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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMANATING

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Externalisation, 662:from the Father (as the Christ used to call that emanating source), and also from extra-planetaryExternalisation, 687:of love, under the influence of the energy emanating from the buddhic vehicle of the Christ, whichExternalisation, 688:easy effort. It is against the impact of this emanating evil that the Hierarchy stands inFire, 17:do their work. The great Wheel gathers back the emanating sparks. The Five dealt with the work, theFire, 63:all three are Soul, and all three are Rays emanating from one cosmic center. All three areFire, 97:and marks the ascent or return of Spirit to its emanating source, plus the gains of theFire, 108:of the fire latent in matter, to the fire emanating outside of matter, and playing upon it. In theFire, 214:the keynote for the various religions and is the emanating source for periodical religiousFire, 258:or His response to electrical fohatic force emanating from other stellar centers, and controllingFire, 258:acting upon His subjective Life, and emanating from certain cosmic centers hinted at in the SecretFire, 319:a differentiation or effect of impulse, emanating from the cosmic mental plane and taking formFire, 388:form: Focal points for the force or influence emanating from the other solar centers or schemes.Fire, 426:reabsorption of the perfected monads into their emanating source in the seventh round. This will beFire, 428:our consideration of the four types of force, emanating from certain great Entities, and the futureFire, 502:to life impulses and spiritual currents emanating from the planetary Logos of His Ray - a thing atFire, 512:It is in the direct line of active force emanating from the cosmic existence, and passing to it inFire, 521:Energy of differentiated quality, only Lives emanating from different sources, each distinctive andFire, 527:and it is literally a vibrant point of force, emanating from the second aspect of the Monad, whichFire, 543:are contained; the fire of mind blends with its emanating source, and the central life escapes.Fire, 553:is recognized as the logoic Higher Self, or His emanating source. This brings the solar systemFire, 560:therefore, is literally a positive impulse, emanating from mental levels, and clothing itself in aFire, 561:these will vary according to the nature of the emanating Identity. All thought forms - logoic,Fire, 573:of a radiant green color, all the ten arms emanating from a central blazing sun, we might have someFire, 606:evolution of substance, which is but a result, emanating from psychic causes. These three numbersFire, 610:Elementals Agni is Fohat, the threefold Energy (emanating from the logoic Ego) which produces theFire, 621:source, yet energized by the vitality emanating from him. All this becomes possible - speaking nowFire, 622:these currents and forces as they may be felt as emanating from the cosmic planes. The cosmicFire, 630:The seven Sons of Fohat find their vital force emanating from: The cosmic physical plane. TheFire, 637:energizing the devas of the lowest three orders, emanating from Brahma in His third aspect. Thus inFire, 644:conditions: As the result of an impulse emanating from the lower, or originating in the activeFire, 644:the response of deva substance to force emanating from some conscious or unconscious source.Fire, 682:and represent the lowest manifestation of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, and findingFire, 692:find? First of all, impulse, or the will-to-be, emanating from the mental plane; then desire,Fire, 692:emanating from the mental plane; then desire, emanating from the astral plane, producingFire, 692:The pouring in of this force of energy, emanating from the fifth logoic Principle, brings about twoFire, 694:responds to force of an involutionary character, emanating from a particular group. The humanFire, 694:The human permanent atom responds to force emanating from a group on the evolutionary arc and theFire, 717:in this solar system is the result of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, which sweepsFire, 740:karma. The will of the Lord of his Ray. Orders emanating from the solar Logos which are conveyed toFire, 757:plans for work, ideals and intentions which (emanating from the Avatar) will yet be unrecognized byFire, 770:itself felt as a pulsation, or access of energy, emanating from the central point. This centralFire, 773:has made the initial move and a vibration, emanating from the center of the lotus bud, has reachedFire, 782:blind incoherent forces, subject to the energy emanating from the two higher groups. Occultly theseFire, 788:Under the influences of certain force currents, emanating from certain constellations. These threeFire, 789:(or the causal body) is not the result of energy emanating from the permanent atoms as a nucleus ofFire, 791:normal evolution are dominant. The force emanating from these five, therefore, sweeps the denseFire, 796:true scientific realization of energy-radiations emanating from the etheric bodies of all theseFire, 818:in the following four ways: As nine vibrations, emanating from a central point, which, in itsFire, 842:of vitality. Owing [842] to conditions in their emanating planet, their development has beenFire, 848:groups of Egos, which are