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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBODIED

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Externalisation, 166:of the whole. It is this thought which is embodied in the challenge of this fourth phrase of theExternalisation, 215:will of anyone. The forces of spiritual purpose, embodied in the will to protect the rights ofExternalisation, 297:men. With these disciples I shall not deal. They embodied ideas and made history - not the historyExternalisation, 347:cosmic Principles and give them form. The Buddha embodied the Principle of Light, and because ofExternalisation, 347:humanity was enabled to recognize Christ, Who embodied the still greater Principle [348] of Love.Externalisation, 348:hence His title of the "Illumined One." Christ embodied the underlying energy of Consciousness. TheExternalisation, 359:the Christ, the Lord of Love Himself, Who embodied in Himself the power of the attractive will ofExternalisation, 361:When the work of the Buddha (or of the embodied buddhic principle) is consummated in the aspiringExternalisation, 361:full expression of the work of the Christ (the embodied principle of love) can also be consummatedExternalisation, 410:and of the Christ has been preparatory. They embodied in Themselves two lesser Approaches, andExternalisation, 411:Then came the next great Teacher, the Christ. He embodied in Himself a still greater divineExternalisation, 411:produced among many results the following: They embodied in Themselves certain cosmic principles,Externalisation, 416:Lives and that the interrelation between these embodied Lives is as real and effectual as is theExternalisation, 424:than from humanity. Certain great Forces or embodied Energies of darkness and of evil organizedExternalisation, 433:this time upon the human consciousness. One is embodied in the lying propaganda emanating from theExternalisation, 433:appeasers and pacifists. The second stream is embodied in the idealism, the humanitarianism, andExternalisation, 481:political group. Christ's pronouncement will be embodied in certain Stanzas, of which those alreadyExternalisation, 533:tones. So it is with the Will of God which is embodied and held in synthesis by the Members of theExternalisation, 543:God, needing to be placated by death, and which embodied the threats of the Old Testament JehovahExternalisation, 595:and - above all else - in the Christ Himself Who embodied the perfection of God Immanent, plusExternalisation, 603:first time in human history, the love of God was embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the eraExternalisation, 604:Healer and Savior. He works because He is the embodied soul of all Reality. He works today, as heExternalisation, 660:The first step taken by the Ashram was embodied - as far as all of you are concerned - in theFire, 39:of name and form. The World-process (as embodied in our world-system) is the result of the ideationFire, 63:the Present. He is the sumtotal of all that is embodied; He is conscious Existence. He is the SonFire, 93:forms. There is also the still simpler form embodied in the substance of which all the other formsFire, 142:to them. Let us get this clear, for the truth embodied is fundamental. The threefold goal, TheFire, 145:and the aggregate of those spheres that are embodied in the forms of still others. The First Logos.Fire, 235:dependent upon the fundamental principle embodied by the Heavenly Man, Who is his originatingFire, 245:worlds. THE MACROCOSM The first solar system - embodied - the "I am" principle, The second solarFire, 257:is His primary coloring. Each principle is embodied in one of the schemes, and is being worked outFire, 270:in which Brahma was paramount, and in Himself embodied objective existence. This He did in the sameFire, 279:105. II, 709, 742. Six types of Consciousness as embodied in the Kingdom of Nature on the fiveFire, 299:are the home of the three major Rays, of the embodied forms of the three logoic aspects orFire, 380:Pope, "The proper study of mankind, is man," is embodied in the investigation of all these vastFire, 388:publication: Which Ray, or logoic emanation is embodied by our planetary Logos. [389] Which centerFire, 398:shall have the resolution into one of the groups embodied by a Kumara, as has been hinted earlier.Fire, 442:scheme in which the Ray of Ceremonial Magic is embodied is one of the main transmitters ofFire, 442:we bear in mind that the Lord of a plane is its embodied activity. He is the energizing force thatFire, 445:life-work is summed up; in these three words is embodied the nature of this great Entity, WhoFire, 452:they remain formulas on paper and are not as yet embodied in sound. In dealing very briefly withFire, 492:and science admits the agency of mental fire as embodied in certain groups of devas, that the forceFire, 511:MAY BE SAID of which our solar Logos is the embodied force is the heart center. Here we have one ofFire, 512:stands to the particular Heavenly Man Who is the embodied force of the logoic Heart center.Fire, 535:diverse lives (all embodying lesser lives, or embodied in greater ones themselves) are to be foundFire, 555:that that response must be made by the inner embodied Idea, and that it will then through a complexFire, 559:emphasis will be laid upon that which is to be embodied. This stage will be entered upon when theFire, 560:plane - will be redeemed and purified. An embodied idea, therefore, is literally a positiveFire, 581:up of the forms in which great ideals are embodied, - the