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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMANATES

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Psychology2, 390:will express some idea or some thought which emanates from the Mind of God, and which demandsRays, 307:purpose is the motivating life behind all that emanates from Shamballa and it is that whichRays, 310:most difficult for you to comprehend; it emanates from a point outside the five worlds of human andRays, 310:as the destruction of form in the three worlds emanates from the soul functioning outside the threeRays, 312:at the same time coupled with a reaction which emanates from the sacrifice petals in the egoicRays, 377:increasing measure, to the "magnetic pull" which emanates from the Hierarchy itself, and inRays, 417:away" from form (as we might simply call it), emanates from Sirius and for it we have no name; itRays, 448:aspects already linked. This thread of energy emanates from or is anchored in the head. SomeRays, 451:to the astral or emotional vehicle. This thread emanates from, or is anchored in, the solar plexus,Telepathy, 78:registered in the second kingdom of nature emanates from the angel worlds and from the [79] devaTelepathy, 81:good and the evil. The dynamic impression which emanates from Shamballa reaches forth in greatTelepathy, 129:Will. It might be well to realize that purpose emanates from the cosmic mental plane and is the
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