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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ELUCIDATION

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Astrology, 193:are so obvious that there is no need for elucidation. The injunction to the man upon the orthodoxAstrology, 251:of this sign are so dear and plain that any elucidation of mine would serve but to confuse theAstrology, 334:emerge, but which is at present impossible of elucidation, is the fact that the twelve CreativeAstrology, 337:mountain top." In the recognition of this comes elucidation of the fact that in time and space theAstrology, 370:the two Words for this sign requires from me no elucidation. For the ordinary man the Word goesAstrology, 467:of energies can be touched upon though any true elucidation is not possible. They concern theAstrology, 682:Venus being 'the Earth's primary.' This needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permittedAutobiography, 248:responsible for the Fourteen Rules and their elucidation and application. A.A.B. has never claimedDestiny, 51:French is turned towards the discovery and the elucidation of the things of the spirit, then theyDiscipleship1, 181:brief words, a suggested meditation and a short elucidation of certain words which should embodyDiscipleship1, 298:work outlined by me earlier, then choose the elucidation of these two words - Radiation andDiscipleship1, 565:which can be very brief but which will be your elucidation of the intended idea? Did you notice, myDiscipleship1, 780:responsible for the Fourteen Rules and their elucidation and application. A. A. B. has neverDiscipleship2, 58:upon the physical plane as a result. The above elucidation should give you a new and moreDiscipleship2, 238:with care and thus prepare yourselves for an elucidation of the spiritual [239] laws andDiscipleship2, 304:in proceeding even with so brief an attempted elucidation on the subject. But even if I can conveyDiscipleship2, 424:law - still lies ahead and is subject to future elucidation. The second point will soon be capableDiscipleship2, 437:and lights which are extra-planetary. The above elucidation is of a deeply instructive, thoughDiscipleship2, 460:apprehend my meaning without further extended elucidation. You are, my brother, upon the path ofExternalisation, 50:these points, for their proper theme and their elucidation will be dealt with in the group'sFire, xii:understanding of the true psychology. It is an elucidation of the relation existing between SpiritFire, 126:broken upon it. It will be apparent from this elucidation that the exceeding importance of theFire, 149:and in the realization of this fact may come elucidation of the true cosmic problem involving theFire, 156:meaning of what is here suggested, one point in elucidation may be imparted, leaving the workingFire, 288:leaving the subsidiary points for more detailed elucidation at some later period. 1. TheFire, 366:Venus being "the Earth's primary." This needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permittedFire, 434:planetary Logos. This is given by way of elucidation, and by ray of indicating the relativeFire, 479:it again emerges and blazes forth. More detailed elucidation will not be possible here norFire, 584:and the time has not yet come for further elucidation. At the third outpouring, (in which theFire, 680:works. For all practical purposes, and for the elucidation of the spiritual evolution of man, thisFire, 815:of thought, and hence do not require any lengthy elucidation. The problem may be regarded as oneFire, 1070:and not objective and tangible. Hence further elucidation will but serve to confuse. Fire, 1092:somewhat dealt with. For purposes of clarity and elucidation, this wheel may also be seen asGlamour, 205:moment - withdrawn. I cannot here enter upon an elucidation of the process of meditation, based onGlamour, 271:books. Here I have been dealing in this short elucidation with the effects that substances and theHealing, 5:seven ray techniques, and these require elucidation before they can be applied intelligently. InHealing, 180:the theme would require much careful analysis, elucidation and wording that time permits not, orHealing, 328:here enlarge, and there is no time for a longer elucidation at this time. [329] Mental healersHealing, 521:tenth law will be found too abstruse for much elucidation; it concerns the life principle, of whichHealing, 630:will not be withheld. This rule requires little elucidation, for it is composed of clear, conciseHercules, 71:wonderful progress, nor will he find a careful elucidation of his problem, nor a lengthy outline ofMagic, 6:mysterious. All is under law, and the laws need elucidation now that man's development has reachedMagic, 543:levels, and hence the relative brevity of the elucidation. Magic, 573:These four words warrant consideration and elucidation. A. The type of force as used by an aspirantMeditation, 305:comes up for consideration, and we shall in the elucidation of it enter into the realms ofMeditation, 340:concentration and meditation, and needs not my elucidation. It is the result of hard practicePsychology1, 329:They can here be only briefly indicated, as elucidation of them would involve too much. The racialPsychology1, 372:this consummated, then more teaching and further elucidation will be possible, - but not till then.Psychology1, 384:French is turned towards the discovery and the elucidation of the things of the spirit, then theyPsychology2, 77:is the great symbolic work of Masonry. It is an elucidation of the Way of Relinquishment. The PathPsychology2, 507:mysteriously applied interpretation or symbolic elucidation than do the current activities andRays, 123:thing only will I add to the above and to the elucidation of the significance of Rule V. The clueRays, 266:revelation ensued. Naught is gained by further elucidation. Proceed with the work of building theRays, 424:the Mysteries of Initiation One point requires elucidation here. The whole standard of the mentalTelepathy, 15:Communication and Communicant still demands elucidation, and in the idea which I have aboveTelepathy, 50:above I have given you an interesting and brief elucidation of the technique to be applied to the
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