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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBODIED

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Healing, 511:to the soul what the lowest aspect of the soul, embodied in the knowledge petals, is to theHealing, 613:of the subtler vehicles and their state of embodied consciousness. The physical body is importantHealing, 616:is the second aspect of divinity, the Christ embodied and transmitted four qualities of this aspectHercules, 11:ages. The exponents of the world religions have embodied in their teaching one aspect of theHercules, 17:Hera represents Psyche, or the soul, so his name embodied his mission, which was to manifest forthInitiation, 103:influence, the wielder of spiritual power, the embodied of ideals, the worker for humanity, whoInitiation, 133:the next stage, beyond using the description as embodied in the words "fire descends from heaven."Initiation, 197:the preceding paragraph, but there the ideal is embodied, and, as we all know, the ideal is seldomInitiation, 223:them all." Purusha The spiritual self. The embodied self. The word literally means "The dweller inIntellect, 136:in that which is the Reality (or the idea embodied in the form) and is unaware of separateness orMagic, 76:to convey in modern English, the sages of old embodied an idea. The Old Commentary from which theseMagic, 90:Rules for Magic, the laws of creative work are embodied and the means whereby man can function asMagic, 116:more easily if I were to say that they are embodied in the commonly accepted rules of decentMagic, 131:minds some idea. There it germinates and is embodied by them in other thoughts, not so pure or soMagic, 141:created for the embodiment of ideas and these embodied forms are sent forth to contact the minds ofMagic, 145:and of all forms of life, which are but the embodied ideas of a cosmic or a human creator. StudentsMagic, 145:vital words and trace their relation to all embodied thought forms - a cosmos, a plane, a kingdomMagic, 327:and the six Schools of Indian Philosophy have embodied in themselves practically all the basicMagic, 379:on the four globes of our earth chain who have embodied four of the divine principles. The lettersMagic, 384:through the medium of the controlled mind is embodied in seven types of energy, and to these sevenMagic, 386:is swept into activity by abstract ideas (the embodied thoughts of the divine mind, carrying theMagic, 447:the various grades of matter until the embodied idea has clothed itself with mental matter and withMagic, 448:(by God or man) comes into existence. The embodied idea or thought (the former being potentiallyMagic, 449:therefore concerns the form, another the soul embodied in the form (whose lowest characteristic isMagic, 454:of energy - another way of expressing the embodied idea. As time progresses, they pass on to otherMagic, 476:that already the nature of speech in relation to embodied ideas is being somewhat understood. StudyMagic, 476:inventions (which are neither more nor less than embodied concepts) come into exoteric being on theMagic, 480:thought of salvation from the effect of form - embodied ideas must be considered, and I would likeMagic, 485:he has built must be his. This is true of every embodied idea, the good as well as the bad. TheMagic, 489:entire life is embittered and devitalized by the embodied worry, hatred or desire. AllMagic, 489:wearing, nagging thoughts which he has himself embodied in form and which have a life so powerfulMagic, 490:guard himself is becoming obsessed by his own embodied ideas, be they temporarily right orMagic, 490:He can be so convinced of the reality of his own embodied concept of what the truth may be that heMagic, 491:mystic phrase he severs the link which holds an embodied idea in his thought-aura. By detaching hisMagic, 492:thought-form he has built, wherein that idea is embodied, knowing that as he lives as a soul, andMagic, 492:spiritual impulse animating his idea, which is embodied in his thought-form. His work lies in theMagic, 522:must be extended to include all lives which are embodied in forms. The two divisions are asMagic, 524:- the life and soul of the One in whom all embodied existences live and move and have their being.Magic, 529:of the planet and to the lives, held in embodied existence in the other kingdoms of nature. HumanMagic, 582:expression in the outer world through which the embodied Energy, flowing through the recreatedMeditation, 254:some ideal, and then visualize that ideal as embodied in some form on the physical plane. TheyMeditation, 303:By the basic character of the truths taught as embodied in the following postulates: The unity ofMeditation, 313:that concerns the mind, and the teaching embodied in this book will be applied. This necessitatesMeditation, 358:them all." [358] Purusha The spiritual self. The embodied self. The word literally means "ThePatanjali, 161:and that these presented ideas are therefore embodied thoughts of some kind and must be regarded asPatanjali, 172:consideration and can be linked to the thought embodied in the occult phrase: "Before a man canPatanjali, 190:English tongue. Certain basic concepts are embodied in this sutra and for the sake of clarity mightPatanjali, 209:from his heart, send forth the call for fire, embodied in the words: 'I seek the Way; I yearn toPatanjali, 234:absorbed in that which is the reality (or idea embodied in the form), and is unaware ofPatanjali, 234:that which it denotes (the object) and the embodied spiritual essence (or idea) are