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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMANATIONS

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Astrology, 8:the life and the influence, the radiations and emanations of this entity, and their united effectAstrology, 12:erect") man's body is at all times bathed in the emanations and the radiations of our Earth and inAstrology, 78:importance: The spleen receiving pranic emanations from the planet on which we live and concernedAstrology, 305:the time of manifestation and the nature of the emanations and influences. The squares orAstrology, 415:from three major constellations. They are the emanations from the Great Bear, from the Pleiades andAstrology, 529:ray energies will be noted, and the qualitative emanations of its five or six major cities will beAstrology, 612:deal with the psychological aspects of the emanations of the seven Rays which embody theAutobiography, 278:and the seven great Rays or Energies (the emanations that the Bible calls "the seven spirits beforeDestiny, 8:these ideas (which are in the nature of divine emanations, embodying the divine plan for planetaryDestiny, 103:ray energies will be noted, and the qualitative emanations of its five or six major cities will beDiscipleship1, XIII:the esoteric philosophy that seven great divine Emanations, Aeons or Spirits (in whom we live andDiscipleship1, XIII:major psychological types. These seven rays or emanations are: The first Ray of Will or Power. ManyExternalisation, 266:given rise to our civilization have started as emanations from certain great Lives, Who areExternalisation, 684:of mankind, standing between humanity and the emanations and influences and the magnetic aura ofExternalisation, 688:Of this center you can know nothing, and its emanations and its magnetic aura can only beFire, 4:making therefore The nine Potencies or Emanations. The nine Sephiroth. The nine Causes ofFire, 59:radiation in exactly the same way as the pranic emanations of his etheric body affect anotherFire, 78:better expression), we will call "solar pranic emanations." These solar pranic emanations are theFire, 78:"solar pranic emanations." These solar pranic emanations are the produced effect of the centralFire, 78:somewhat from those produced by the other emanations. These effects might be considered asFire, 79:The ones we are dealing with here - pranic solar emanations - work within the four ethers, thatFire, 79:inherent heat and their rotary motion. These emanations are the basis of that "fire by friction"Fire, 80:that the two forms make but one unit; the pranic emanations of the etheric body itself play uponFire, 80:physical body in the same manner as the pranic emanations of the sun play upon the etheric body. ItFire, 81:the organs of reception and with the basis of emanations. Here, therefore, we can arrive at certainFire, 82:It forms, a focal point for certain radiatory emanations, which vivify, stimulate and produce theFire, 82:rotary action of matter. Fourth. These pranic emanations when focalized and received, react uponFire, 92:ethers, and they focalize and concentrate the emanations of the planet, and of all forms upon theFire, 95:group of forms, it must be noted that the pranic emanations given off by units of the animal andFire, 98:or internal. As stated earlier, the pranic emanations of the sun are absorbed by the etheric body,Fire, 100:which becomes entirely impregnated by these emanations, if it might be so expressed. TheseFire, 100:emanations, if it might be so expressed. These emanations find their way finally out of the ethericFire, 105:and thus keep the distinction clear, that these emanations of prana have to do with the heat latentFire, 107:The inner triangle transmits the pranic emanations with too great rapidity, giving no time for theFire, 110:the reception and distribution of pranic emanations in man, the planet, and the system and haveFire, 133:transmuting, applying and circulating the pranic emanations, likewise lose their attraction to theFire, 150:fire) with matter (fire by friction), and the emanations of the Son, in time and space, areFire, 156:and positive or radiatory where its own emanations are concerned, and in connection with its effectFire, 225:(Christ and the Holy Spirit); these are after-emanations, and, as such, from one aspect, typify theFire, 228:of the term), but as time proceeds, the emanations of heat, - due to intensification of the innerFire, 560:These two factors in turn will be regarded as emanations from a still greater force center, whichFire, 560:emanation and a negative. These two are the emanations of a Unity, the coherent Thinker. Fire, 633:His physical vehicle, and with the radiatory emanations of the particular Heavenly Man Who isFire, 693:of force, and is, therefore, receptive to force emanations from another extra-systemic source. SomeFire, 812:work of the spleen as a focal point for pranic emanations, then sound principles and methods willFire, 818:As nine types of energy which produce definite emanations from a threefold unit, again itself anFire, 838:cyclic evil. The process of decay and the evil emanations induced still have power to influenceFire, 920:of human endeavor. Fundamentally they are also emanations from one of the seven stars of the GreatFire, 1017:workers, is that both will and desire are force emanations. They differ in quality and vibration,Fire, 1038:of the great Teachers down the ages. The force