embodied by Lives, emanating from any one of the seven Rays, andFire, 853:which force centers are the result of energy emanating from an earlier chain and producing whorlsFire, 858:its turn a type of force center, and the energy emanating from it affects the etheric centers, andFire, 858:and can be safely left to the stimulation emanating from his group centers, and to the ordinaryFire, 879:find the "path of return" to their central emanating source; by the disruption of the tie betweenFire, 894:planetary scheme, being responsive to energy emanating from that scheme, and reaching the earth viaFire, 898:and have a spiritual aspiration. The influence emanating from the sixth subplane of the buddhicFire, 927:it becomes possible, by a simultaneous effort, emanating from all the three aspects, to bring intoFire, 947:that which is vitally affected by each thought emanating from him, and with those lesser lives whoFire, 952:and only then will the strength of the impulse emanating from lower levels die out and the "DwellerFire, 958:form is the result of two types of energy: That emanating in the first instance from the Ego onFire, 971:now dealing with, or the impulse of mind-desire, emanating consciously from man's brain. The workFire, 973:such high source, but find their active impulse emanating from either the solar plexus, or theFire, 974:Identity, or to that magnetic current which, emanating from the true Identity, the solar Logos,Fire, 983:brain of the man, of the vibratory activity emanating from the Ego, and of the circulatory actionFire, 986:a Buddha) he can dispense somewhat the force emanating from the "Spiritual Sun." Therefore, theFire, 990:being in opposition until equilibrized by force emanating from a third. Students will onlyFire, 991:cosmic, not systemic) on that stream of force emanating from cosmic mental levels which producedFire, 998:solar vibration, and not of the heating impulses emanating from one or other of the lunar Pitris;Fire, 999:of the real Man) and a reciprocal vibration, emanating from Man, the Reflection. When these twoFire, 1000:"the secondary note," the first being the note emanating from the Ego on its own plane, whichFire, 1002:This is brought about by an act of will emanating from the man, and he gives the living form powerFire, 1005:its distortion by the influences and vibrations emanating from the lower man, then the "devas ofFire, 1006:its way into greater streams of force or energy, emanating from advanced thinkers of every grade,Fire, 1014:of its own, so that no aggressive action emanating from the egoic center is required to continueFire, 1024:and are swept in on the floods of vital force emanating from the physical sun. RULE XIII TheFire, 1031:action of matter itself, but of an impulse emanating from without any particular atom, andFire, 1033:impulses find their analogy in the impulses emanating in cyclic fashion from the causal body ofFire, 1036:years. Under the particular type of cyclic force emanating from the Lodge, the high water mark ofFire, 1037:recognize the unity of the many force impulses emanating from the one Lodge. These cycles will notFire, 1051:one or other of the solar centers, as the forces emanating from them play upon the planetaryFire, 1052:part) has to be reckoned with, and the impulses emanating from the cosmic Logos, the ONE ABOUT WHOMFire, 1053:and according to the stage of evolution of the emanating Existence will depend the phenomenalFire, 1063:any atom is offset by a stronger urge, or pull, emanating from the enveloping greater existence ofFire, 1072:to be responsive to sound, or to the energy emanating from that which we call noise. This is anFire, 1072:fact worthy of close attention. The energy emanating from the Entity Who is the informing Life ofFire, 1073:to stronger influences or to the force emanating from the Entity Who is the life of that kingdom.Fire, 1085:can be hastened, or retarded, by influences emanating from unknown or unrealized constellationsFire, 1086:of constellations, and the force occasionally emanating from them which has at times to be takenFire, 1094:from this stream of dynamic electrical energy, emanating from some center, which sweeps intoFire, 1099:for the form of the mental sheaths, That emanating from the fourth subplane of the cosmic mentalFire, 1099:consequently the remaining three subplanes. That emanating from the aggregate of those lives whoFire, 1099:in their aggregate, form the force centers. The emanating influences of the fourth cosmic ether,Fire, 1101:who form the body egoic. These lives find their emanating source on other levels than the systemic.Fire, 1101:aspect of monadic manifestation. The energy emanating from the "Jewel in the Lotus" itself, theFire, 1110:the causal body is actuated by a type of force emanating from some one or other great center, andFire, 1125:on to that center in the universe which is the emanating source of the mahatic principle; it is theFire, 1152:will thus be seen that three main impulses, each emanating from the will, plan, or consciousFire, 1172:so, but are due to the working of another law, emanating from the central spiritual Sun. The one isFire, 1182:not all equally vitalized by the attractive pull emanating from the logoic lotus via the heart ofFire, 1186:as an Entity energized by three types of force, emanating from various points extraneous to the
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