forms of political control, the forms inFire, 620:Materialization upon the physical plane of the embodied idea. 1. Manifestation of the LogoicFire, 623:to two differentiations, each of them occultly embodied in two great groups of devas: First. TheFire, 640:past) will work with minerals and with the lives embodied in all mineral forms. The secret of theFire, 704:Fire Elementals The fifth principle of manas is embodied in the five Kumaras, and if the studentFire, 713:that produces initiation. Their function is embodied by the Hierophant. He, seeing before Him theFire, 723:our ideas: 1. Cosmic Avatars: They represent embodied force from the following cosmic centers amongFire, 750:man's life on earth is significantly that of an embodied principle. He seems to strike one note andFire, 750:of the personality, for the particular principle embodied works through a corresponding permanentFire, 752:"calls him by His Name." Again the Kumaras are embodied principles, but in this connection we mustFire, 778:is the peculiar coloring of the Ray which is embodied in our scheme, as it is one of the mostFire, 788:in certain correspondences which can be seen embodied in facts dealt with at the first threeFire, 828:for He is one and nine. The second aspect. The embodied Idea. Consciousness. The formless Square,Fire, 842:so called because their fundamental nature is embodied love in some one or other form. The bulk ofFire, 848:scheme) of those vast groups of Egos, which are embodied by Lives, emanating from any one of theFire, 853:come in from one of two schemes: From the scheme embodied by the polar opposite of our planetaryFire, 857:of any group, however vast and extensive, is embodied in seven sheets of symbols, each containingFire, 875:the germ of the created Son, and Whose Life is embodied in the Son. The occult significance of theFire, 883:the two is set free and the two sets of force as embodied in the six petals are coordinated andFire, 928:given out as yet to the public is the one embodied in the words: "Om mani padme hum." EveryFire, 943:the little entities who, adhering to the plan as embodied by the builders, blindly construct theFire, 949:each individual man. Every wrong thought, when embodied in speech or manifested in action on theFire, 972:higher centers, according to the quality of the embodied idea, [973] and will be seen pouringFire, 1020:phrase which will save him from their work. The embodied idea has now form and shape upon theFire, 1027:viewed the whole universe (including man) as an embodied thought, and having dealt with the abilityFire, 1142:and the immediate [1142] future of any unit or embodied life, manifesting under any of the threeFire, 1144:as an expression of the will or purpose of each embodied life. Periodicity of manifestation is theFire, 1166:necessary desire, the primal form of which, as embodied in the Veda-text, is: May I be born forthFire, 1256:taught by Sanat Kumara, functioning as the embodied planetary Logos. This training concerns itselfGlamour, 14:of ideas of analogous nature in which the idea embodied in the symbol finds itself. This field ofGlamour, 39:to grips with the principle of duality, which is embodied for him in the Dweller and the Angel. DoGlamour, 56:step towards embodiment. An ideal is only an embodied idea. These are the first steps towardsGlamour, 58:of disintegration. Some of these forms or embodied ideas are of a destructive nature, owing to theGlamour, 58:An idea and an ideal. Between that which is embodied, that which is in process of being embodied,Glamour, 58:is embodied, that which is in process of being embodied, and that which is awaiting disintegration.Glamour, 112:creation constituted the hope of the race. They embodied then the new and emerging ideas by meansGlamour, 120:by certain inherited ideas which are the embodied thought-forms of family, national and racialGlamour, 130:illusion might perhaps be described as an idea, embodied in an ideal form, which permits no room orGlamour, 133:I would not have you think for a moment that the embodied idea, which we call an ideal, is inGlamour, 137:picture and a true prophetic vision which he embodied in the Apocalypse, but he is the only one whoGlamour, 167:the Christ, the Lord [167] of Love Himself, Who embodied in Himself the power of the attractiveGlamour, 168:When the work of the Buddha (or the embodied buddhic principle) is consummated in the aspiringGlamour, 168:full expression of the work of the Christ (the embodied principle of love) can also be consummatedGlamour, 182:forms constitute true revelation, imparted or embodied; they are still rare but will increasinglyGlamour, 252:divine intent. You will note that this is all embodied and brought about in the sevenfold workHealing, 125:of the heart and with the vivifying force of its embodied life. In connection with this problem andHealing, 154:negative and the positive creative energies are embodied in the separate male and female organismsHealing, 268:wisdom in the first solar system; that system embodied the creative work of the third aspect ofHealing, 360:Healer and Savior. He works because He is the embodied soul of all Reality. He works today, as HeHealing, 369:adequate to the latent truth. In this truth is embodied the whole story of duality - which is theHealing, 415:up of the forms in which great ideals are embodied...All eventually break under the working of thisHealing, 439:or elevate the lives of the form nature which he embodied; in the process of so doing, he himself
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