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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBODIMENT

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Astrology, 113:the planets upon: The spirit of the Earth, the embodiment of the physical planet and the sumtotalAstrology, 113:and finally initiated man. This is the embodiment of the human soul or ego, a differentiation ofAstrology, 246:seventh ray works through this planet and is the embodiment of the principle of concretion and theAstrology, 658:of electrical energy and, just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart or love aspect of theBethlehem, 92:demonstrate the perfection of which He was the embodiment. He proved to us the possible, and calledBethlehem, 112:and he is duly punished. Father Christmas is the embodiment of that which is selfless; he is theBethlehem, 281:to century He has sent His messengers as an embodiment of His remembrance. But Christ came as aDestiny, 131:them what is esoterically called "the power of embodiment." If I might express it this way, theDiscipleship1, 67:it comes alive. It slowly becomes the living embodiment of the desired idea-vibrant, active andDiscipleship1, 323:you also know. You can stand in the group as the embodiment of dynamic energy which, as I earlierExternalisation, 86:Bible), the Lord of Shamballa, Who is the embodiment of the Personality of the planetary Logos. TheExternalisation, 135:go forward along the Lighted Way. They are the embodiment of the personality of humanity. BlameExternalisation, 162:are brought into relation: The Buddha, the embodiment or agent of the Forces of Light can then beExternalisation, 162:can be consciously appropriated. The Christ, the embodiment of the love and the will of God and theExternalisation, 222:as simply a psychological fulfilment and the embodiment of the wish-life of the people - this timeExternalisation, 222:history. Such people are apt to feel that this embodiment has no true substance or place in theExternalisation, 258:of freeing humanity, then we shall see also an embodiment of spiritual force which will bringExternalisation, 259:physical plane, then there will be hope that the embodiment of "the desire of all nations" willExternalisation, 259:of "the desire of all nations" will appear. That embodiment is one mode in which divineExternalisation, 259:of flood. Which of the two methods - divine embodiment and natural cataclysm - will be employedExternalisation, 264:life and quality? Will it perhaps produce the embodiment of another divine revelation, and - justExternalisation, 292:These two are: Those Avatars Who are the embodiment of the Angel of the Presence, whether thatExternalisation, 421:is the Expression of the Wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light, and the Indicator of the divineFire, 102:prana, plus planetary quality. Each planet the embodiment of some one ray aspect, and its qualityFire, 113:be active in, the vehicle of the Ego, who is the embodiment of the love and wisdom aspect of theFire, 146:cosmic Entities stands another Entity Who is the embodiment of Will, and Who is the utilizer ofFire, 156:of electrical energy, and just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart, or love aspect, of theFire, 214:the third Logos, and of the entities who are the embodiment of His will and the agents of HisFire, 257:involved in cosmic mathematics. He is the embodiment of cosmic manas, and through the use of thisFire, 309:of the lower three, the triangle that completes embodiment. Manas is therefore the battleground ofFire, 336:system. These five Heavenly Men were the logoic embodiment in an earlier system and achieved theFire, 357:Secondly, each Heavenly Man is consequently the embodiment of a particular kind of electrical forceFire, 372:His synthesizing goal, will demonstrate as the embodiment of that perfected quality, or logoicFire, 398:has to be studied - those entities who are the embodiment of Universal Mind, who are the animatingFire, 399:be apparent that if all manifestation is the embodiment in form of a cosmic conception, and theFire, 433:position in the scheme of things. He is the embodiment of the fifth logoic principle of manas. HisFire, 434:this idea more simple. He is, as we know, the embodiment of the fifth principle. His influence,Fire, 520:a certain specific goal, and are the [520] embodiment of centers which are now quiescent or out ofFire, 556:the same type of vibration as the Idea seeking embodiment, and these forms will persist - as doesFire, 727:of the self-conscious units, being the primal embodiment of the latent self-consciousness of theFire, 750:of when a superman, or great adept, becomes the embodiment (during a root-race) of a principle; theFire, 922:of the Word on the first plane of Adi is the embodiment of the throat center of a cosmic entity.Fire, 1110:from the Brahma aspect in that it is a fuller embodiment of the life of the second aspect, itsFire, 1139:entity. He sleeps and awakes; he is the embodiment of tamas, and as he progresses and evolves so doGlamour, 56:the idea then takes its first real step towards embodiment. An ideal is only an embodied