usuallyPatanjali, 245:or of words. In one of the Puranas the idea embodied in concentration is expressed mostPatanjali, 248:absorbed in that which is the reality (or idea embodied in the form), and is unaware ofPatanjali, 265:the fruition of their mission. A symbol is an embodied idea, the working out in objective existencePatanjali, 271:that which it denotes (the object) and the embodied spiritual essence (or idea) are usuallyPatanjali, xi:walking on earth. In the Yoga Sutras there are embodied for us the laws of that becoming, and theProblems, 151:Then came the next great Teacher, the Christ. He embodied in Himself a still greater divineProblems, 165:to earth, called by Christians, the Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; thePsychology1, 4:into form life in that particular era. These embodied lives (again in all four kingdoms) will bePsychology1, 9:is occupied with energy - energy units, energy embodied in forms, energy streams in flow; and thatPsychology1, 15:(of the initiate of high degree) of the embodied Logos, of Deity, and his identification with thePsychology1, 19:quality of the love of God, and in Himself He embodied not only that which He had evolved of thePsychology1, 31:That a human being is, as earlier said, an embodied Life, expressing quality and registering thatPsychology1, 36:the Mother (Spirit-Matter) and is therefore the embodied life of God, coming into incarnation inPsychology1, 39:by the Monad, and that Monad becomes, in verity, embodied purpose. The process can be expressed byPsychology1, 48:the persistent directed one-pointed will of God, embodied in a Life which is that of the Lord ofPsychology1, 88:of attainment, the home of the ego or soul, the embodied plane of mind, the point of consummationPsychology1, 91:painting, and in those forms in which they have embodied their thought and aspiration, theirPsychology1, 118:and all of them have value, for all have embodied an aspect of truth. Through them we have arrivedPsychology1, 136:as a whole, and from certain constellations (embodied Lives) with which our solar system is linked.Psychology1, 266:under the directed plan of the Minds (who are embodied by the rays), certain of these influencesPsychology1, 269:of the very life of humanity itself, as it is embodied in the family [270] unit and family life. OnPsychology1, 342:or vehicle of manifestation. There is a Being embodied in every kingdom [343] in nature. Just asPsychology1, 349:schools of thought which have in their time embodied man's ideas and sufficed for his helpingPsychology1, 398:(and incidentally the history of humanity) is embodied in that dramatic ritual. The reward forPsychology2, 21:ray aspects. The quality of the form aspect, as embodied in the personality and expressed by thePsychology2, 114:The Forces of Light and the Spirit of Peace, embodied Lives of tremendous group potency. ThePsychology2, 135:that if they revolt or are dismayed by the ideas embodied in the words, that is perhaps anPsychology2, 155:the teaching given by the Buddha, and which is embodied in the Four Noble Truths of the BuddhistPsychology2, 169:dark of that stupendous place, a mind and brain (embodied in a man) were working. Outside thePsychology2, 172:or elevate the lives of the form nature which he embodied. In the process of so doing, he himselfPsychology2, 246:within us. It is the significance of all that is embodied in form, the meaning behind thePsychology2, 277:Buddha from the mental plane and also upon it, embodied in Himself the blazing enlightenment whichPsychology2, 277:and esoteric manner, therefore, the Buddha embodied in Himself the force and [278] activity of thePsychology2, 278:sense) on the Way of Descending Approach, embodied also the peace of inclusiveness, which comesPsychology2, 278:the Touch of Divine Acquiescence. He was the embodied force of submission, and He carried thePsychology2, 288:entered the realm of synthetic work and was embodied in A Treatise on White Magic. It would bePsychology2, 300:up an analysis of themselves which could be embodied in a chart, giving the rays that they believePsychology2, 301:the world over. Esoteric psychology, such as is embodied in this Treatise on the Seven Rays. ThisPsychology2, 400:or of the Messengers from the Most High, the Embodied Principles, and the Revealers of DivinePsychology2, 456:believe nothing and work for nothing except that embodied idea which is so powerfully holding him aPsychology2, 577:working against the living principle of love (as embodied in the Hierarchy) is not gaining groundPsychology2, 698:The Forces of Light and the Spirit of Peace, embodied Lives of tremendous group potency. ThePsychology2, 704:the inspiration of the Divine vision as it is embodied in the Plan, seeks to evoke a response toPsychology2, 716:the New Group of World Servers, (which was later embodied in the pamphlet, "The Next Three Years"),Rays, 16:shifting of the focus of consciousness of embodied and disembodied lives at this time; this shiftRays, 35:or life aspect. They are the only Formulas or embodied techniques at present extant which have inRays, 88:God, His highest also. Such is the Law. When an embodied Christ in time and space reaches [89] HisRays, 91:The Christ Who came two thousand years ago embodied in Himself not only the principle of love inRays, 149:enters in, where the rule applies, and how the embodied rule is in the nature of a Law which theRays, 186:therefore, not related to a principle), but it embodied a new type of energy and was - in reality -
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