and that is the relation of the variousPsychology2, 544:used in this last paragraph for it will serve to elucidate my theme. I use therefore the wordsPsychology2, 672:World Servers. Secondly, they must clarify and elucidate those basic principles of right living,Psychology2, 687:us and it is fruitless (as well as forbidden) to elucidate them in their deepest meaning. TheyRays, 147:but the expression of this relationship may elucidate the problem somewhat, and the aspirant orRays, 173:the Father are One." This He also attempted to elucidate in the seventeenth chapter of St. John'sRays, 714:the ray angle incidentally, for I want to elucidate for you the nature of the will in some clearTelepathy, 12:rapport and alignment. It is my intention to elucidate further this science of communication, whichTelepathy, 42:This is by no means an easy subject for me to elucidate, and the reasons are two: The members ofTelepathy, 176:and the soul fades out." This, I may not further elucidate. I have here given a somewhat new slantTelepathy, 181:Much that I have given you here will serve to elucidate that which I have written upon esoteric
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