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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELUCIDATED

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Externalisation, 251:that it would serve a most useful purpose if I elucidated somewhat the theme of the new InvocationFire, 556:manifestation is grasped, many problems become elucidated, and two points especially will graduallyFire, 809:race unless the true nature of the "psyche" is elucidated. When the public mind has apprehended,Fire, 834:played by the solar Angels may become somewhat elucidated, and their relation to the planetaryFire, 852:is one of very real intricacy, and cannot be elucidated to the unpledged disciple. Only theseGlamour, 93:a factor in dispelling it. I have purposely not elucidated this technique as I sought to draw outHealing, 370:how to do it. Later all this will be more fully elucidated. [371] Healing, 371:for, and upon them you might meditate. If I elucidated for you here the relation between the SelfHercules, 221:The subject of the Cross is too vast a one to be elucidated here. The cross within the circle isMagic, 71:correspondence to the macrocosm. It can be elucidated in two ways in relation to the light itMagic, 266:these various applications of the rule could be elucidated and enlarged upon. Our problem, however,Magic, 364:peculiar or mayhap even contradictory will be elucidated, slowly unraveled, and more easilyPatanjali, 284:also from signs. This sutra can be somewhat elucidated if read in connection with Sutra 18 of BookPsychology1, xxiv:but this can only be implied and not really elucidated. As I have oft told you, it is only thePsychology1, 254:and would require many volumes to be properly elucidated. Right exegesis is not yet possible, norPsychology1, 355:coordination. These points will be further elucidated. The secondary influence which is leading thePsychology2, 49:statements, gathered from those pages, will be elucidated in the succeeding pages. As the ego orPsychology2, 358:which has not hitherto been emphasized or elucidated. This point is that the personality ray isRays, 204:Rules. I would be more profitably employed if I elucidated somewhat the meaning of the words "the
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