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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBODY

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Astrology, 38:Agents are (in their degree) intermediaries; all embody one of the types of force emanating fromAstrology, 56:arrow in the symbol depicting Sagittarius. They embody the idea of isolated separation andAstrology, 127:way which he is not in the earlier stages. They embody the recognitions and the reactions whichAstrology, 253:where our civilization is concerned for they embody in themselves the symbology of the entire formAstrology, 354:and the esoteric ruler as Venus, for they embody between them the energies of the fourth Ray ofAstrology, 463:formed by two blended streams of energy, which embody the energies of both triangles. One point ofAstrology, 605:are the goal of the higher initiations and which embody that which the Masters Themselves areAstrology, 612:now take each of the seven Rays and see how they embody and transmit the three aspects of the will,Astrology, 612:of the emanations of the seven Rays which embody the will-to-good. [613] Ray I - Will or Power:Astrology, 631:anent this subject? The major Rays of Aspect embody the entire story; the minor Rays of AttributeAstrology, 645:Logos what the permanent atoms are to man. They embody principles. Certain planets afford onlyAstrology, 668:synthesizing scheme for the four planets which embody manas pure and simple and is the major [669]Astrology, 681:stage of evolution are active love-wisdom and embody in Themselves the two aspects. The threeAstrology, 684:Logos what the permanent atoms are to man. They embody principles. Certain planets afford onlyAtom, 15:together and blended, and when unified, they embody, perhaps (I offer this simply as a suggestion)Atom, 112:books about meditation are found. All of them embody some aspect of the truth, and may be doingAtom, 112:and may be doing much good, but they may not embody that which is best for any particularBethlehem, 11:interest? Is it not possible that they may embody some experience and some initiated undertakingBethlehem, 34:Word for our Western civilization, and may embody the salvation which had to be brought to us, butBethlehem, 95:human. Members of the kingdom of God will surely embody the heritage of four kingdoms, as manBethlehem, 112:Saint Nicholas, or Father Christmas? These names embody opposing ideas. Each of them symbolizes oneBethlehem, 115:by all aspirants and disciples, because they embody universal tests which are applied to the humanBethlehem, 123:different from the first, though it appears to embody the same type of test. The clue to this isBethlehem, 137:the three syllables of the Word made flesh; they embody the musical chord of Christ's life, as theyBethlehem, 145:righteousness and Who, in His Own Person, would embody, as He does today, the future achievementDestiny, 9:govern the people throughout the world and will embody in itself the best elements of theDestiny, 18:[18] unmistakably expressive of the values which embody human betterment; it demands peace andDestiny, 39:of the higher spiritual truths because they embody the mind reactions of the religious man, hisDestiny, 39:surety that he is obviously right. They do not embody the spiritual values as they truly exist.Destiny, 54:- supersede both of them. These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of the second rayDestiny, 107:upon the mental plane. The plans, which embody these two differing ideals and objectives, are nextDestiny, 131:to a few signs and symbols. The next step is to embody these signs and symbols into a word orDestiny, 143:about the beauty of those living forms which embody the ideas and the ideals which are seekingDiscipleship1, 18:of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom who embody the divine plan and the workers mentioned above.Discipleship1, 32:of those schools of esotericism which will embody the teaching for the new discipleship and make itDiscipleship1, 38:This work is largely first ray work. It will embody the method whereby the divine Will works out inDiscipleship1, 41:technique which his group should eventually embody. The groups will use the following centers inDiscipleship1, 88:ponder deeply on the above statements, for they embody the task ahead for you also as you seek toDiscipleship1, 89:the New Age may be responsible) must and will embody visualization as a primary step for theDiscipleship1, 131:the Masters' Ashrams which are attempting to embody the coming New Age methods of work. Earlier,Discipleship1, 146:are constructing those thought-forms which will embody the new techniques and ideas. These - duringDiscipleship1, 160:You live with the idea and you constructively embody it. This is being or realization. The purposeDiscipleship1, 163:in it those elements of life and power which embody the energy of the three aspects of divinity. ItDiscipleship1, 181:short elucidation of certain words which should embody for you your personality goal. You have soDiscipleship1, 227:brother. Use then the set of phrases which embody your aspiration and which appears in yourDiscipleship1, 265:which I have chosen for you is intended to embody a statement of your life purpose. It is asDiscipleship1, 270:during the coming months, remembering that they embody your needed lesson and your [271] ultimateDiscipleship1, 293:- general and personal - so that they may embody a thought and offer food for mature consideration.Discipleship1, 309:would ask you to write one paragraph which will embody your highest thought concerning the sixDiscipleship1, 357:also the gift of realizing that because one does embody some divine attribute in some measure -Discipleship1, 482:in the writing each day of a