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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMANATING

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Astrology, 12:Wholes and to be more deeply concerned with the emanating Sources and with the eternal persistentAstrology, 12:omitted to take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities and forces which are theAstrology, 14:the influences of the solar centers. The forces, emanating from the solar centers, play upon theAstrology, 38:all embody one of the types of force emanating from the seven constellations. Their intermediaryAstrology, 41:Their forces are in realized contact with Their emanating source. We now take up for briefAstrology, 131:no mediator but deals directly himself with his emanating source. Mercury is then met with againAstrology, 140:result of "right and conscious direction" of the emanating center, the soul, then the personalityAstrology, 152:Source. Determination to achieve liberation. The emanating cause of the changes upon the MutableAstrology, 162:men through their responsiveness to influences emanating from Gemini, and to each other throughAstrology, 196:inferred that this Pointer and the energy emanating from it guides humanity upon the involutionaryAstrology, 266:is to be distributing agents for the energies emanating from the zodiac as they converge within ourAstrology, 293:And playing through this Cross all the time, and emanating from Leo, are the "fires of God" -Astrology, 304:acts under inspiration and with energies emanating from Capricorn - an earth sign - becauseAstrology, 362:between two great streams of cosmic energy, emanating the one from Sagittarius and the other fromAstrology, 397:activity and the acceptance of the will emanating from the spiritual Center of life. This leads toAstrology, 423:of energy, as they proceed forth from their emanating source - via certain constellations andAstrology, 424:interplay. In this interplay of Lives and Their emanating streams of forces and energies and in theAstrology, 426:our purposes, we could define Life as the energy emanating from certain great Lives Who standAstrology, 434:response to distant points of contact and [434] emanating sources of energy that the neededAstrology, 441:Behind these three stands a cosmic triangle, emanating three streams of energy which pour into andAstrology, 449:another enumeration of the triangles of energy emanating from the three major constellations areAstrology, 459:crisis or "event in consciousness" - is the emanating, dynamic, conditioning energy. During theAstrology, 459:in time and space. You have consequently: An emanating energy center. Dynamic expression of cyclicAstrology, 460:energy. [460] A synthesis of two forces, the emanating and the receptive. A qualified, conditioningAstrology, 460:A major center, completing the grounding of the emanating energy. Responsive mainly to the secondAstrology, 460:major movements: A downflow of energy from an emanating center. This leads to Its merging with theAstrology, 461:A return flow of this qualified energy to its emanating source or the highest point of the majorAstrology, 462:the higher triangle which received the original emanating energy. There are consequently two pointsAstrology, 462:of major importance in the higher triangle: The emanating point of positive conditioning energy.Astrology, 463:intricate science. Summarizing what I have said: Emanating, evocative and magnetic energies are theAstrology, 463:- induces return of all the energies to the emanating source. At the same time, students must bearAstrology, 464:center. They are returning or responding to the emanating center. Thus the sixfold triangle -Astrology, 531:are receptive or non-receptive to the influences emanating from the planet, via the planetaryAstrology, 569:dominate him; he is afraid of the impulses, emanating from the astral plane; he is awake and activeAstrology, 595:preserve their identity. These seven energies, emanating from the major three and transmitted viaAstrology, 600:expresses God's desire and is the basic energy emanating from the cosmic astral plane. It concealsAstrology, 608:itself the capacity to respond to the energies emanating from this fountainhead of light and will.Astrology, 612:system capable of responding to the sevenfold Emanating Cause, expressing Itself through the GreatAstrology, 636:be sought in and expected from the occult forces emanating from the constellations. (S.D. Vol. III,Astrology, 689:form: Focal points for the force or influence emanating from the other solar centers or schemes.Autobiography, 231:a definite sense of [231] spiritual guidance, emanating from the inner side of life. This new groupAutobiography, 233:these natural reactions. Some influence, emanating from the sign of the bull and the sign of theAutobiography, 269:The presence of authoritative statements, emanating from the teacher of the group, or any demandBethlehem, 104:this light, inherent and divine, latent and yet emanating from God, Christ saw the vision, and thatDestiny, 21:to deal in terms of the three efforts which are emanating from the three major planetary centers atDestiny, 22:distorted human reactions to spiritual impulses, emanating from three different centers, but allDestiny, 148:was the greatest of all Christmas Days and its emanating influence was more potent than was anyDiscipleship1, 15:clamor for attention, so many impressions - emanating from the physical and astral forms around usDiscipleship1, 110:yet. That the light of your soul and the light emanating from the Master's group may flood yourDiscipleship1, 171:as you and Masonry - being on the first ray and emanating, consequently, from Shamballa - aids theDiscipleship1, 189:such as are now planned under the new impulse emanating from the inner side, can functionDiscipleship1, 238:handicapped you. The effect of true teaching, emanating from mental levels, is to stabilize, toDiscipleship1, 377:Group of World Servers who see the group as an emanating point; the man of goodwill sees himself asDiscipleship1, 377:point; the man of goodwill sees himself as the emanating point. Between these two positions thereDiscipleship1, 441:It was definitely self-imposed. The second, emanating more directly from the soul, has caused youDiscipleship1, 603:light, and blinded also by the blaze of light emanating from your own soul and from the group soul.Discipleship1, 699:man is impulsed by desire which is an energy, emanating from world desire and which - developing orDiscipleship1, 753:a constant succession of vibratory impacts, emanating from spheres of activity; these range all theDiscipleship1, 753:and emanatory impulses which correspond to those emanating from some particular Ashram. These, whenDiscipleship1, 754:to respond to the quality and the radiation, emanating from an Ashram, he moves forward into thatDiscipleship1, 755:might be noted here that these three radiations emanating from a Master and enhanced by theDiscipleship1, 757:and the circle of humanity constituting the emanating factor, the radiatory influence or the aura,Discipleship2, 20:we understand it unless impulsed by some energy emanating from the etheric body. An understandingDiscipleship2, 30:the antahkarana, the energy of the one Life, emanating from the Monad, brings in the fourth type ofDiscipleship2, 31:only if) "the energy of the will-to good is the emanating principle and the actuating result of theDiscipleship2, 36:vain. I told you elsewhere that "an Ashram is an emanating source of hierarchical impression uponDiscipleship2, 63:It awaits: The decision which is on the verge of emanating from the judgment seat of Sanat Kumara.Discipleship2, 133:Forces of Light, originating in the Ashram and emanating thence; you stand as yet upon theDiscipleship2, 307:Plan upon Humanity, and this because the Plan - emanating from the Hierarchy - has to beDiscipleship2, 326:the "Star shine forth," and together the energy emanating from the Rod of Initiation fits them forDiscipleship2, 371:at the summit of each point - hidden within the emanating rays - lies a point of revelation,Discipleship2, 376:of the initiated disciple with the energy emanating from Shamballa and transmitted to him via theDiscipleship2, 409:in early Atlantean times, and the radiation emanating from them was protective, guarding andDiscipleship2, 446:the distinctiveness of each change or its emanating source. Every change in a life condition uponDiscipleship2, 528:yourself [528] in contact with the energy emanating from Shamballa. Yet, my brother, had youDiscipleship2, 581:call your attention to the fact that statements emanating from any member of the Hierarchy, such asDiscipleship2, 627:consciousness the realization that you are an emanating center of force. Ponder upon theEducation, 8:[8] Create thought-forms in response to impulses emanating from the physical plane; to emotionalEducation, 21:path of evolution to an eventual return to his emanating Source. Education, 42:unquestioning belief. The subtle influences emanating from the unseen realms, the forces of natureEducation, 60:small moment; later he will recognize their emanating source. The basic approach for all whoEducation, 61:sensitive to the impelling energies of the soul, emanating from the higher mental levels. TheseEducation, 140:to the race by the Hierarchy, assisted by forces emanating from Shamballa. Externalisation, 42:that of bringing through the energies of life, emanating from the soul plane, via the mind, butExternalisation, 74:of the Great White Lodge. 5. The force emanating from that section of humanity which is found inExternalisation, 86:love force. Again, that force which we regard as emanating from the strictly human center, theExternalisation, 111:the center itself and also stimulated by Forces emanating from the hierarchical center and fromExternalisation, 117:in the present world situation, the good karma emanating from the soul of humanity balances theExternalisation, 118:the principle of mind. This was the divine plan, emanating from the Mind of God and swept intoExternalisation, 225:victims during those ages of a gigantic fraud - emanating from what and where? Either theExternalisation, 267:life and conscience. All great ideas have their emanating Sources of life, therefore, and These areExternalisation, 433:One is embodied in the lying propaganda emanating from the Axis Powers and affecting potently notExternalisation, 435:with the process of deflecting the will-energy, emanating from Shamballa, in such a way that itExternalisation, 492:energy, are ever the result of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found in high Places.Externalisation, 519:the human, is the Macrocosm. The excessive evil, emanating from cosmic sources, requires theExternalisation, 525:forces and by an "act of determined direction," emanating from the Council Chamber of the Lord ofExternalisation, 534:relate to the nature of Shamballa, its work and emanating energies. Shamballa, as it constitutesExternalisation, 568:be remembered is that this impulsed intention (emanating in the first place from Shamballa) came asExternalisation, 581:when the intuition of the human being, emanating as an energy from the fourth or buddhic plane, hasExternalisation, 656:is, as you may well imagine, a sevenfold energy, emanating from and directed by the seven major
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