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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMANATORY

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Discipleship1, 753:disciple of qualities, radiatory activities and emanatory impulses which correspond to thoseDiscipleship1, 756:will aspect of the Spiritual Triad. This is the emanatory expression of the capacity of the MasterFire, 124:radiance and brilliance, while the pranic emanatory fire produces ever increasing activity andFire, 613:which produces objectivity, and concerns those emanatory impulses which come from any positiveFire, 920:Bear in the third instance. In these triple emanatory forces may be found the origin of all that isFire, 1037:process, balanced by analogous cyclic emanatory activity from the two other major Rays. It might beFire, 1037:Some idea as to the Mahachohan's cycle of emanatory impulses may be [1038] gathered by consideringFire, 1060:the occult conception of the radiatory, or emanatory condition, of all substances at a specificGlamour, 31:and forgets that which the appearance veils. The emanatory astral reactions which each human [32]Healing, 243:itself and from its life aspect, having a direct emanatory effect upon the individual atoms ofMagic, 282:made up of lives and these lives have their own emanatory and contributory influence. They fall inPsychology1, 45:flowers. Perfume and radium are related, being emanatory expressions of ray effects upon differingPsychology1, 45:The correspondence to radioactivity and to emanatory perfumes which we found in the mineral andRays, 501:uniquely possible on the seven major lines of emanatory energy, which differing ray types willTelepathy, 145:body can be studied with relative ease, once the emanatory activity of the physical atoms is offset
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