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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBODIED

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Invocation:to earth, called by Christians, the Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; theAstrology, 102:in Aries, the faint emergence of the latent embodied ideas have - after the turning of the wheel inAstrology, 108:to rulership and in this sign the man who is embodied first ray force develops the power ofAstrology, 128:Hierarchy, the human kingdom and they are embodied in the planetary influences which pour throughAstrology, 195:all intents and purposes, the energy of divine embodied will, which has been esoterically describedAstrology, 239:which God has thus created and in which is embodied His desire, His will, His purpose and His plan.Astrology, 257:standpoint of esoteric truth, they are simply embodied Lives and the expression of the life, theAstrology, 281:out) for the gift of mind and of divinity, embodied in the Son of Mind and thus for the descent ofAstrology, 378:willful dash of the lower nature of humanity, embodied in the forces of aggression, and theAstrology, 466:to him. The relation of the Mother-aspect (as embodied in the Pleiades) and of the Christ-child,Astrology, 509:is first realized in the fifth house by man, the embodied fifth principle. Pluto, transmittingAstrology, 511:and Venus, the endower of mind plus the embodied soul, are related and active in this house. TheAstrology, 544:propaganda. They are the spirit of materialism embodied, devoid of all true feeling and perception,Astrology, 545:forms which are bringing death to that which is embodied. It is to this philosophic death in itsAstrology, 595:transmitted via the twelve constellations, are embodied in the seven sacred planets and areAstrology, 595:of synthesis). This tremendous interrelation is embodied in one great process of: Transmission.Astrology, 596:would point out that the will aspect - as it is embodied in the rays and transmitted by theAstrology, 625:The latter revealed the process, but the Christ embodied in Himself both goal and process. HeAstrology, 625:the cosmic principle of love and by its means - embodied in Himself - He produced effects also andAstrology, 656:Logoi." (C.F. 553) "Cosmic Avatars 'represent embodied force from Sirius, and from that one of theAstrology, 660:(C.F. 699) Cosmic Avatars "...represent embodied forces from the following cosmic centers: Sirius,Astrology, 691:are the home of the three major Rays, the embodied forms of the three logoic aspects or principles.Atom, 56:specific concept, or detailed poem. A man is an embodied thought, and this is also the conceptAtom, 64:the stages which cover the life of an entity, or embodied idea of greater or less degree, whichAtom, 130:got? In the scientific line of thought we have embodied all that concerns matter, the substanceAutobiography, 163:telepathy and that what I was being asked to do embodied no aspect of the lower psychism. I repliedAutobiography, 254:from me and certain general instructions which embodied the newer approach to the Hierarchy and toAutobiography, 254:and appropriate for more general use and were embodied in the series of papers, issued under myBethlehem, 10:destroy, but to fulfil." (St. Matt., V, 17.) He embodied all the past, and revealed the highestBethlehem, 14:for the message and the mission of Christ. Both embodied in Themselves certain cosmic principles,Bethlehem, 14:principle, and a divine potency. This the Buddha embodied. But love came to the world throughBethlehem, 16:which was taught by the Christ was that which embodied the technique of the new age, which was toBethlehem, 53:all true aspirants to initiation is beautifully embodied in the following prayer: "There is a peaceBethlehem, 90:time, and in a period of world crisis, and embodied in Himself a cosmic principle - the principleBethlehem, 90:after the revelation which Christ gave. Buddha embodied in Himself the principle of divine wisdomBethlehem, 90:that man could grasp it. It is thus that Christ embodied in Himself the greatest of the cosmicBethlehem, 137:musical chord of Christ's life, as they will be embodied in the life of all who follow in HisBethlehem, 156:and trained, so that the symbolism which they embodied might appear, and their intuitive reactionsBethlehem, 168:by Albert Schweitzer, p. 82.) Christ embodied a great idea, the idea that God is Love, and thatBethlehem, 197:Christ expressed, and which Shri Krishna also embodied. But the belief in an angry, jealous God isBethlehem, 206:no boundaries and infringed no principles. He embodied in Himself the principle of love andBethlehem, 209:stand beside all the previous crucified Saviors, embodied in Himself the immediate and the cosmic,Bethlehem, 219:and in the dark, He symbolized all that was embodied in this tragic and agonized Word. The numberDestiny, 5:idealism, of devotion or of devoted attention, embodied in the sixth ray. The energy whose majorDestiny, 9:whole. Each will eventually see its contribution embodied under the control of the Hierarchy of theDestiny, 21:matters; the gist of them has, however, been embodied in the pamphlets sent out in the past fewDestiny, 22:would like to suggest that the ideology which is embodied in the vision of the totalitarian statesDestiny, 37:the spirit and principles of which were embodied for us in the life of the Master Jesus, Who was,Destiny, 39:plus a first ray mind. [39] These three all embodied the essences of the spiritual life and all ofDestiny, 39:of Their sixth ray expression. All of Them embodied also the new spiritual impulse which Their dayDestiny, 111:adapted to specific nation, race