diary which will embody certain releasing forces and which can - ifDiscipleship1, 496:terms. I state my exact words because they also embody my message to you. I said: "He would makeDiscipleship1, 532:power of visualization. I will also ask you to embody the results of this pondering and thought inDiscipleship1, 538:design a symbol - an esoteric form - which will embody the objectives of the group of my disciplesDiscipleship1, 565:in deep reflection. Then each month will you embody the results of these reflections in a paperDiscipleship1, 623:domination. That one word "simplicity" should embody the theme of your thought [624] for the nextDiscipleship1, 683:ideas, those concepts and significances which embody - at any one time - the immediate Plan forDiscipleship1, 693:of crisis. The plans of the Hierarchy, as they embody the will of Shamballa, can be and are carriedDiscipleship1, 705:and strengthen. The projected thought-form will embody the light and love, as well as the idea ofDiscipleship1, 719:found. The three constitute one race of men and embody the whole of mankind. Discipleship2, 156:of these words, these amazing words. They embody, as far as is possible in modern language, aDiscipleship2, 176:At the end of the year, I would ask you to embody your understanding of the Invocation and yourDiscipleship2, 200:with one of the Buddhas of Activity, who embody within themselves the essence of the third Ray ofDiscipleship2, 211:the agents for the impression of Humanity. They embody and express the love aspect of the divineDiscipleship2, 233:result of certain mental determinations, which embody the will of the planetary Logos and areDiscipleship2, 253:the previous instruction, indicating those which embody important hints and showing you, this oneDiscipleship2, 304:three directives, therefore, already dealt with, embody and express the oldest invocative appeal inDiscipleship2, 341:are not related to life in the three worlds, but embody the reactions of the Spiritual Triad. ThisDiscipleship2, 411:personality, for initiation; this will embody personality life disciplines. Preparation for theDiscipleship2, 411:for the reappearance of the Christ; this will embody your life service to humanity and to theDiscipleship2, 424:appreciation of the second or love aspect; they embody the fundamental realizations which theDiscipleship2, 446:and seek the world of causes." These words embody one of the first lessons which a disciple has toDiscipleship2, 468:be buddhic or intuitional, and therefore will embody, as a higher expression upon the turningDiscipleship2, 503:all the teaching which you have attempted to embody - is to render the teaching of the other andDiscipleship2, 513:with you. In your case the following conditions embody your problem and hence your opportunity: TheDiscipleship2, 554:constant awareness which the two words "as if" embody that will produce in you a fresh use of theDiscipleship2, 634:phase of ashramic conduct. These pillars embody the final phase of illusion - those illusions whichDiscipleship2, 638:all these points to your consideration, for they embody choices which await you, and it is yourDiscipleship2, 694:Negation Rejection The OM All these words embody certain major preparatory lessons. You will noteEducation, 53:The Christ began the "age of love." Both ages embody and express two major divine principles. ThusExternalisation, 167:human civilization and a culture which will embody [168] the realities of the esoteric teaching, asExternalisation, 207:These three practical and scientific truths embody the three basic facts and the initial acceptanceExternalisation, 214:world at this time three groups of people who embody the three major views of the whole ofExternalisation, 216:group within the whole which seems to you to embody the highest possible activity and aims, and youExternalisation, 230:of Aggression (focused through Germany). They embody a true, but erroneously interpreted, idea ofExternalisation, 254:the selfish goals of the world aggressors; these embody and ensile the materialistic forces of theExternalisation, 258:- names well-known to you all. These men embody and personify the forces of aggression and rule byExternalisation, 264:manifestation of some great Son of God Who will embody perhaps another and unknown aspect of God'sExternalisation, 276:end. Look for a moment at the four words which embody the thought of what can be done by men toExternalisation, 298:when a ray is coming into manifestation. They embody the quality and the force of a particular ray.Externalisation, 301:an expression of the will nature of Deity; They embody divine purpose; the energy pouring throughExternalisation, 347:to come forth as human-divine Avatars and to embody in Themselves certain cosmic Principles andExternalisation, 349:stimulation being applied by the Buddha. He will embody that appeal in a great Invocation, oneExternalisation, 363:as humanity awaits the revelation which will embody the thoughts and dreams and constructive goalExternalisation, 395:a closer relation between those great Lives Who embody the will of God and are the Custodians ofExternalisation, 395:Custodians of the divine purpose, and Those Who embody the love of God and are the Custodians ofExternalisation, 395:the May Full Moon at which time the Buddha will embody in Himself the powerful downpouring ofExternalisation, 395:divine will. The Christ, at the same time, will embody the outpouring dominant demand of theExternalisation, 408:and between both and Shamballa. Such Messengers embody divine intention. The response of mankind toExternalisation, 473:holy and so enlightened that He was permitted to embody for us the great cosmic principle of love;
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