emanations from the Manu, or those of the first Ray,Fire, 1038:so his work must fit in with other force emanations, such as the constructive work of the secondFire, 1053:of the scheme of evolution. All these vibratory emanations pass through the sphere cyclically; theyFire, 1113:also to the petals via the groups and emanations from those planetary schemes and streams of forceFire, 1114:they are specifically, beginning at the lowest: Emanations from the vegetable kingdom. AstralFire, 1144:with the planetoids. All work with energy emanations, and with force units under cyclic law, andGlamour, 32:fog and form part of the miasmas and unhealthy emanations for which the masses of men, for millionsGlamour, 76:world. These subtler forms and distinctive emanations swell the potency of the world desire; theyGlamour, 159:in form. All these three have powerful emanations (though the emanation of the PRESENCE viaHealing, 26:A disciple dare not subject himself to the auric emanations of any chance healer, nor put himselfHealing, 73:seeking inlet into the dense vehicle, are emanations from three directions (if I may use such aHealing, 243:to an external impact of certain vibratory emanations coming from the surface of the planet,Healing, 421:transmuting, applying and circulating the pranic emanations, likewise lose their attraction to theHealing, 556:will prevent any return of the undesirable emanations from the patient which have been flowingHercules, 179:him and to be able to endure the quality of the emanations that attend his coming. (AmplificationMagic, 32:consciousness breathed forth on one of the seven emanations from God. Therefore, even their monadsMagic, 99:forces of the universe, and all harmful emanations and all destructive forces find in the humanMagic, 236:and vitalized through the activity and by the emanations from the heart, throat and [237] ajnaMagic, 282:fall in their turn into three main groups: Those emanations, which issuing from the cellsMagic, 282:cultured, clean, disciplined and purified. Those emanations, of a purely physical kind which areMagic, 282:free from all mental reactions. Those forces or emanations, which are the response of the cells toMagic, 282:something of that to which it responds. These emanations are little understood as yet, but willMagic, 283:relation, and it is the understanding of these emanations that enables the isolation andMagic, 283:forward of His work in any time or place. These emanations should, in measure, be understoodMagic, 312:strengthening influence from these dying astral emanations. In ancient days they were still moreMagic, 313:New Age. This effect is twofold: - through the emanations from the astral body of this great LifeMagic, 313:the Baptist, who "baptiseth with water (astral emanations) and the Holy Ghost". More informationMagic, 314:not for me to enlarge upon them here. 4. Faint emanations from the sacred "heart of the sun",Magic, 314:of a very real moment and interest. These emanations are too high to be sensed by humanity atMagic, 315:Energy and Fear 6. The astral life, or sensitive emanations of a man's surrounding family orMagic, 316:enumerated above. The astral body reacts to all emanations of a sensitive character in three ways:Magic, 316:body is swept into response of some kind to the emanations of the astral bodies - group bodies orMagic, 319:he has learnt to neutralize all evil emanations. Now he acts with a positiveness of a new kind.Magic, 319:is doing, he gathers into himself all the evil emanations (destructive energies, and wrong forces)Magic, 372:purification of the etheric vehicle. The etheric emanations of people can be great contaminators.Magic, 476:find the first distorted indications of the emanations of those mystic phrases which will bringMagic, 505:are all related to the vital body, to pranic emanations, and to the web of light. The carrying onPatanjali, 25:"shadows" or results, and these resultant emanations are the external physical organs. The brain,Patanjali, 68:will bring about recognition of the vital pranic emanations of all living centers and will makePatanjali, 165:true subjective world of causes, and of force emanations. He is no longer deceived and canPatanjali, 189:upon the belief that certain types of force emanations produce impure conditions and though thePatanjali, 189:the truth. So little is as yet known about force emanations from the human being, or acting uponPatanjali, 268:seven great Lords, The seven Aeons, The seven Emanations, The seven Prajapatis, and other lessPatanjali, 364:God emanates from its source in seven streams, emanations or "breaths," and every form in thePsychology1, 20:find reference to the seven aeons and the seven emanations and to the life and nature of the sevenPsychology1, 22:Life sought expansion, and the seven aeons or emanations came forth from the central vortex andPsychology1, 27:sons of God. These seven living qualified emanations from the central vortex of force are composedPsychology1, 27:- the synthesis of the seven rays or emanations of the Deity. They produce in the human kingdom aPsychology1, 44:produced the minor four rays. Thus the seven emanations, the seven potencies and the seven raysPsychology1, 44:cosmic Christ. Each of these seven streams or emanations of energy was colored by a divine quality,Psychology1, 157:the four kingdoms of nature; the individual form emanations are settled thereby, and under the
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