idea.Glamour, 56:are the first steps towards materialization. Embodiment becomes possible. Thus illusion isGlamour, 57:steps towards materialization. The form of the embodiment is qualified. Thus illusion is produced. Glamour, 58:by the clear light of the soul and are ready for embodiment. A large number of other thought-formsGlamour, 61:and can there be contacted and forced into embodiment through the trained attention of disciples.Glamour, 63:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 6. Through wrong Embodiment of Ideas. This refers primarily to theGlamour, 65:The way of wrong integration. The way of wrong embodiment. The way of wrong application. These areGlamour, 182:of power and light to the world, a conscious Embodiment of divinity, or a Custodian of a divineGlamour, 203:and the triumphant victory of the Angel - the embodiment of the Forces of Good in the individual,Glamour, 268:opening door he senses life, energy, spiritual embodiment, and the fact of the Angel. Between himInitiation, 39:or the Buddhas of Activity. These four are the embodiment of active intelligent loving will. TheyInitiation, 105:their own business; the Mahachohan, being the embodiment of the [106] intelligent or manasicInitiation, 220:of the principle of intelligence. He is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligenceInitiation, 223:the seven great lights. Each of them is the embodiment of a great cosmic entity. The seven Rays canMagic, 141:the Hierarchy. Thought forms are created for the embodiment of ideas and these embodied forms areMagic, 432:and fused, constitute our planet. Each is the embodiment of energy, and these two major streamsMagic, 457:strength, the simplicity and the clarity of the embodiment of the formula in a simple outlinedMagic, 579:aspects of the entity or the being who is the embodiment of a ray. The type will manifest primarilyMeditation, 145:love and attention, of his Master, to him the embodiment of the ideal higher consciousness. He laysMeditation, 355:of the principle of intelligence. He is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligence,Meditation, 358:the seven great lights. Each of them is the embodiment of a great cosmic entity. The seven Rays canProblems, 163:Buddha is the expression of the will of God, the embodiment of Light and the indicator of thePsychology1, 18:of the diversity and immensity of forms, is the embodiment of divine quality. We might thereforePsychology1, 23:2. The Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is the embodiment of pure love, is regarded by esotericists asPsychology1, 42:the union of spirit and matter. The soul is an embodiment of conscious mind, the expression, if onePsychology1, 42:The personality of the soul is intended to be an embodiment of love, applied with intelligence andPsychology1, 42:The soul in its turn is intended to be the embodiment of divine purpose or will, intelligentlyPsychology1, 76:aspects of mind: Abstract or higher mind, the embodiment of a higher triad. The concrete or lowerPsychology1, 134:will the Lord of Concrete Science, Who is the embodiment of the fifth principle of mind, see HisPsychology1, 136:atom to that of a vast constellation, is an embodiment of a life, which expresses itself asPsychology1, 240:not only is the Ancient of Days, the embodiment of our planetary Logos, participating (eitherPsychology2, 245:in mind that this Hierarchy is essentially an embodiment of the will aspect of the Logos - the willPsychology2, 276:and the disciples forget that that theme is the embodiment of the Word of their souls in anyPsychology2, 285:of atma. The force of the divine will. The embodiment of divine purpose. This focuses itself in thePsychology2, 639:old order. This new party can be regarded as the embodiment of the emerging Kingdom of God onRays, 13:point out that the world situation is simply an embodiment of the reaction and the response byRays, 13:the Masters of the Wisdom. The Hierarchy, the embodiment of the fifth kingdom in nature, and itsRays, 179:divinity. In a peculiar sense, they are the embodiment of the divine purpose upon the planes of theRays, 199:which overwhelms the initiate when - as the Embodiment of all the forces of the Spiritual Triad -Rays, 517:to portray in Anglo-Saxon letters) are the embodiment. As the race passes more and more into theReappearance, 21:that the Christ is on His way. He is the embodiment of freedom, and the Messenger of Liberation. HeReappearance, 62:the divine aspects, the Will of God, to receive embodiment and for this the Christ is preparing.Reappearance, 74:Spirit of Peace, working through the Christ, the Embodiment of the [75] love of God - be balancedReappearance, 76:of His decision to reappear, Christ became the Embodiment of this energy and thus entered into aReappearance, 155:is the expression of the wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the divineSoul, 115:usually the thousand-petalled lotus, is the embodiment of spiritual energy, demonstrating as Will,Telepathy, 186:attempt the experiment of this centralizing and embodiment of the three qualities of the central
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