or time, embodied some truth through the medium of some particularDestiny, 111:world religions have been thus built around an embodied Idea, Who, in His Own Person, expressed theDestiny, 113:the devotee of an ideal which may or may not be embodied in an individual expression; this controlsDestiny, 119:the physical plane by the force of the inner embodied life. An emblem is man's formulation of aDestiny, 141:[141] itself, the two great Messengers who have embodied the dual Venusian energy were the BuddhaDestiny, 143:There is no beauty without unity, without embodied idealism and the resultant symmetricalDiscipleship1, XV:of them brought illumination to the world and embodied the principle of wisdom, and the OtherDiscipleship1, XV:and the Other brought love to the world and embodied in himself a great cosmic principle - theDiscipleship1, 44:The Bhagavad Gita has been the book which has embodied this way superlatively. Others emerged alongDiscipleship1, 65:you can, therefore, untidily produce a living, embodied form which can be directed as I mayDiscipleship1, 67:is desired), you will try to see the living embodied idea, playing back and forth between the twoDiscipleship1, 86:life impulses. The second phase, which is embodied in the formal meditation, is that of a definiteDiscipleship1, 87:been service because (if selflessly rendered) it embodied a technique which [88] automaticallyDiscipleship1, 113:record of those chosen... Think deeply upon the embodied idea and carry your thoughts forward andDiscipleship1, 312:mind, enhanced by your soul and contained and embodied in the form of written help. I am seekingDiscipleship1, 357:the group life. There is the gift of being these embodied qualities. There is also the gift ofDiscipleship1, 362:symbolically, what I have to say to you can be embodied in the words of an ancient Book of RulesDiscipleship1, 459:thoughts may take shape and these when later embodied in words may carry real benefit to your groupDiscipleship1, 692:fully given. There is a great law which can be embodied in the words "to those who give all, all isDiscipleship1, 698:creates or formulates those thought-forms (or embodied energies) which express, upon the mentalDiscipleship1, 699:of the Plan, and his [699] ability to convey the embodied mental energy to the etheric body -Discipleship1, 762:theme of the response to hierarchical energy as embodied in the Master's aura and from thenceDiscipleship1, 786:from me and certain general instructions which embodied the newer approach to the Hierarchy and toDiscipleship1, 786:and appropriate for more general use and were embodied in the series of papers upon the Stages ofDiscipleship2, 131:hints given and the sentences in which they are embodied are taken from an old Book of Rules forDiscipleship2, 167:to Earth, called by Christians the Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; theDiscipleship2, 177:A meditation on certain theme words, as they embodied an idea, was then given; the meditation wasDiscipleship2, 177:first definite act of this type of service was embodied for you in the sixth meditation, in whichDiscipleship2, 209:the great Lord, Sanat Kumara. Here is known and embodied the Purpose of the planetary Logos underDiscipleship2, 408:somewhat the significance of the truth therein embodied. In the beautiful Eastern symbology, "TheDiscipleship2, 520:of the planetary Logos and his Will become embodied and finally matured through the processes ofDiscipleship2, 597:us. I refer specifically to the new teaching, embodied in the books which she has published, to theDiscipleship2, 632:Come hither with the light." In these phrases is embodied the first reaction of the new disciple toDiscipleship2, 666:The vision is the realization of the goal (embodied by the particular initiation for which you areDiscipleship2, 749:can take advantage. It carries the qualities of "embodied light," sensitivity to the new incomingDiscipleship2, 768:have the sons of men, who are the Sons of God, embodied in themselves the Light which shines, theEducation, 73:and some of the more [73] appropriate methods embodied in the new vision, particularly those whichExternalisation, 20:to those who are the recipients of my words as embodied in my books and pamphlets and who, withExternalisation, 23:no more. All of you have read the plan as it is embodied in the pamphlet, and the challenge toExternalisation, 28:expression, founded on some voiced idea, was embodied in an ideal life. Thus the work of theExternalisation, 41:controversy [41] took place between those who embodied the consciousness or soul aspect of deityExternalisation, 44:Aryan peoples, and a racial life which will be embodied in those forms which will bridge the gap atExternalisation, 55:- one hitherto consecrated to the Buddha Who embodied the wisdom of God, and the other to theExternalisation, 55:(known to Christians as the Christ) Who embodied the love of God. The platform of the new worldExternalisation, 147:mind, with a recognition and deep belief that it embodied the will of the planetary Logos and must,Externalisation, 150:contact with the spiritual Lives and the divine embodied Energies as well as with the HierarchyExternalisation, 159:told you in my earlier writings, the Christ embodied in Himself the cosmic principle of love, theExternalisation, 159:center, where the Forces of Light are found as embodied Presences and where Their focused energyExternalisation, 160:Angel of the Presence, the soul of humanity, as embodied in the Hierarchy and those who areExternalisation, 166:order again that all lesser lives (such as those embodied in the personality of man) may rise to
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